Whirlpool Cabrio Washer UL Code [100% Solved]


The UL Code is one of the most popular error codes on the Whirlpool Cabrio. It is the unbalanced load error. This error is displayed on the motor control or machine display to help detect an off-balanced load. It will also stay on while the washer still runs. If the mini cycle fails, the UL error will continue flashing until you open the lid. This is the only way for users to view and redistribute the load.

Note that there are many reasons why your washer may display this error code. While the indication is an unbalanced load, this imbalance has many triggers. I will be discussing some of the many triggers and what you can do to fix them. Keep reading to find out more.

What Does Whirlpool Cabrio Washer ul Code Mean?

The UL error code simply signifies an “unbalanced load.” In other words, it means that your washer’s control unit already detected that the items that have been loaded into the washer caused the drum or tub to be unbalanced.

In this case, the washing machine will attempt to correct this error by adding a short, new cycle before the final spin cycle as a load-balance correction routine. This aims to redistribute the load so that the code can disappear from the display. You should, however, note that the washer can’t correct this problem automatically. As such, it will keep showing you the error code until you can finally fix the problem.

Why Does My Whirlpool Cabrio Say UL?

Realize that the UL code is because of an unbalanced load. However, the issue is occasionally caused by a mechanical fault in the washing machine model. The error won’t disappear unless you attempt to do repairs. The same results will be yielded when the appliance repair technician also replaces the compromised part with a new one. I will go through the popular causes of this imbalance and how to fix them.

Off-Balanced Load

The load in your machine needs to be balanced. Overloading or underloading the washer has a negative impact and will certainly result in an error. To fix this, make sure first to inspect the issue causing the error if you want to offer a solution that works.

Fix – Balance the Load

You’re Washing a Single Item

Note that there will be an error when you choose to wash a single item. You should realize that washing just one item will cause your tub to go out of balance, and no other item can create the balance the washer needs as it enters the spin cycle.

You’re Washing Too Large of an Item

Once you put a bulky item in the washer, the balance tilts towards it, and the tub moves excessively. So, avoid placing a single heavy item in a light load to keep the tub stable. Make sure to check the load limit of the washer each time you load it up. You don’t want to strain or overburden your washer.

You have Tightly-packed the Load

Note that clothes need to be properly packed. Even when the load is the right weight, it can still register an error when compacted unnecessarily.

It may seem Ironic that tightly packing the clothes in the washing machine can also cause a UL fault. However, this happens more often than you can imagine. Compacting the clothes makes them too heavy and ensures that the washer has no room to move in the tub, the washer won’t distribute the weight of the wet laundry, and spinning becomes no easy feat.

There is Too Much Water

The same error code will appear if you load wet clothes or add too much water to the basket. The same principle applies here, and it has to do with the weight. That’s because the excess water will change the equilibrium of the inner tub, and it won’t be able to spin smoothly.

There is an Inappropriate Cycle For the Item

Choosing an appropriate wash cycle is crucial to washing nonabsorbable and bulky items like comforters or padded jackets. Just as it is with the Bulky/Sheets and Deep Wash cycles, there are specific cycles that allow the Cabrio washer to perform well without getting too unbalanced. This also means that they don’t have to stop suddenly while plugged. It means that without a suitable cycle, the UL error will immediately appear.

Mechanical Issues

Another cause for the error is mechanic concerns. These are also diverse and should be fixed based on specific issues. They include:

Suspension Rods

For top-loading washers like the Whirlpool Cabrio washer, suspension rods with springs at the end are used to support and limit the movements of the tub and basket. Sadly, once the springs deteriorate, the tub begins to move excessively against the sides of the washer, and you’ll see the UL fault.


Note that the stator is a part of the top-loading washer. This part will help when it comes to rotating the spin basket. If this part is cracked or damaged for any reason, your washer becomes unbalanced. You should expect to encounter the UL error code.

Unlevel Washing Machine

Note that the washer can only work well if it is placed on an even platform. You should realize that any level of unevenness will make the washer’s legs hang. This causes some level of sagging. Especially when the machine vibrates excessively. This shaking tends to weaken the washer’s spring suspension rods. This means that your tub will then have to move around too much, ultimately leading to the UL error code.

How to Reset Whirlpool Cabrio Washer UL Error

First, make sure to press Pause/ Start button. You should then open the washer to redistribute the load for the weight to be properly balanced. Note that when your Cabrio washer has a loading issue, it is easy to correct the off-balance load if you are to resolve the issue.

Take the example of an overloaded washer and remove a few items or add a few depending on how imbalanced the washer is. Make sure to add more load if it is underloaded and remove the excess clothes if it is underloaded. The point is to adjust the load accordingly and avoid making the mistake of an unbalanced washer, as this is what triggers the error continuously.

Make sure to choose the right cycle when washing oversized items. You should realize that this requires you to use more water. Besides that, it is important that you also soak the item for some time.

Sometimes, the redistribution may work, especially when a mechanical issue triggers the error. Make sure to check for cracks that may be found in the stator. In case nothing is off with the stator, then you should proceed to inspect the suspension trod. It is important 6to replace those that are too dirty or worn out.

If nothing else seems to be off, you should check the washer’s legs. Consider the self-leveling washers since these are important for tilting the washer forward, especially for the back legs. You should consider them in case.

Finally, if everything is in perfect condition, look at your washer’s legs. With self-leveling washers, you need to tilt the washer forward for the back legs to readjust themselves. You can also insert a piece of plywood under the problematic legs if the self-adjustment isn’t sufficient.

The error code “UL” also shows that the washer is unbalanced. It is one of the easiest washing machines’ error codes to fix. Don’t take it lightly since the error can be persistent. If you cannot figure out any steps to overcome the error, you should call a professional to help you. I would also advise taking the washer to the company or calling support to send a technician to assess. This is even more important if your washer is still under warranty. Note that the warranty will be voided if you attempt to do any repairs on your own.


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