Washing Machine Stuck on 1 Minute? this fix worked!

Washing Machine Stuck on 1 Minute

No one wants to be stuck with a washer that is stuck for 1 minute. This may mean stopping your laundry routine or postponing it when you don’t want to. But that doesn’t have to be the case when you can find a solution to the error. However, it begins by establishing the possible causes or reasons behind the error.

Note that this is an error that happens with many different washer brands. Regardless of the make your washer comes in, it is not uncommon to experience this error with your washer. Usually, most machines pause for a minute before moving to the next cycle. However, this should be a momentary pause that is not meant to last forever.

If you realize that your washer has a pause longer than a minute, then there is an issue that must be fixed. Fortunately, this is not an error that is too hard to resolve.

All you need to do is reset the washer as the first step to fixing the error. If this doesn’t work, your next move should be to inspect the inlet valve and ensure it is always clean.

While these are the first steps to restoring your machine, you can still do much more about the issue. This is what I will be exploring in this article. Stick on to learn more about the one-minute stuck error and what you can do if it happens to you.

Why is My Washing Machine Stuck on 1 Minute?

1. Technical Glitches

Your washer may have experienced a technical glitch, so that it may display the 1-minute error on the display. This happens when the board or program has an issue. One of the easiest and best ways to fix this error is to attempt resetting everything.

Fix – Reset the Machine

  1. The first step to troubleshooting the machine is to consider the possibility of technical error
  2. Reset the washer from scratch one more time

2. Unbalanced Load

Always consider the capacity of your washer every time you load it. Note that each washer has a specific capacity beyond which it remains grounded. Therefore, when you overload the machine, it becomes unbalanced and stuck. Make sure the washer is properly balanced at all times.

Fix – Load the Washer Correctly Always

  1. You must confirm that the washer is loaded correctly at all times.
  2. In case it is overloaded at any point, be sure to remove the excess clothes. The goal is to ensure that the washer is properly balanced. Try running the washer to ensure it
  3. works correctly.
  4. The opposite is also true for the washer. If it is underloaded, you have to load it to the correct capacity for it to work correctly. All you have to do is add a few clothes. Once done, you can try the new cycle.

3. Loose Drain Hose

Like all other washers, the drain hose drains the used water from the machine. This means that it must always be clear and clean at all times. There is a big possibility that if your washer gets stuck for one minute, the drain hose is probably the biggest cause.

Once it is blocked, then water has nowhere to go. The biggest cause for this is that the hose is either damaged or loose. Either way, you need to act quickly and tighten the hose if it is loose or replace it if it is damaged.

Fix – Tighten or Replace Looser or Damaged Drain Hose

  1. You need to first disconnect the washer from the power source as the first step
  2. Next, inspect the hose for damage. If none exists, then there is a possibility that the hose was just loose to begin with
  3. Next, you should check for obstructions and clogs
  4. Tighten the loose drain hose if that is the problem. If it is damaged beyond repair, consider replacing it with a new one. Have a professional handle such processes. In case the
  5. When fixing the new hose, ensure it is not obstructed too.

4. Problematic/ Faulty Timer

It doesn’t matter if your washer is automatic or semi-automatic. All types of washers come with a timer that wears out over time. This happens more often when the washer is old if the faulty timer fails to advance past the one-minute mark.

Fix – Replace the Faulty Timer

  1. Check to see that the timer is not worn out beyond repair. If it is, consider replacing the faulty timer.
  2. Seek help from professionals when it comes to replacing the timer. I recommend calling the relevant brand support for proper support. The professionals from the company will know how best to deal with the error, no matter how complex. What’s more, sometimes the issue is a manufacturing error that cannot be dealt with unless the machine is returned.

5. Issue with the Control Board

If, by this point, you are still struggling with the 1-minute error, then you need to consider that your washer’s control board might be the problem.

In case the control board malfunctions, then this could also make the washer get stuck to the 1-minute error. Note that the control board is the brain behind your washer’s electronics. This means that anything electric will not be able to function once the board is faulty

Fix – Replace the Faulty Control Board

  1. Check to verify that the control board is faulty. It is easy if a professional checks this because of the delicate electric components in the control board.
  2. You must disconnect the washer from the power before accessing the control board.
  3. Make sure that the washer is not under warranty. Any attempts to tamper with it will only void the warranty if you are not careful.

6. Water Drainage and Supply Issues

Note that the drainage system of your washer and the water supply can interfere with how the washer works. It may cause the 1-minute error to display. You need to be on the lookout and ensure no obstructions or kinks can interfere with how the water drains. Besides that, you want to ensure the water drainage process is not interfered with.

Fix – Inspect the Drainage Hose for Blockages

  1. Start by inspecting the drainage hose for kinks and clogs
  2. Check for any water obstruction to ensure that water flows naturally

7. Sensor Malfunctioning

You may also want to check the sensor of the washing machine just as you checked the timer before. This sensor issue can also lead to the inaccurate display of commands, hence the 1-minute error. Chances are that the sensor has malfunctioned because the electronic components are not working as they should. When you suspect this is the cause of the problem, then you should call in a technician with experience. Alternatively, have the manufacturer offer the best remedy for the issue.

Fix – Change the Sensor

  1. Choose the right sensor for your machine. You can refer to your manual if unsure about the right one. Alternatively, you can also check with the manufacturer for the right recommendation.
  2. If you have the skills to fix the sensor, then go ahead and fix or replace it. However, most ordinary homeowners may not have this skill, so you should always hire a technician to help.

Unfortunately, the troubleshooting attempts may not always work in your favor. You should try as many options as possible, but if none works, you can suspect a manufacturer’s error. Only the brand’s manufacturer can deal with the issue in this case. It is always advisable to contact the washer’s support and discuss the details of the error with them. They can help fix or replace the washer in the worst-case scenario. This is why you must always ensure that the warranty is not voided.

Ultimately, your washer will be stuck on the 1-minute error for various reasons. The most common include technical glitches that a machine reset can fix. Sometimes, an unbalanced load can also trigger this error. Make sure to either off-load or add the laid to match the washer’s capacity correctly. If the timer or sensor is problematic, you need to repair or replace them.

These will wear out as the machine ages, and your technician will recommend a replacement for long-lasting service. You should always inspect the drainage hose, which can also affect the 1-minute error display. Make sure that nothing blocks or obstructs the hose.

You should always ensure that it is tight in position and not damaged, as this will warrant a replacement. One of the other popular causes of the cycle delay is the control board malfunction. Since the control board controls all the electronic functions of your washer, make sure to test it if all your other troubleshooting attempts fail to yield any results.

More importantly, contact the brand’s support for further assistance if the washer fails to resolve the 1-minute error, even with a machine reset or control board replacement. Sometimes the error is not on your end and could simply be a manufacturer’s mistake. In this case, don’t attempt to fix the issue in a way that voids the warranty.


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