Senville Mini Split Error Codes (& Fixes)

Senville AC Error Codes

A good Senville AC works optimally as expected. Unfortunately, this is not always the case as the AC may fail or one reason or another happens, users may end up incurring a lot of costs, especially on electric bills.

The good news is that before it gets out of hand, the AC tends to warn you by registering specific errors. Here are some of the error codes to expect and what they mean.

Senville AC records different types of errors. They are generally categorized into outdoor and indoor unit errors. Each of these errors requires a specific response. However, before finding a remedy for the problem, it is crucial first to understand and diagnose the issue.

To better understand these errors, this article brings some of the most common ones. Here is a list of the most popular Senville AC errors that you need to know about.

E0 – Senville Mini Split Error Code – EEPROM parameter error

Senville Error Code Definition: EEPROM parameter error. This indicates an electronic error. It can either be caused by a control board problem or by a problem with supply voltage to the heater.

E1 – Senville Mini Split Error Code – Indoor / outdoor communication protection error

The E1 error code indicates a communication error between the indoor and outdoor units. To determine its existence, check to see if the wires have been connected properly connected.

Ensure that these wires are not crossed from the indoor to the outdoor unit. Before finding a solution, you need to test the circuit board first. This will help you verify that your circuit boards function as expected.

Test the voltage frequency that exists between terminals S and L2 on the outdoor unit. Use a multimeter that is set in DC.

A good circuit board will show results fluctuating between – 50 v and + 50 v. In case the results show fluctuation on the positive side ex: (+10v +30v) or on the negative side ex: (-10v – 30v) only, then this is an indication that the outdoor board should be changed.

In case the voltage constantly fluctuates at ex: (-16v), consider replacing the indoor circuit board. You can also fix it by turning off the electric breaker for a few minutes, say 2 minutes. When you restore the power back, it will function properly if nothing needs to be replaced.

E2 – Senville Mini Split Error Code – Zero crossing signal error

This error code indicates that the AC has an abnormal voltage and frequency fluctuation. This could be triggered by an improper wire size or an inappropriate breaker size. In case the wire sizes re all correct, then the boards could be the problem. To know what the issue is, carry out several tests.

Test the outdoor and indoor boards using a digital multimeter.

Set the device on direct current and verify the voltage fluctuation between terminals L2-S or other models, between 2 and 3. The result should fluctuate between -50 and +50 VDC.

The outdoor motherboard will need to be replaced if the numbers on the result vary negatively or positively only. In case of constant fluctuation, then replace the indoor board.

E3 – Senville Mini Split Error Code – Indoor fan speed no control error

This E3 error code indicates that there is an indoor fan speed malfunctioning. It can also be linked to a bad indoor circuit board or a bad indoor fan motor.

Check that both the indoor and outdoor fans can spin freely and that they are not blocked. Once this is covered, test the circuit board, and the fan motor. For the indoor fan motor test, release the UVW connector.

Measure the resistance of the U-V, U-W, V-W. When the resistance is unequal to each other, there is an issue with the fan motor requiring replacement. If not, power the AC. When on standby mode, measure the voltage of pin4-5 in the feedback signal connector.

In case the value is not 5V, replace the PCB / Motherboard. Alternatively, rotate the fan by using your hand and measure the voltage of pin 1-5, pin 2-5 and pin 3-5 in the feedback signal connector. In case the voltage is not a positive fluctuation, you have to replace the fan motor (View on Amazon).

E5 – Senville Mini Split Error Code – Open or short circuit of the outdoor temperature sensor or outdoor unit OR EEPROM parameter error

This error relates to an outdoor fan speed malfunctioning. It can be triggered by a faulty outdoor motherboard as well as a defective outdoor fan motor. You have to check that there is no obstruction and that it spins with ease. Once this is confirmed, test the outdoor motor and replace it in case of any faults.

E6 – Senville Mini Split Error Code – Open or short circuit of room or evaporator temperature sensor error. This error means that one unit is requesting heating while at the same time, the other one requests for cooling.

Usually, only one of these can happen at a time. You need first to check this before anything else. It is a very common yet simple problem that may not indicate an issue with the system. If you doubt, consider calling an HVCA expert to take a look and give you an expert opinion.

E7 – Senville Mini Split Error Code – Outdoor fan speed out of control error

This error indicates an outdoor fan speed malfunction. The error can result from a bad outdoor circuit bored or a malfunctioning outdoor fan motor. First, check that the outdoor fan is spinning and not blocked. Once this is clear, test the circuit and outdoor fan motors. Replace these components if they need to be replaced.

PO- Senville Mini Split Error Code – IBM malfunction or IGBT over strong current protection error

This code signifies an IPM malfunctioning caused by a strong current. It results from improper wiring due to mistakes.

It can also be caused by a defective circuit board and the malfunctioning of outdoor fan speed. To verify the problem, check for the wring connection between the outdoor and indoor units. Make sure that are none crossing.

Also, check the wiring between the outdoor unit and the circuit breaker. In addition to that, check the indoor fan motor. Test the circuit board and determine whether it needs to be replaced.

P1 – Senville Mini Split Error Code – Overvoltage or too low voltage protection error

This error indicates an abnormal rise or drops in voltage. You need to check the wiring from the indoor to the outdoor and ensure that the wires are properly connected and not crossed.

In case of proper connection, check to ensure that the power supply is in the right measures and that the correct amount of voltage goes into the unit. Test the indoor and outdoor circuit boards and replace them where necessary.

P2 – Senville Mini Split Error Code – Temperature protection of compressor top error

The P2 error code shows that your system has high compressor temperature protection. Usually, this relates to a faulty outdoor motherboard. It can also be caused by a system having a low refrigerant. It may also result from a restricted pressure as well as a defective sensor. To fix it, first, test the indoor and outdoor circuit board. Make the necessary replacements after deducing the problem.

P4 – Senville Mini Split Error Code – Inverter compressor drive error

This error may mean the existence of an abnormal rise or drop in the voltage of your MRCOOL system. It could also mean that you need to release the refrigerant in your MRCOOL unit.

Once you have understood the meanings of the different error codes, finding a solution is possible. Most of these errors are easy to diagnose. In case you are stuck, consider calling an HVCA expert.


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