Samsung Washer TE Code? Try These Fixes

Samsung Washer TE Code

Error code tE is one of the commonly occurring errors on the Samsung washing machine. Like fault codes, tC and EC error code tE appears in all Samsung washers, including traditional washers and those with a drying mode.

This problem may occur as soon as you lock the washer’s door or during water gaining as the washing machine scrolls its drum for five to ten minutes. This error code is shown on the digital display screen due to a heating problem within the washing machine.

Understanding the tE Error Code in Samsung Washers

Fault code tE points out a fault with your washer’s temperature sensor, which monitors your washing machine’s heating.

When the error code shows, it means that the washing machine is getting the wrong reading from the sensor, or it is not getting information at all.

Typically, tE, tC, and EC error codes show on the Samsung washer’s digital display when the voltage level of your washer’s water heating sensor is below 0.2 V or above 4.5 V.

In the analog models of Samsung washers, error code tE shows itself as fault code EU. Therefore, if you have a VRT Samsung steam washer produced before 2007, it probably indicates the EU on its digital display.

Ideally, the Samsung washer may show different variations of error code tE. They include tE1, tE2, and tE3. Each of these codes is distinctively different from the other and indicates a unique fault within your washer. Here is what each fault code means:

  • tE1 – it means there is an operational problem with your washer’s temperature sensor drying
  • tE2 – it indicates an operational issue with the washer’s fan casing sensor
  • tE3 – it shows a malfunction with the condensate flow sensor that appears in the course of the drying process

In most cases, the washing machine shows error code tE at the start of a wash before the water heating begins. However, its variations occur after the Samsung washer completes washing and spinning when the clothes are dried.

If these error codes, tE, TC2, TC1, TC3, EC, and TC4, appear, though rare, you can eliminate the error manually. When does the Samsung washing machine display the tE fault code:

  • When the temperature sensor is faulty
  • When there is temporary damage to the control module
  • Poorly connected contacts of the heating element or temperature sensor

How do You Get Rid of the tE Error Code?

When you see error code tE on your washer’s digital display, you need to get to troubleshoot and repair or replace the faulty component to restore the washer to its optimum efficiency. This is what you need to do when you see fault code tE on your washer’s digital display:

  • If the washer’s control module fails, you need to switch off the machine from its power source. Let the appliance sit for a few minutes before turning it on. Restart the washing process.
  • If the washer has bad contacts in its heating element or temperature sensor, you should move the contact as if you are inserting a plug into a socket.
  • If your Samsung washer shows wrong sensor readings, you need to reset the data. Do this by pressing its corresponding correction button. A lot of modern Samsung washer’s come with this button.

These three methods will help you eliminate error code tE from the washer’s digital display screen if the problem is not severe. However, if there is serious damage within the washer, you should call an appliance specialist to inspect the washer and fix it.

Here is a tE Error Code Cheat Sheet

The error code shows immediately after the start of the washing or before your washer’s water heating. In most cases, the issue arises as a result of a faulty temperature sensor that is responsible for the machine’s water heating. Appliance specialists advise changing the water heater when this happens.

The washer might fail to heat water and issue the error code shortly after the program starts. When this happens, you need to check your washer’s TEN as it might be faulty. You need to replace it.

The Samsung washer blocks the door and does not run as it should, or it does not dry the laundry. When this happens, the washer’s control module is likely faulty. You should replace it to restore your Samsung washing machine to its optimum efficiency.

When the washer shows the different varieties of error code tE, you need to change the temperature sensors of the of its fan casing, the condensate temperature, and the heater.

How to Replace Samsung Washer’s Temperature Sensor

The temperature sensor or thermistor is situated on the back of your washer. Before you begin working on your washing machine, you have to ensure that you have observed all the safety precautions.

Begin by unplugging your washer from its power source. Go to the bottom back of your Samsung washing machine to locate the thermistor (view on Amazon). This component is held in its location with two screws. Remove the screws and slide the sensor out of its position, and plug and play connector.

A wire comes off your washer’s sensor and connects to a small plug and play Molex connector. When you get to this point, you have done almost the entire job of replacing the sensor and eliminating the error code.

Fix a new sensor by reversing this process. AT the end of the process, you need to put back the panel and screws to hold everything in place. Plug your washer back into its power source and run a quick cycle to test.

You should also observe your washer’s display screen. If the tE error code does not appear, then the problem is fixed. However, if it appears, it means that there is another problem, most likely with the appliance’s wire harness. In this case, you need to check your washer’s control board and fix it.

By and large, error code tE in your Samsung washer’s display screen indicates a problem with its thermistor.

Before you embark on fixing the problem, you have to troubleshoot your appliance to determine the exact problem before fixing it. The machine’s temperature sensor is a small circular device, which monitors water temperature within the machine during a wash cycle.

With time, the machine’s sensor becomes damaged because of various reasons leading to error code tE and its variations.


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