Samsung Washer Error Code DC

Samsung Washer Error Code DC

Samsung washers are it is fitted with a robust error code system to alert you of the specific problem. For instance, error code DC or error code SE.

Error code DC is displayed on the appliance digital screen because of a faulty control board, uneven weight distribution, faulty drive belt system, faulty suspension rod, and uneven standing level. Let us explore more.

What Causes the Samsung washer error code DC?

Uneven Load Distribution

One of the main causes of your Samsung washer error code DC is uneven load distribution. This occurs when you overload or underload your washing machine. It can also happen when you mix light and heavy-weight laundry simultaneously. Remember, your Samsung washing machine has sensors that detect any imbalance. It also monitors load distribution in all cycles, especially during the spin cycle when the drum rotates at high speeds.

The imbalance detection system that causes the error code DC display on your washer is to protect your washing machine from excessive vibration damage. For example, when your washer drum is heavy on one side, it vibrates excessively during the spin cycle.

Fix- Sort out Laundry According to Weight and evenly distribute Clothes in The Drum.

First off, take caution on how you load your Samsung washing machine. Put all light clothes together simultaneously and heavy ones at different washing times. Also, reduce the amount of laundry in the washer. This way, you will not have a mix of heavy and light clothes in one wash cycle. And you will have balanced cycles throughout your wash.

If your machine already shows the error code DC, stop the cycle by pressing the stop button on your washer or unplug the washer from the main switch to cut OFF the power supply. If you use a top loader, open the door and evenly distribute the clothes around the drum. As mentioned, you can even sort the clothes again and wash them according to weight.

Now close the door, plug your washer ON, and restart the cycle.

Faulty Drive Belt system

Another reason why your Samsung washing machine displays error code DC is that it has a faulty drive belt system. If your device is old, the belt must have torn and worn out over time and needs to provide sufficient grip for the motor to rotate the drum. This leads to uneven drum movement or difficulty maintaining the normal speed, triggering the DC error.

Sometimes, the belt might be loose and slip whenever the washer is active. A loose belt affects the motor because it cannot rotate the drum normally. In this case, the drum stops spinning or spins with excessive vibrations. This confuses your washing machine control system, and it may interpret this issue as a drum capacity one and trigger the DC error code.

It might be misaligned if the belt is not loose or worn out. A misaligned belt transfers power inefficiently from the motor to the drum. This prevents the drum from spinning as expected and leads to a DC error.

Fix-Replace Drive Belt System

You need to check your Samsung washing machine drive belt system. Start by unplugging your washing machine from the main socket for your safety against shock. Tilt your device and let the backside face upwards. Remember to lay a blanket on the floor before tilting the machine to protect it from scratches.

Get a screwdriver and open the back panel to access the drive belt, which has a rubber material.

Inspect the belt for damages such as cracking, burning, and stretching. If it’s damaged, pull it out gently with your hands and replace it with a new one.

After replacing the belt, examine the pulley and motor to ensure they function properly. If the engine was affected by the faulty belt, try to fix it, too.

Now plug back your washer, switch it ON, and run a short cycle with even distributed laundry to confirm that it works efficiently without displaying error codes.

Faulty Suspension Rods

If you have evenly distributed clothes in your washing machine, replaced the drive belt system, and still receive the error code DC, the issue might be the suspension rods.

Your Samsung washing machine suspension rods act as shock absorbers absorb vibrations, and keep the drum balanced in all cycles. In this case, you might have an old Samsung washing machine with one or two faulty suspension rods. This causes an imbalance in the drum, especially during the high-speed spin cycle.

The imbalance triggers the washer’s sensors, sending a message to the control system, which later displays the error code DC on the control panel for your attention. Sometimes, when the machine detects an unbalanced load, it tries to redistribute the laundry by adjusting the spin speed stopping or restarting the cycle. If the suspension does not provide sufficient support, that’s when the error code DC displays.

Fix – Replace Suspension Rods

To fix the suspension rod issue, remove your washer’s top panel using a screwdriver while the machine is OFF for your safety. You will find the suspension rods connected to the drum in each corner of the washing machine. Inspect them visually, and if you see any damage signs, such as scratched fixing brackets or leaking oil, then it’s time to replace the rods.

Although one rod might be the only one that is faulty, consider replacing all of them because they all wear out with time. Replacing only the faulty one may leave the others with a softening effect, which may not match the new stiffer rods and trigger the error code DC.

After replacing the suspension rods, reassemble the top panel, Switch ON your washer, and run a test to see if the machine has stopped displaying the error code. At this point, it should work effectively.

Uneven Standing Level

What is the ground level that you have placed your Samsung machine? If it’s uneven, this is where the problem lies, so your device keeps displaying the error code DC. This means that the clothes inside your machine are unevenly distributed, which leads to an imbalance in the drum.

Sometimes, in response to the detected imbalance, the washing machine’s control system may automatically shut down the spin cycle to prevent further damage to the appliance or to avoid a situation where excessive vibration could lead to the machine moving across the floor.

Fix – Level Up The Ground, Adjust the Legs

An uneven standing level means the floor you’ve placed your machine on must be more leveled and stable. So, you first have to check your floor’s level. If it’s uneven, you can move your machine to an even floor or call a constructor to level up the ground. You might also use shims under the washer’s legs to balance the machine.

Alternatively, you can adjust your machine legs to help with leveling using a wrench to turn the legs until your machine levels up. Once you have done either of these solutions, turn on your machine and run a short cycle of well-distributed laundry and see if it will display the error.

Foreign Objects in The Drum

Another reason why your Samsung washing machine displays error code DC is because of foreign objects in the drum.

If you do not sort out clothes going into your washer’s drum, chances are you put clothes with coins, keys, and even small articles that fall out of the pocket into the drum. During an ongoing cycle, the foreign objects shift and contribute to an unbalanced load, which triggers the error code DC display.

Fix – Remove Foreign Objects from The Drum, Sort Laundry Before Washing

First, unplug your washing machine from the main switch and open the door. Remove the laundry inside and inspect the drum for any foreign objects. Also, check the door seal and remove any objects and debris lingering around for the washer’s efficient rotation. Once the drum is cleared of debris and other foreign things, it should work well without displaying the error code DC.

To avoid having foreign objects in the washer in the future, ensure that you always sort out your laundry and remove objects in the pockets. Shake off dust and other items before putting laundry in the drum.

Faulty Control Board

Sometimes, your washing machine error code DC may display due to a faulty control board. This means the board misinterprets sensor data and sends the wrong signals to the motor.

In turn, it disables the drum from maintaining a proper balance during the spin cycle. Before the machine displays the error code DC, it will vibrate excessively with banging sounds, or it will even stop in a mid-cycle.

Reset or Replace Control Board

Switch OFF your washing machine for a while and then restart it. This will reset the control board to its normal working state. If it doesn’t, inspect for loose wiring connections, which you can repair or replace if damaged.


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