Panasonic Microwave H97 Error Code

Panasonic Microwave H97 Error Code

What Does Panasonic Microwave H97 Mean?

The H97 error code can means that something is either faulty or broken with your Panasonic microwave. The error code doesn’t reveal whatsactually broken, so you’ll need to look at the most common faults for the error, how to diagnose them then eventually how to fix them.

Some of these can be more serious than others; however, either way, you will want to be able to get to the bottom of the issue.

You may encounter a number of similar codes such as the H97, H95, H98, or even H99, but they all point to a couple of different possible problems such as the inverter, the magnetron, or the digital programming circuit.

It is both possible and likely that the reason why you are seeing one of the error codes is that there is possibly a loose connection in the wiring that connects between the magnetron, inverter, and/or the control board.

If one of these error codes appears because of one of the previously listed issues is because one of those components has broke or has a loose connection.

It is important to remember that most of these components use and produce lethal voltages, which means that you will need to use extreme caution when working with the microwave in the scenario that you do work with the microwave.

However, it is highly recommended that you hire or at least receive advice from a licensed Panasonic servicer. They will offer you free advice and do accept that their appliances are not without issues.

What Causes Panasonic Microwave H97?

As previously mentioned, there are many different issues that can cause a Panasonic microwave to show the H97, H98, H95, or H99 error code.

There could be a connection issue with the wiring between the inverter, magnetron, and/or the control board.

However, the fact that your Panasonic microwave is showing an error code is a good sign actually, since if your microwave was dead for good, the microwave would not show anything on the display and would not make any beeping noises. In any case, the error code means that there is a hardware problem with the appliance.

It is interesting to know that the microwave does not actually technically heat the food or drink. Instead, it is all in the name since the microwave produces microwaves that bounce around off of the metal sidings and roof of the microwave.

Then, the food or drink absorbs these microwaves, which causes the water molecules in the food or drink to vibrate, which is what actually causes the heating process that cooks or warms the food or drink.

A microwave contains three main components, a vacuum tube called a magnetron, which helps generate the heat that cooks food.

A waveguide that is hidden in the wall, which directs the microwave energy to the food. Lastly, a chamber to hold the food and safely contain the microwave radiation.

In a traditional oven, the food is heated by the heat that is emitted from below and the sides of the oven.

Whereas with a microwave the appliance produces microwaves, then the waves bounce around in the microwave and get absorbed by the food where they then make the water molecules vibrate to the point of heating.

It is important to understand how your microwave works so that you can get to the root of the problem, which you can then fix appropriately.

1. Faulty or Broken Inverter

When you see the error codes on your Panasonic microwave that displays H97, H98, H99, or H95, it is very likely that either the inverter in your microwave is broken or faulty.

Keep in mind that the magnetron on your microwave is what creates the microwaves; however, the inverter is what allows the magnetron to continuously run while only altering the amount of radiation that is created by the magnetron.

This means that the inverter on your Panasonic microwave is essential for ensuring that the magnetron is emitting an appropriate amount of radiation for the setting that you selected on your microwave.

So, when you throw a leftover piece of pizza into your Panasonic microwave, the inverter is what is responsible for preserving the majority of the flavors and texture of the pizza.

Since the inverter helps control the output of the radiation microwaves, it creates an even flow from the magnetron so that food cells are not completely destroyed, which occurs when the food is overheated. With this in mind, you will want the inverter on your Panasonic microwave to function properly.

Fix – Replace The Inverter or Hire Professional

There is an exhaust fan within your Panasonic microwave that cools the control board and the rest of the components; however, this fan can also draw in moist air and grease which will eventually build up on the inverter and other electric pieces.

In order to replace the inverter you will need a screwdriver to unscrew the screws on the top and sometimes the side of the microwave. The inverter is located near the control board on the back of the microwave.

Now, you should only replace the inverter if you know your way around a microwave and also are familiar with electronics.

Also, be sure to turn off the microwave and unplug it from the outlet it is plugged into so that there is no current running through the appliance.

There are many trustworthy DIY videos on how to replace an inverter on a Panasonic microwave that can be found on online sources such as YouTube.

However, if you do not know how to work on a microwave and are not familiar with electronics, you should either hire a licensed Panasonic servicer or contact their support for advice.

2. Broken or Faulty Magnetron

The magnetron that is inside of your microwave is an essential part of your Panasonic microwave and any other microwave for that matter.

This means that you will need the magnetron to work correctly in order for your microwave to function properly. The magnetron is responsible for creating the radiating microwaves that bounce around in the microwave and eventually warm the food or drink.

So, whereas the inverter is quite important for the control of the magnetron, you could argue that the magnetron is even more important since, without it, your microwave will not heat up anything.

Fix – Get The Magnetron Replaced or Get a New Microwave

You can replace the magnetron in your Panasonic microwave but it is also a question of trouble and cost.

You will want to weigh out these two variables and decide whether or not you want to hire a professional or want to replace the magnetron yourself.

A new magnetron could cost you anywhere between $100 to $200 (US), which is near or more than a new microwave oven so you may want to consider buying a new Panasonic microwave.

Considering the costs and the risk involved in working with a microwave, we highly recommend that you simply go with purchasing a new microwave. This way you can save some dough and quite possibly also your life.

3. Malfunctioning/Faulty Control Board

Your problem with your Panasonic microwave may be with the control board, which by the name you can likely tell that it is an important component.

This is because it is responsible for controlling all the components in your Panasonic microwave. With that said you will want to either replace the control board or get a new microwave.

Fix – Replace Control Board or Purchase New Microwave

When you know that the control board on your Panasonic microwave is malfunctioning or broken, you will want to get it replaced or you may also consider getting a new microwave. You can, of course, hire a professional Panasonic servicer to replace the control board or you may need to simply buy a new microwave.

4. Broken Control Panel

It is very possible that the control panel on your Panasonic microwave is broken or faulty. This is not good since the control panel is what allows you to select all of your cooking settings on the microwave oven. You will want to get the control panel repaired or replaced.

Fix – Repair The Control Panel

If you are familiar with microwaves and how they function, you can find many DIY videos on how to repair the control panel on your Panasonic microwave. However, if you are familiar with electronics or microwaves, you should get a Panasonic servicer to repair the appliance.

5. Microwave May Be Dead

It is feasible that the error code H97 may be the last code from your Panasonic microwave, as your microwave could be dead or it could be a faulty microwave from the start. Either way, you will need a new microwave.

Fix – Get a Refund or New Microwave

If you just recently got your Panasonic microwave and you are experiencing the issue of the H97 error code, and also believe that the microwave is done for or was faulty from the start; you will want to either get a refund from where you purchased the microwave or simply purchase another microwave.


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