Kenmore Dryer Error Codes and Fixes

Kenmore Dryer Error Codes

Fortunately, error codes that come up every time there is something wrong with the dryer can be useful if well interpreted. You may save a lot by fixing the problem in good time before it gets out of hand or causes an even major issue.

This article explores some of the most common Kenmore dryer error codes. Read on to discover potential solutions for some of the most common problems with your dryer.

Most Common Error Codes Displayed By The Kenmore Dryer

Below is a list of the most common error codes that you are likely to come across when using the Kenmore dryer. Also included are potential errors and possible fixes. These include:

PF Error – Power Failure

Whenever the PF error is displayed, you will know that there was a power failure while the machine was running. Press start if you want to continue with the current cycle. Alternatively, press stop to clear the displayed error. If this happens frequently, consider the outlet chord if your dryer as it could be triggering the regular power failure.

F01 – Main Electronic Control Board Failure

This error comes up when there is a problem with the electronic control board. The best fix is to check for the error and repair it. You need to unplug the drier for 5 minutes and plug it back in. If the error code still persists, then consider replacing the entire electronic board (View on Amazon). To replace the board:

  • Shut off the power by unplugging and shut off the dryer if it gas
  • Get rid of the top panel by sliding the dryer from the wall and unscrewing the ¼ inch nut to pull the top panel back to release the console before pulling out the top panel.
  • Remove the electronic board. Always take a picture of the connection to use as a reference when installing the new board.
  • Replace and fix the new electronic board in its place.
  • Connect the wires correctly using the digital picture you took as a reference. Be careful not to interchange any of the connections.
  • Place the top panel back as it was before uninstalling it.
  • Restore power by plugging back the electric dryer, or turning on the gas one.

Note that you should always use the correct tools when dealing with repairs because some of the materials can be hazardous.

F02 – Keypad/User Interface Failure

The problem could be with the user interface control assembly. Check to find out if a button is stuck on the keypad on one of the two interface control assemblies in the console. Try to free the button. If this is not possible, replace the interface control assembly completely.

F20 – Heater Relay Failure

This error code displays when the heater relay on the main electronic control board fails. To fix it, unplug the dryer to replace the main electronic control board and install a new one.

F22 – Outlet Thermistor Failure

This code displays when the thermistor fails. It shows that the control detects an electrically open outlet thermistor or temperature sensor. To fix, unplug the dryer. Check the resistance of the thermistor and ensure it is about 10,000 ohms. Any other figure shows that it is defective and must be replaced. To replace the thermistor:

  • Unplug the dryer or shut off the gas
  • Remove the service panel by releasing the clips holding it in place using a putty knife
  • Remove the lint duct assembly by pulling the screen and removing the screws that hold the housing in place. Pull the assembly out, and pull out the lint screen. Find the lint duct assembly located below the drum then remove the screw from the duct to release the duct.
  • Detach the thermistor. You have to locate it on top of the blower housing, carefully remove wires, and set the thermistor aside.
  • Install the newly bought thermistor by positioning it on the blower housing and then fastening the screw and connecting the wires.
  • Replace the lint duct assembly
  • Reinstall the service panel and lock the clips tightly
  • Restore back power by plugging or switching on the gas power

F23 – Outlet Thermistor Failure

When the thermistor fails, then the F23 error pops. The control will detect an electrically shorted outlet thermistor/temperature sensor. You need to unplug the dryer and check for the resistance of that thermistor. It should be about 10,000 ohms. Any other figure is proof of a defective outlet thermistor that needs to be replaced.

F24 – Inlet Thermistor Failure

The F24 error pops when the control identifies an electrically open inlet thermistor. You need to unplug the dryer to check the resistance of that thermistor. In this case, it should be about 50,000 ohms. In case the inlet thermistor has a defect, replace it. Take note of the fact that the inlet thermistor is combined with the high-limit thermostat on the dryer. When you fix the high-limit thermostat or inlet thermistor, the F24 error will cease to appear.

F25 – Inlet Thermistor Failure

This error pops when there is a problem with the high-limit thermostat or the inlet thermistor

F28 – Moisture Sensor Failure

The F28 error comes up when the moisture sensor has a problem. You need to unplug the dryer to examine the wiring connections on it. Replace the moisture sensor if the wiring is correct since this would mean that the sensor is problematic.

F29 – Moisture Sensor Failure

The F29 error displays when the moisture sensor fails to work as expected. Unplug the dryer to check the wiring connections on the moisture sensor. When no problem exists with the connections, a defective sensor is most likely to be the issue. Replace it immediately.

F30 – Restricted Airflow

Restricted airflow can cause the F30 error display. You should clean lint from the lint screen to improve airflow. In case you make use of fabric softener sheets, always wash the lint screen with some water. Use a soft-bristled brush to get rid of any softener buildup. Clear clogs and restrictions from the exhaust air duct system.

F31 – Low L2 Voltage

Whenever the power chord has a problem, an F31 error displays on the dryer. This error indicates that the L2 leg of 240-volt power is below 30 volts. You need to check the dryer’s house circuit breakers and reset the L2 breaker if it has tripped.

To do this:

  • Unplug the dryer.
  • Check the connection of the power cord wire on the terminal block.
  • Reconnect all loose wires/ replace the damaged power cord.
  • Bring in an electrician to check the dryer’s 240-volt power supply

F70 or F71 – No Communication Between The Electronic Control Board And The User Interface Control Board Assemblies

F70 and F71 errors display on the dryer when there is a communication problem.

When the main electronic control board or user interface control assemblies have a problem, the F70 or F71 error may display on the dryer. To fix it:

Unplug the dryer

Consider the wire harness connections located between the main electronic control board and the user interface control board assemblies.

When the connections are right, call your technician to diagnose the reason for this lack of communication.

Replace the main electronic control board or the user interface control assemblies, or both if this is the problem.

F72 to F78 – User Interface Control Assembly Failure

When such errors display, unplug the dryer. You should check the wire harness connections between the user interface assemblies as well as the connections between the main electronic control board and the user interface assemblies. In case of proper connections, replace the interface and control assemblies.


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