Hisense Washing Machine Error Code

Hisense has grown to become a leader in appliance manufacturing. It is renowned for its great TV sets as well as top of the line washing machines. Hisense washing machine has advanced capabilities like the self-diagnostic mechanism that troubleshoot and display error codes on its display screen. In addition to this, the Hisense washer is built to last long and carry enough load to meet a home’s needs.

Despite the excellent quality of a washer and your best efforts to maintain it in good condition, a washing machine can still breakdown. When this happens, you need to troubleshoot and fix the issue. Troubleshooting Hisense washer is easy. The washing machine does the heavy work of identifying system failure, which it then displays on its display screen as an error code for the user or washer repair technician to read. The error code is in a programming language that needs to be decoded. Fortunately, this guide will list the Hisense washer error code and what it means. This information should help you troubleshoot and fix the issue within a short time.

Hisense Washer Error Codes

Explained below are Hisense washing machine (View on Amazon) error codes, a possible cause for the error, and how you can fix the problem and continue doing your laundry. Hisense washer runs its diagnostic feature and displays error codes, if any, on the display screen.

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F01 or F02 Error Code – Water Supply Fault

When this fault code is displayed on your Hisense washer, it indicates that your washing machine has a broken water supply. Check your water inlet and ensure it is running as it should. Check the water pressure to ensure it is pushing water efficiently.

F03 Error Code – Draining Fault

Fault code F03 pops up on your washer display screen if there is a problem with your washer’s drain hose. It also comes up when there is a problem with your pump. Inspect the draining and pump of your washing machine and clear debris that might be clogging the waterways. Ensure water draining from your washer flows freely out of the washing machine.

F04 or F05 or F06 or F07 Error Code – Electrical Module Fault/Board/Wiring

These fault codes are displayed when there is an issue with your washer’s wiring. Inspect all wiring in your washing machine to find faults in the connection. Tighten loose wires and unwind wire harnesses. This should correct the problem. Call a qualified technician or electrician to help you if you do not feel comfortable working with electric wires.

F13 Error Code – Door Lock Fault

This fault code indicates a problem with the door of your washing machine. In most cases, it means a door that cannot close completely. Check your door and find out the reason why it will not close. In addition to this, inspect the door switch and ensure that it is working as it should.

F22 Error Code – NA

This error code is displayed when there is a general issue with the washing machine. To fix it, you will have to turn off the washer by unplugging it from its power source and wait for a few minutes for the washing machine to reset before you plug it back into the power source.

F24 Error Code – Water Level Reaches Overflow Level

Hisense washing machine has been designed to accommodate water to a specific level. However, water flowing into the washer fills beyond this point; it might overflow. An overflow can only happen because of a faulty sensor or a broken water inlet valve. Therefore, when fault code F24 displays on your washer’s display screen, you need to inspect both the inlet valve and the sensor for faults. Fix the errors to restore your machine to its normal functioning state.

UNB Error Code – Unbalance Load In Washer

This error code pops up when the load within your washer is not evenly spread within the appliance. Readjust the load in the washing machine to get a balanced load before you proceed with the washing process. Do this by switching off the washer and rearrange the clothes within the washer. Once everything is placed in order, choose the spin program and start. The appliance should commence the washing process. Observe it carefully to see if the error has been fixed. If it is still faulty, unplug the washing machine from the socket and call a washing machine specialist.

Troubleshooting Hisense Washing Machine

Hisense washer is fitted with various safety precautionary measures that make it easy for you to detect faults early. Most of these faults are minor and can be solved in a few simple steps.

1. Washer Will Not Start and No Indicator Lamp is On

Inspect the socket to see if the main plug is fixed correctly, and the power switch is turned on. It would help if you also inspected the wall socket for faults to ensure that it is functioning correctly. Test it using a table lamp or any other similar electric appliance.

2. Washer Will Not Start

Inspect the washer’s door to ensure it is locked tightly. You also need to check the start/pause button to ensure it is pressed and finally ensure the water tap is open. Press the start/pause button to begin the washing process.

3. Appliance Stops During the Program

Check if the rinse hold signal lamp lights up. Press the start/pause button to end this option. You can also end it by selecting and starting the drain program of the washer. Check if another program has been chosen before the start/pause button is pressed. Finally, check if the door of the washing machine is open, and the start/pause button has not been pressed. Shut the washer’s door and press the start/pause button one more time.

4. Machine Vibrating During Spin Cycle

Check if the washing machine is standing on level ground. It should be standing on all its four feet. Also, inspect if transport bolts have been removed. The transport bolts have to be removed before you start using the washer. Ensure that your load is balanced and enough for your washer. Do not put large loads, which will cause the washer’s drum to go out of balance. Always be careful when you are loading Hisense washing machine.

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5. Poor Results from Final Spin

Typically, washers have an imbalanced detection and correction mechanism in place. If you load heavy items, this mechanism may lower the spin speed or interrupt the spin completely if it picks up an imbalance even after more than one spin. To protect the washer, you need to:

  • Remove some load and repeat the spin cycle if the laundry is very wet at the end of the spin cycle.
  • Use the right amount of detergent to avoid the formation of excessive foam that may inhibit spinning.
  • Inspect the spin speed and ensure it is not set at 0.

If your washer has a time display, the initially displayed program time is shortened or extended by some minutes or hours. This is a washer’s ability to adapt to different factors that may affect the wash program period. Some of these factors include load imbalance, the formation of excess foam, and extended heating period because of low inlet water temperature.

Hisense washing machine error code is a quick way to learn about the fault within your washer. It is the manufacturer’s way of ensuring you get the best service when using the washer. The code is displayed on the washing machine’s display screen and can be understood using this guide. You need to follow a few simple steps when fixing these errors and get back to your laundry task. If, despite your best efforts to apply these simple fixes, you washing machine still won’t perform at its optimum condition, call an appliance specialist to fix it.