7 Best Front Door Colors for Cedar House

Best Front Door Colors for Cedar House

Considering the vast amount of color options, you may have some difficulties deciding which color to go with for your cedar home. Allow us to provide your mind with some ease as we provide you with some excellent color choices for the front door of your home.

1. Red Remains The Reigning Champ

Red has always been both a bold and elegant choice for a front door color. There is a good reason for that as well, red is an attention-grabbing color but it also does not overload the senses.

Whether your house is brick, cedar, or even pure white, red is an excellent choice for a front door color. Red draws the eye while also looking fantastic!

You do not necessarily have to go with a bright cherry red for the front door of your cedar home, you can also go with a darker more calming Umbria red, which maintains a rich and attractive red while also offering a softer tone.

You may have noticed that a few years back everyone began to paint their front door red, it is for a good reason since it will have anyone passing by staring in ah at your beautiful home entrance.

Not only will the red hue attract everyone’s eye but it will also create an inviting feel to your front door, which any visitor will find warm and welcoming.

So, whether your cedar house is on a lighter or darker tone, you cannot go wrong with red for the front door.

Red is a boisterous front door color choice that can show people you are fun, adventurous, and full of energy.

Red is an exciting color that can also provide a passionate feeling. What’s more, is the red front door choice will also show your friends and family that you are confident, strong, and outgoing while also not going overboard with the vibrant hue. You cannot go wrong with red, no matter what color your home may be!

2. Cedar Home With Pale Sage Green

Not only will pale sage green look absolutely fantastic on your cedar house, but it can also help to draw out the landscape around your home.

If you have many excellent bushes lining the outside of your home, the pale sage green color will pair perfectly with the greenery, as they are only complement each other’s hues.

If you choose to go with a pale sage green for the front door of your home, you will be putting out a message that says you have experience and are also wise.

With pale sage green being a green hue it is, of course, a natural color, which means it will give your visitors a peaceful and calming vibe when witnessing your home.

Not only does the pale sage green front door color show you are wise and experienced, but it also shows that you have an eye for detail.

If you by chance, have lilac bushes growing near your home or better yet, by your front door, the pale sage green will look stunning with the lilacs! With sage green is more on the cooler side of hues, which will typically pair perfectly with your cedar house.

3. Yellow Gold For The Bold

Many cedar homes take on a more greyish tone, which makes a yellow-gold color an excellent choice for your house’s front door.

This color makes for a fantastic contrast to a lawn or greenery around your home while also offering your friends and family a soothing vibe that will draw them in comfortably.

This color choice will provide your front door with a happy and joyous vibe while also gently inviting your friends and family.

Since gold provides a loyal and dependable feel pairing it with a yellow hue will also give it a cheerful and eager emotion.

This front door color choice will have all of your visitors smiling at your doorstep. Give the yellow gold a try for the front door of your cedar home and you just might be pleasantly surprised with the feeling it provides.

4. Turquoise is Always Nice!

Blue is a fantastic natural color and one of its excellent hues is turquoise, which is an absolutely great color! This hue of blue goes very well with almost any other pairing color, it gives people a happy and calming feeling.

It is interesting to know that it took humans a long time to find a safe way to make blue paints that are also safe for common use, which means you have a unique opportunity to make your home one of a kind.

Turquoise is not only an excellent summertime color but it also looks fantastic during the colder seasons.

If you consider yourself as being creative or artistic, turquoise is certainly a fantastic choice for your front door, as it can show your visitors that you have a creative side but are also balanced with your emotions.

While the turquoise color has a soothing effect, it is also a bold and noticeable choice for a front door color. This color shows that you create your own trail to walk upon while also not overwhelming your guest and maintaining a friendly and welcoming vibe.

With a turquoise-colored front door, you not only get the tranquil feel of the blue hue but also the thriving green hue along with the brightening vibe of yellow, all combined into one excellent color.

You genuinely cannot go wrong with turquoise as a front door color choice, it will look great!

5. Orange You Glad?

It may be surprising but orange can be a fantastic choice for the front door of your cedar home. Since orange falls into the hue spectrum of red, it makes it a bold and noticeable color, especially for a front door.

This color will have your friends and family nonstop admiring your choice of color for the entrance of your home.

If you do go with orange for your front door, your visitors will enjoy an optimistic, spontaneous, and engaging feeling while also welcoming them in with a smile.

If you are someone who enjoys having multiple tasks going at the same time, orange is the perfect choice for your front door.

Many people believe that your home is a representative of who you are, which means that if you are an energetic and passionate person, orange is an excellent choice for the front door of your cedar house.

You may be intimidated or weary about using such a bold and vibrant color for your front door; however, you may have your neighbors following in your footsteps.

6. Bright Blue For You!

As previously mentioned in this list, the excellence of blue hues cannot be overstated! It is a natural color, which also makes it a calming color while also making your visitors feel safe.

Bright blue is a trustworthy color that will also have your neighbors admiring and envying your excellent color choice.

Since blue has been proven to manifest chemicals in the human body that evoke calmness, you are essentially guaranteed a soothing vibe for your front door. Any blue hue including the bright blue will pair in a fantastic way with your cedar home.

Bright blue is on par with the turquoise color for your front door, which means it will both calm and enlighten your guests.

Bright blue reminds people of both the sky and water, which are natural and powerful. So, instead of feeling blue about your front door color choice, simply go for a blue hue and you will not regret it!

7. Green is Always Good!

Green is another natural hue that cannot be overstated! No matter what hue of green you may go with, it will look great on a cedar home.

One excellent hue of green is the Devonshire green, which is neither light nor dark, offering a comforting and muted green color. Whether your cedar house falls into the light side or the darker side, any hue of the green spectrum will look fantastic on your front door!

Green will give your home not just a cool feeling but also a logical vibe. It will show your visitors that you are knowledgeable, calm, and understanding.


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