Frigidaire Gallery Refrigerator Problems (& Fixes)

Frigidaire Refrigerator Error Codes

The error or fault codes are displayed on the screen where, traditionally, numbers are displayed. When a fault code is shown on the screen, you have to pick it up as a direct communication from your Frigidaire Refrigerator, telling you about a unique problem within your refrigerator. If you cannot fix the error, you will have to call a repair technician.

Frigidaire Refrigerator Error Codes and Meaning

You are can only fix an error code that you understand. Here is an explainer showing different types of error codes and their meaning.

1. OP Error Code – Freezer Sensor Temperature Display

This fault code displays when the temperature sensor in the freezer is open or is perceived to be open by the Frigidaire Refrigerator.

When you see this error code on the display screen, begin by unplugging Frigidaire Refrigerator from the power source and inspect the wiring linking the electronic control board to the freezer temperature sensor.

Rewire loose or faulty connections. If there is no problem with the wiring connections, detach the freezer temperature transmitter from its wire connection. Use a multimeter to get the resistance reading of the freezer sensor.

You should be able to observe 84,925 ohms on the meter if the sensor has a temperature reading of 0 degrees. This reading should reduce to 32,566 ohms when the sensor reads 32 degrees.

It should drop further to 11,304 ohms when the meter reading is at room temperature, 72 degrees. A sensor that shows infinite resistance is faulty and should be replaced.

If the multimeter shows correct measurements, fix the sensor back, and take resistance measurements of freezer temperature connections that go directly to the electronic control board.

These wires are white or gray in color and are found on the J4A connector. Get resistance readings using the white/gray wires by detaching the J4A tie from the electronic control board. The reading on the meter should be similar to readings for temperature sensors.

If the meter shows correct resistance readings, the electronic control board might be faulty, and you will need to change it. However, if the sensor records infinite resistance, you will have to locate and repair sensor wiring.

2. SH Error Code – Freezer Temperature Sensor Shorted

This fault code appears when there is a fault in the wiring between the board and the thermistor. If the connection is correct, change the thermistor (View on Amazon).

Inspect the fault by unplugging Frigidaire Refrigerator from the power source. Pull out the freezer temperature sensor and measure its resistance using a multimeter. The multimeter should show the following readings against the sensor reading:

  • 84,925 ohms for a sensor whose temperature is 0 degrees
  • 32,566 ohms for a sensor whose temperature is 32 degrees
  • 11,304 ohms for a sensor whose temperature is 72 degrees

It would be best if you changed the sensor is in case the meter shows resistance reading below 10 ohms. However, if the multimeter (View on Amazon) records correct readings, attach the sensor back to its wire harness.

Check resistance readings via the freezer temperature sensor wires. These wires connect directly to the control board. They are gray or white in color found on the J4A connector.

Pull the J4A connector out of the control board and take a resistance reading through the white or gray wires. The meter reading should be similar to that of the temperature sensor reading.

If the readings displayed on the meter are correct, you might have to change the electronic control board with one that detects, accurately, the sensor resistance. If the multimeter readings are less than 10 ohms via sensor wires, you need to find and correct faults in the sensor wires.

3. OP Error Code – Refrigerator or Fresh Food Sensor Open in Fresh Food Display

This code is sent when there is an issue with the wiring between the board and the thermistor. Follow the procedure in OP Error Code – Freezer Sensor Temperature Display (1) to fix loose wires and determine the resistance of the refrigerator temperature sensor. These are the correct meter readings that you should observe:

  • 28,300 ohms for a sensor whose temperature is 37 degrees
  • 32,566 ohms at 32 degrees
  • 11,304 ohms at 72 degrees

When the meter records infinite resistance, you probably should change the sensor.

4. SH Error Code – Refrigerator or Fresh Food Sensor Shorted in Fresh Food Display

This error code displays on the screen when there is a fault with the wiring between the board and the thermistor. Check this connection to ensure that it is not loose or faulty. Tighten it if it is loose. If the wiring is correct, get a new thermistor to replace the existing one.

5. SY EF – Faulty Evaporator Fan Circuit

SY EF code error results from faulty wiring between the control board and the evaporator fan. Locate the 12VDC between brown and red wires. Inspect variant voltage, based on low or high speed, between the brown and yellow.

If they are functioning optimally, switch the existing evaporator fan for a new one. If the fault code is still displayed on the screen, you will have to change the control board.

6. SY CE – Error in Communication at Power Up

SY CE fault code is displayed when there is a wiring error between the user interface and the control board.

You can correct the SY CE communication error by unplugging or switching off your Frigidaire Refrigerator for a quarter of an hour then plug it back in.

This simple fix will clear the communication error by rebooting the refrigerator’s control board. If it does not work, then you need to unplug your refrigerator and follow these steps:

Find the refrigerator’s main control board situated behind the refrigerator’s kick panel at the bottom of the appliance.

  • Inspect wires on the main control board. Ensure that the wiring is secure and has no damages.
  • Scan the main control board, using your eyes to ensure there are no melted areas.
  • Detach wires on the main control board and assemble it back.

Find the user interface display panel situated at the back of the display panel and repeat the process above.

6. SY CF Error Code – Failure in Communication Between User Interface and Electronic Control Board

Error code SY CF results from a fault in the wiring between the user interface and the control board. You need to check the wiring connection in the user interface and the control board for burns and any other signs of damage. In addition to these, search for loose wiring and tighten it.

7. dF Error Code – No defrost Circuit

Inspect the wire connections between the control board and defrost. Search for faults in the wiring and other damages that may inhibit the normal functioning of the refrigerator.

8. EF Error Code – Fault with the Evaporator Fan

This error occurs when there is a failure with the evaporation circuit. To fix it, you have to inspect the wire connection between the control board and the evaporator fan.

9. … Error Code – Faulty Ice Maker

This error code displays when your refrigerator has a faulty ice maker. The ice maker may not be making ice at all, or it may not be making enough ice or will not stop making ice, or ice cubes do not freeze separately, or the dispenser won’t dispense ice.

These are the different Frigidaire Refrigerator error codes that you should know. Each code has a DIY solution. However, if the problem persists, you need to call a repair technician to work on your refrigerator.


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