Electrolux Dishwasher Error i30? [100% Solved]

Electrolux Dishwasher Error i30

It can be annoying to come home to a non-responsive and non-cooperative dishwasher. After a long day of working hard and exhaustion, you only want things to run smoothly. It’s a bummer when one of the most critical kitchen gadgets fails to perform as expected.

Well, the dishwasher is not surprising when it comes to disappointments. Errors are common, and so are the fixes. However, some errors can be stubborn to fix and may require a deeper understanding. There is no need to panic, though, as almost every error has a remedy.

There are lots of possible causes why such errors may occur. Each trigger has a specific fix that will make your dishwasher run like it’s new. Learn everything you can to help get a quick solution in good time. Consider the suggestions I shall discuss below for when you come across this error. You don’t have to be stranded ever again.

What Causes i30 on Electrolux Dishwasher?

1. The Dishwasher Could be Leaking

Your first suspicion whenever you experience this error is to check for leaks. Many of the Electrolux dishwasher models come installed with a water collecting tray. This helps to collect excess water whenever there is a leak. Leakages are the number one cause of the i30 dishwashing error, so you should consider this problem before considering anything else.

Inspecting this water pan when you first notice this error is essential. Confirm that the water pan is not filled up with water. The presence of water signifies a potential leakage that should be addressed immediately. Start by pouring out the water and drying it with the help of a hairdryer.

Fix – Inspect for Leaks and Cover it.

  1. Start by unscrewing or dismantling the cover on top of the dishwasher
  2. Next, remove its sidewalls
  3. Avoid removing the pan, but proceed to run the machine. This is the only effective way of ensuring you uncover the exact spot that leaks. You need to see where the water leaks; this can only happen in dismantled form.
  4. Once you spot the leak, dismantle the pallet and fix the defective component. In moderately severe cases, you may need a sealant to cover the leaking spot, although professionals advise against this as the repairs will not last. Sealing works in cases where it is difficult to find the correct part.

2. Possible Blockages

Check for blockages next once you have verified that there are no leaks. This is the second common reason why most Electrolux dishwashers display the i30 error. Find out if the sewage system or drain hose is blocked before you can examine the dishwasher.

Typically, the water tends to climb back up. You may have to remove the hose and visually inspect it. However, you need to take a different approach with the drain if the issues are to be fixed.

Fix – Inspect the Hose and Drain for Blockages and Seek Professional Help

  1. Inspect the hose for blockages visually
  2. For drains, open the tap mixer for sufficient water pressure
  3. Observe how the water drains into the sewer. Poor water flow signifies that you should clean the sewer. Use a plunger or cable. However, if the water drains properly, you should inspect the blockages inside the dishwasher.
  4. Search for the dishwasher blockage by first cleaning or changing the filter. Prioritize this in case of this error or whenever the dishwasher breaks down. It accounts for at least 27% of possible causes of the i30 error.
  5. Remove the dishwasher’s palette and inspect pipes and other elements if the issue remains unresolved. Call in an expert if the issue persists at this point.

3. Drain Pump Issues

The drain pump issues could also lead to overfilling. It is also possible that the dishwasher may fail to work correctly or stop working altogether. The i30 error will pop up in case the pump is clogged.

Often, the impeller is blocked by objects that wind around it. It is also possible that the impeller is damaged and must be replaced. Therefore, the pump fails to drain water in its ordinary mode. Repair decisions are then made based on the part that is disassembled.

Whenever there is an overfilling issue, the first culprit would be the durian pump. The best that could happen is the pump working intermittently. The operation error occurs because the pump clogs due to the water stones and foreign particles clogging the impeller.

The result could be better pumping of water. You need to inspect the problem by disassembling the pump, as this is the only way to point out the malfunctioning part of the equipment.

Fix – Disassemble, Inspect, and Repair or Replace

  1. Start by disconnecting and disassembling the pump.
  2. Clear the impeller if blocked, and confirm the rotation before finally collecting the pump back.
  3. Replace broken impellers with new ones. If the impeller works as expected, but the pump doesn’t then use a multimeter to ring it. Any indications of malfunctioning call for a replacement of the entire pump

4. Malfunctioning Filling Valve

The i30 error may also be triggered by something different from water drainage issues. It could be linked to how water enters the dishwasher. When the filling valve fails to work as it should, issues arise. Based on the programming, this valve should open when water is drawn into the machines and close when the water is drawn.

This error comes about when there is an electric wiring concern. It could also arise from mechanism failure and garbage clogging the mechanism so it cannot close when it should.

Fix – Remove and Disassemble Bay Valve

  1. Remove the bay valve and disassemble it
  2. Check and confirm that the valve is not blocked
  3. Use a multimeter to measure the contact resistance
  4. Also, check the electrician’s supply to the valve
  5. If you detect any malfunctioning, replace the valve or change the wiring

5. Overfoaming

The i30 error doesn’t have to be complicated. Excess foam in the tub could be a trigger that leads to this common error code. This is a human error issue and unrelated to the machine.

Every time you use the wrong detergent or an excess liquid detergent, you risk over-foaming the dishwasher. Sometimes, the foods may react with the detergent and cause excess foaming.

You will notice that your dishwasher has a foaming issue by observing it. First, there will be a lot of foam together with water at the bottom of the dishwasher once the program is done running. Additionally, you will notice that a lot of foam is released during the washing process. Finally, you may also notice that water comes out of the dishwasher.

Fix – Let it stand Overnight.

  1. Switch off the dishwasher from the mains.
  2. Allow it to remain unused through the night for the foam to disperse. The dishwasher will be ready for use the next day, and the error will fix itself. Be sure to turn off the water from the main supply, and with time, the machine will be ready for use.
  3. Remove the rinse aid dispenser and flush it if you use the washing-up liquid. You may need a professional to help with this, so hire an experienced technician to assist with this.
  4. If the foam comes out of the appliance when in use because of using a washing-up liquid, make sure to switch off the dishwasher and seek professional assistance.
  5. Set the multi-tab function on the dishwasher when using all-in-one multi-tasks. Doing this turns off the separate rinse aid. You may have to refer to your user manual for more clarity.

When everything is said and done, use a suitable dishwashing detergent. Stay away from liquid detergent, which will only cause your dishwasher to foam. Never mix washing up liquid with rinse aid, and also read instructions on the products you use to avoid overdosing the rinse aid for products that already have it.

Also, resist prewashing the dishes prior, as this isn’t necessary and can contribute to the foaming menace. In the same manner, avoid pre-rinsing, as this causes an imbalance with the washing-up detergent, which leads to excessive foaming.

Different issues trigger the i30 error in your favorite dishwasher. It helps to understand that each cause should be approached differently for a lasting solution. Take time to know what could be happening to your dishwasher if you are to apply the correct remedy.

While some of the solutions are easy to troubleshoot, others may be complex and warrant the help of professionals. Hire experienced handymen every time you need to have an element replaced or whenever you have to consult about something you need clarification on.


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