Dry Soon Beeping Continuously? Try These Fixes

Dryer Keeps Beeping

Dryers are meat to make your work more comfortable, but this should never be at the expense of your peace of mind. If the dryer cannot do its work silently, then you are probably better off without it.

However, before you write off your dryer, make sure to diagnose the problem and see what could be triggering the sounds. Strange sounds from your dryer could be an indication that something is wrong.

Fortunately, most of the issues are easy to solve on your own. However, in case the issue is a major one, bring in an expert to have a look. Sounds from your dryer range from normal buzzing sounds that indicate a cycle’s completion to irritating buzzing and beeping sounds that do not stop.

No matter what the source of the sound is, knowing how to fix it is important. Choose a dryer that you can easily handle and fix whenever an issue comes up.

Diagnosing and Fixing the Beeping Sound of your Dryer

Several things can cause your dryer’s beeping sound. To fix the sound, you first need to understand where the problem comes from and address it accordingly. Below are the possible diagnosis and solutions for a beeping dryer.

A beeping dryer can be irritating, especially if you do not know how to fix the issue. The beeping sound could be an indicator of something more profound than you are suspecting. Different dryer models beep when there is a specific problem.

Usually, these sounds act as an alert, often followed by an error code that displays on the control panels.

Start by performing a preliminary inspection, then confirming with the manual, what the issue signifies. Generally, several things could be behind the beeping dryer. Read on to know how best to handle the dryer.

Beeping Sound at the Cycle’s End

Some models always produce a beeping sound after every cycle. Usually, this signifies that your clothes are already dry and need to be removed.

Depending on your dryer’s model, the beep may happen once, or severally to alert you. It can even beep after several minutes in some cases in intervals and will not stop until you remove the clothes from the dryer.

As such, once you hear the beep, you need to press pauseor stop to silence it even if you will not remove the clothes from the dryer immediately.

Diagnostic Testing

Your dryer can also beep continuously when you are running a diagnostic test. This can also happen if it gets stuck in the diagnostic mode.

When the dryer is in this mode, it is likely to beep continuously every time you try to change the dryer’s state. This could include simple things such as pressing the start, choosing the cycle setting, closing, or opening the dryer’s door.

You may have to stop the diagnostic testing from fixing the beeping error. Hold down the cancel/press and select buttons all at the same time for not less than 6 seconds. This will help reset the dryer to its normal functioning.

If this fails to work, unplug the dryer from the power source, wait for a minute, and then plug it back in. This should reset the machine back to its normal functioning and prevent constant beeping.

The Error Code Alert

When the dryer continuously beeps, the chances are that the machine is registering an error code. This continuous beep is an indicator that the machine has a problem, especially if you are using a non-digital dryer.

In addition to the beeping sound, the dryer will also have the display lights constantly blinking. This makes it possible for you to identify the potential error and fix it.

You can find out the problem by counting the number of times the Drying, Cool Down, Wrinkle Rid, and Clean Lint Filter lights flash.

This will help you get the first number of your two-digit error code. You should then count the number of flashes the Start indicator light makes. This will give you the second number of the error code.

When you know the error code, use the dryer’s user manual to find a suggestion solution. Alternatively, call for professional assistance or reach out to the customer service desk.

Failing Temperature Sensor

Most dryers will beep continuously when the temperature is off. Every time the sensor or thermistor fails, you are likely to experience consistent beeping sounds.

When you can’t seem to establish the source of the constant beeping sound from your dryer, consider checking the thermistor and sensor. Use the manual to find out where they are located.

Most dryers have the sensor inside, and one has to remove the panel to access it. Test the sensor’s voltage and call for an expert to have a look. Find dealers of your specific dryer to be precise.

Your multi-meter should read 50,000 ohms at room temperature when functioning properly. Any lower readings mean that the sensor needs to be replaced. Buy a compatible sensor (View on Amazon) after checking what was previously installed in the dryer.

When The Dryer’s too Loud

Beeping sounds can be irritating. In case your dryer buzzes loudly every time you finish using it, then you should consider finding a permanent solution. Fortunately, this can easily be resolved by disconnecting. Follow the steps below to ensure that you disconnect the dyer safely.

Unplugging the Dryer

Start by turning off the dryer from the source, then unplug it. Carefully remove the front panel to gain access to the wiring. Unplugging makes the process safe as it prevents you from shocks. Once unplugged, turn the dryer’s dial on to confirm that the machine is completely powered down.

Find the Buzzer

It is easy to locate the buzzer if you use the dryer’s manual. The buzzer is located just behind the front panel. Look for a small black box with wires going to the timing device.

Pull the Buzzer’s Wires

The easiest way to fix the buzzer issue is to pull off the wires running towards it. All you need to do is to carefully tug the wires and test to see if the buzzing sound stops. If the machine buzzes at the end of the cycle, you may remove the wrong wires.

The moment the wires are disconnected, run the electrical tape over the wires ends to ensure that there are no lives wires exposed. To get the wires out of the way, tape the wrapped wires to the dryer’s panels.

Test your Dryer

Once the wires are out of the way, test the machine to see if the buzzer still beeps after every cycle.

If no buzzing sound is heard after every cycle, then you successfully removed the correct wires. However, if the sound persists, then you have to repeat the process and remove the correct wires.

You do not have to keep struggling with a beeping dryer when there are solutions to explore. Always make sure you find the root cause of the irritating sound and address it. However, if all the suggested solutions above fail to work when you try several, it is best to call for professional assistance.


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