Displate Falling Off Wall? this fix worked!

Displate Falling Off Wall

If you are like me then you hate boring dull walls and would do anything to add a pop of color and vibrancy into your space. You probably want some wall art and paintings on the walls but also need them to be hassle free when hanging. Of all the techniques available, displates seem to have the best advantages since they are easy to work with.

A displate is a unique metal poster that comes in different sizes. These are meant to help capture unique passions. Magnets are used to help keep the displates in position. In most cases, they work perfectly on the walls without falling. However, you should not expect any guarantees.

Unfortunately most of the paintings, and wall arts are heavy. This means that you need something strong and capable to have them hang for long. Displates work well in most cases as long as you know how to install them. However, there is always the challenge of the displates falling off the wall. This happens because of several reasons which I will explore below. You will also get to learn how you can fix this error.

Why Does My Displate Fall Off My Wall?

The Type of Surface and Level of Cleanliness

While there are many reasons why your displate posters could fall off the wall including natural disasters such as earthquakes, it is important that you hang the displate poster on the right surface. These metallic posters come with a magnetic mounting system. Unfortunately, it may not be the best for mounting.

The surface on which the displate is to be mounted may affect how effective the mount is and if the displate will remain on the wall. Note that displates require a smooth and properly cleaned surface for them to stick on the wall.

Bumpy and rough surfaces only cause the magnets to slide and the displates will eventually fall off. Always check the surface you want to mount the displate on and avoid rough or dirty surfaces. In fact, you should consider going for surfaces that are painted.

Fix – Clean and Smoothen the Mounting Surface

  1. Verify that the surface of the wall you intend to mount the displates on is suitable. Note that not all surfaces are ideal for mounting displates. Confirm that they are suited for the kind of wall you need. Avoid textured and rough surfaces as these won’t hold the displate safely.
  2. Clean the wall thoroughly. Make sure the surface is free of oil and other debris.
  3. You should use a damp soft cloth to wipe off any debris, especially dust and oils.
  4. Allow the wall surface to dry completely before attempting to mount any displate on it
  5. Also choose a smooth surface when hanging the displate. Bumpy and rough surfaces will only make the magnets unstable and they will not hold the metal plate for long.

2. Poor Magnet Strength

Since displates are hung using magnets so the strength of the magnet matters. Always check for the strength of the magnet by considering their back. In case the magnets lose their magnetism, then they become weak and impossible to hold the displate in place. In such cases, it is always advisable to explore other methods of hanging the displate in a way that they become more stable.

Fix – Change Magnets or Find Alternative Hanging Techniques

  1. You should realize that the weak magnets will do more harm than good. You should therefore act quickly once you realize that they are weak. Make sure to check the magnet’s strength before you mount the displate.
  2. Alternatively, consider using adhesive mounting styrips for the extra support. Since displates are metallic and heavy, the strips should be sufficient to support the extra weight.
  3. You could also consider using nails although this comes with its own downsides. You should be prepared to damage some parts of the walls if you choose to go this path.

3. Poor Installation

Like it is with all other items that have to be mounted on the wall, it is important that the displate be installed correctly. Each displate comes with a specific installation instruction that you must follow. Make sure the magnets on the displate are aligned properly.

This ensures that the pressure is applied evenly which means that the displate can hang better without risks of falling/ toppling over. Generally, displates are heavy because they are made of metal and as such need the right kind of support to hang.

Fix – Follow All the Installation Steps

  1. Each displate comes with installation steps. Make sure to follow each of the steps carefully.
  2. Always pay attention to each displate you order.
  3. Yoru focus should be on aligning the magnet mounts so that they all balance its weight and distribute the pressure evenly.
  4. In the case that you use extra support such as mounting strips, make sure to use strips or nails just to reinforce the support.

4. The Displate’s Weight

Displates are obviously heavy considering that they are made of metallic materials. They also come in different sizes which means that the weights also vary. This should determine how easy the displate actually hangs.

In case the diosplates you got are larger in size and heavier in weight, then chances are the magnet mounts they come with are not sufficient on their own. You want to ensure that you get extra magnet support by adding more magnets.

Fix – Consider Size and Weight of Displate

  1. Always factor in the size and weight of the displate you get.
  2. This will determine the amount of mounts you need to support your displate.
  3. Add extra magnets or use command strips to help support the weight of the displate.

5. Too Much Heat and Humidity

Sometimes the weather can be a big influence on how the displate mounts on the wall. It is important that the room you mount the displate in is properly regulated. Make sure that it is not filled with excess humidity and that the temperature is also properly regulated.

The fluctuations of humidity and temperature affect the magnetic quality of your mounts. There are instructions on the recommended temperatures and humidity level that you need to pay attention to.

Fix – Regulate Humidity and Temperature

  1. Make sure the room is within the right humidity and temperature settings.
  2. Avoid exposing the diplate to direct sunlight and rainfall or humidity conditions. Note that heat affects the properties of the displate.

How to Stop Displates From Falling Off the Wall

It is possible to stop your displates from falling off the wall. However, this takes a bit of consideration. There are free general steps you can take to ensure that the displate remains properly mounted on the wall. Some of these measures include:

  • Always clean the surface upon which you want to mount the diplates
  • Use an adhesive mounting strip for extra support especially when the magnetic mounts fail.
  • Always factor in the strength of the magnets each time you are mounting a displate. Be sure that the magnet’s strength matches the weight and size of the displate to prevent falling
  • Always choose a mounting wall whose material will not cause the displate to fall. Make sure the surface is smooth and not bumpy or rough.
  • Keep the displate away from heat and humid environments. Such things compromise the quality of the mounting magnets and weaken them making them impossible to hold the diplate for long.
  • Use extra support to mount the displate if needed. Not all displates can be supported by the magnetic mounts they come with. Consider adding adhesive strips or using nails to mount the displates more securely.

The bottomline is that displates can be mounted securely. All that matters is to ensure that the mounts are secure. Reinforce them if you have to and make sure to always mount the displate on a smooth and clean surface.


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