e01 f06 Whirlpool Washer? Try These Fixes

Whirlpool Duet Washer Error Code e01 f06

When your washer shows error code e01 f06 on its digital display screen and stops working, your laundry schedule comes to a stop.

After this happens, the washer does not start any of its modes even when you put more effort into running a spin cycle.

While all this happens, the machine receives a consistent supply of power, evidenced by a buzzing voltage sound. Therefore, you need to get to the bottom of this problem and restore your Whirlpool duet washer back to its optimum efficiency.

What Does Fault Code e01 f06 Mean?

This fault code shows on your washer’s display screen to indicate a problem of communication between two boards within your Whirlpool Duet Washer. These two boards are the Central module (CCU) and the Engine Control Microcircuit (MCU).

When the error code e01 f06 shows on your washer’s digital display screen, it means there is no connection between the two boards where a signal indicating the start of a program and switch from one mode to another is transmitted. When this happens, your washing machine will stop working, bringing your entire laundry operation to a standstill. When you attempt to start the washing machine, it will still not work. This leaves you with only one option; fixing the machine to eliminate the error code.

Under the upper panel of your washer on the right front side corner, you will find your washer’s first element. It is made like a node and has many wires. The second part of the washer is situated on the lower side of the washer under its tank.

What you need to do first

Begin by reloading your washer. This is the first thing that you should try in your efforts to restore your washer back to optimum efficiency. Please do this by unplugging the washer from its power source, then wait for five minutes before connecting the washer back to its wall socket, and turn it on.

If the e01 f06 error code does not show on the digital display, switching off your machine has fixed the issue. However, it would be best if you verified this development by entering the diagnostic mode in your washer and running a quick test. This process is carried out when the washing machine is connected to a network, and the indicators function normally.

Choose three buttons. The power button should not be a part of the three buttons. Press the three buttons alternatives for about eight seconds. This process should be orderly as you take note of the order with which you have pressed the buttons and repeat it twice. When you do this, the washer’s service diagnostic mode is activated, which will turn on the lights and show number 888 on the washer’s digital display.

Once the service diagnostic mode is activated, you need to carry out an express test. It would be best if you did this by pressing and releasing the second button used in the previous step. After the start, your washer’s LED light begins to blink. It is at this moment that you press the START button to carry out the test. If the fault code e01 f06 appears on your digital display, then the issue has not been resolved. You need to inspect your washer thoroughly for underlying problems that could be causing the display of this error code. To exit the service diagnostic mode, you need to press the POWER button.

Important Steps

Fault code e01 f06 is one of the hardest error signals to diagnose in Whirlpool Duet Washer because it represents a fault with two of the washer’s boards; the CCU and MCU. It is even more challenging to discern which of the two boards has broken down. In addition to this, other elements within the washing machine could be causing the problem. Therefore, you need to inspect other parts of the washer to know where the problem lies.

Wire Connection

Wire connection breakage is one of the common problems that cause your washer to show the e01 f01 error code on its display code. If everything within your washer runs as it should, both the engine board and the central control unit exchange data. This process is sometimes interrupted, causing the washer to show the e01 f06 error code on its digital display code. To fix this issue, you will have to examine your washer’s connectors and wiring. Follow these steps to access your washer’s CCU.

  1. Unplug your Whirlpool washing machine from its power source
  2. Unscrew the washer’s screws at the back wall on the top panel
  3. Remove the washer’s unscrewed cover
  4. Locate the main module in your washing machine’s upper corner of the front

Once you have full access to the CCU, you need to plug and unplug every connector in the washer, one by one. If the connections are in their right places, you need to remove the back panel of your washer to gain access to its motor control board. Repeat each action described above. Once you are done with this process, you need to plug your machine back to its power source to see if the error code will show on the digital display screen.

You can also test the cable between the MCU and the CCU (M13, MS2) for continuity using a multimeter (view on Amazon). The expected resistance at all points of the windings and harness should range between 8.5 – 14 Ω. Anything out of this range indicates a fault within the connection.

Motor Control Module

You can access the motor control module from the front or the back of your washer. It is situated under the washer’s tank. To get to it, you have to unscrew some mounting bolts, which will expose a white plastic case where the MCU is situated, and potentially cause the e01 f06 error code in your Whirlpool duet washer.

You should gently let loose three latches and create enough space to take out the control module board. Inspect the board for burnt-out paths, exfoliation, blackening, and melted spots. If any of these marks of damage are visible on the board, you need to solder the contacts and replace all the faulty elements. If the board is damaged irreparably, you can choose to replace the whole control module. Check your washer’s CCU to see if the e01 f06 error code has disappeared.

Control Board

The control board also breaks down and causes the e01 f06 error code. However, this is not a common occurrence. Therefore, you need to take the control board out of the appliance and inspect it for burned pathways and black dots. If these marks are present on the control board, you need to buy a new element to replace the damaged one. Follow these steps to replace the damaged control board.

  1. Begin by switching off the washer
  2. Remove the washing machine’s front panel and unscrew the screws holding the washer’s cover in place
  3. Remove the cover and slide it back a bit and lift it
  4. Unscrew the washer’s dispenser and locate the module W10427967
  5. Remove the module W10427967 from its location within the washer, and replace it with a new, proper functioning part.

This guide provides an in-depth examination of the e01 f06 error code in the Whirlpool duet washer. You can use the guidelines listed herein to troubleshoot and fix the error to restore your washer back to its optimum efficiency. However, if you are not comfortable working on the appliance, you should call an appliance specialist to fix the problem.


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