What to Do If Lid Lock Light Flashing


A washing machine’s locking mechanism is very important to its job. When the locking mechanism is not working, the washer itself cannot work. So, what do you do when the lid lock light is flashing?

To be honest, not a whole lot. It’s either broken or it isn’t. But let’s not get ahead and instead discuss why it’s flashing and what you can do to fix it.

Why is the Lid Lock Light Flashing?

1. The lid hasn’t locked yet

Some washing machine models flash its lid lock light just before it locks into place. This is because those same models also wait for the wash cycle to start before kicking on the lock. Why? Just in case you need to toss something in there quickly, you don’t have to stop the entire operation just to do so.

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2. There’s an obstruction

The other part of the locking mechanism includes a small divot that the lid striker fits inside. Something can easily jam it like a penny or lint, even detergent. Check for any buildup.

3. It’s clearly broken

A lid lock is very sensitive to damage. It’s a very thin piece, usually made of plastic. To make matters worse it’s attached to the washer door itself, which means every time you let the lid and it slams down on the washer, it’s taking a hit. That’s a surefire way of breaking a brittle piece of plastic. Inspect it for any damage.

What Can Fix a Flashing Lid Lock?

Reset your washing machine

Before you consider anything relating to repairs, you should reset your washer. This is to ensure that it isn’t simply a flump in the control board. It does have a circuit board, after all.

To reset a washing machine, all you have to do is unplug it. Leave it unplugged for about a minute before plugging it back in. Does the problem persist? If so, move on. If not, then you’ve solved the problem.

Replace the lid lock

In this day and age, lid locks are done electronically, which means it’s only one part of the whole system and can easily be replaced. If you discover the lid lock is broken, then a new one is obviously in order; otherwise, the washer will refuse to start. All you’ll need is a replacement lid lock, one that’s specific to your model, and a tool to remove hinge screws.

1. Start by unplugging the washer. Any time you work with electronics, you always want to shut down the device.

2. Place tape over the edge of the lid and secure it. You’ll be lifting the entire top portion of the washer up and you don’t want it to open and bang against the washing machine. It’s already damaged enough.

Now, look in the back. You see how the washer is sectioned into two parts? The top portion is one part—that includes the door and control panel—and the bottom part is where the drum and heavy machinery is located. Those two sections can be separated.

3. Start by removing the screws that keep the top of the washer in place. There are a few sections that actually prevent the top of the washer from being lift back that need to be removed. When they are, you’ll notice a few tubes.

4. Next, remove the screws that house the control board. Remove the lid lock cable from the control board, along with the retaining clip and wire retainer.

5. With every necessary screw now removed, you can pull back and up on the top section of the washer and it should lift up. Secure it with a chain. It’s just like popping the hood on a car.

6. Unscrew the broken lid lock. Since you released the retaining clip, wire retainer and lid lock cable from the control board, the broken lid lock can be pulled out.

7. Installed your new lid lock.

Now that you have a new lid lock, the lid lock light should stop flashing. However, do take note that it may flash a few times before the lid locks. That’s normal. Some models won’t lock the lid until the wash cycle starts.

How to Fix Lidlock Light!

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Bottom Line

In conclusion, there’s very few reasons for a lid lock light to flash. It could be an obstruction, perhaps broken, or maybe you caught it before it started the wash cycle. What’s important is that you try every possibility first before you have a professional give it a look. It may just save you some much needed cash.