Washing Machine Smells? Try These Fixes


You use your washing machine everyday. You’ve washed countless loads of dirty clothing and that’s why the washing machine might be prone to smells. There are a lot of smells that go into your washing machine. There’s the smell of your dirty clothes, which might be worse after long days or sports practices. Then, there’s the smell of your laundry detergent and other additions to your loads that are meant to make your clothes smell good. All of these smells combined might make your washing machine smell bad. Here are the reasons why your washing machine smells.

Why Does Your Washing Machine Smell


Washing at a low temperature is an energy efficient habit, but it isn’t a habit that you should take part in because it can lead to a few issues. What are the main issues that using a low temperature causes is smelly drains. The smell of the washing machine happens because low temperature water does not eliminate bacteria. Bacteria builds up and then causes the smell that you smell when you open the door of the washing machine. This circumstance also comes with another issue. Adding excess detergent washing because the drum of the washing machine can smell due to leftover soap.

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Dirty Seal

One of the parts of the washing machine that can be smelly is the seal. Checking if the seal is clean can be an indicator if this is where the smell is coming from. If it has been a while since you cleaned the sealed, you can have a musty smell coming from your washing machine. Also, the compartments of the door seal can stop water from flowing into the machine and this can cause mildew to develop.

The washing machine seal is a place where grime and soap scum can build up on which makes the machine smell later. You can mop the insides of the seal with a dirty rag before you wash your next load. Sometimes the smell could be due to mold on the washing machine seal. You should replace the seal if there’s too much mold build-up, but otherwise cleaning it could solve your problem.

Poor Drainage

A poor drainage system could also be a reason for the bad odor of your washing machine. If you have a bad junior system water will accumulate in your washing machine. Still Water leads to a smelling washing machine. Also dormant water can lead to mold, slime, soap scum and bacteria. If you have a poor drainage system, you should call a plumber because this isn’t something you can fix yourself. The draining system in your house is very complex and you might end up worsening things if you try to fix this yourself.

Your house draining system uses gravity to pull water through the house and outside of the drain. Waste and dirty water is pumped through a soil stack and this takes the waste through the main drain, which is located out of the house. There are bends in the pipes called traps to prevent waste odors from escaping through the pipes. Vents prevent these gases from escaping into the house and your immune system is usually vented through your roof through the main stack. Because of this complex system you definitely want to ask a professional to take a look at it.

Dirty Drum

The part where the clothes are loaded into is called the inner drum. This is what moves around the washing machine and has holes that allow water to move in and out of it. The outer tub contains the inner drum and holds the water, which stops it from leaking into the rest of the machine. This part also supports the inner drum. If you don’t clean your washing machine regularly soap remnants and dirt can become smelly and moldy if it gets stuck. The expected smell that you get if you have a dirty washing machine drum is usually a smell of must.

Usually this is an easy thing to get rid of because you just have to clean your washing machine inner drum. Cleaning it every two weeks would be a great habit to have so that you don’t accumulate a smell.

Something Stuck in Washer

You also might want to consider if something is stuck in your washer. Check the different nooks and crannies of your washing machine and sniff any suspicious area to identify the source of the smell. You never know what could end up stuck in your washing machine especially if you’ve done countless clothing loads in it. You probably leave objects in your pockets all the time and these could end up on your washing machine drum also. This is why it’s a good idea to just clean your washing machine every once in a while to remove anything that might be stuck in your washer.

Venting Issue

Vents are an important part of your washing machine and a lot of times there are precautions in place to stop smells from coming through these vents. One of the odors that could be coming into your washing machine if you have a venting issue is the smell of sewage. One of the major issues that you’re having is causing water to be sucked out of the P-trap if you have the smell. You’ve probably noticed odors like this in other drains in your house if it’s an issue. You’ll definitely need to call a plumber to solve this because it isn’t something you can fix on your own.

If you think that the standpipe alone is causing this odor, then you can pour half a cup of baking soda into it followed by half a cup of vinegar. This mixture will disinfect the pipe and kill any bacteria that’s causing the smell.

How Do You Clean Your Machine

There are a few things that you can use to clean your washing machine properly.

One of the things that you can use as baking soda. Dissolve 1/4 cup of baking soda and 1/4 cup of water into your washing machine soap dispenser. Run a full cycle and this will get your washing machine clean and get rid of any orders you have.

Vinegar is another thing that you can use. Add 2 cups of plain white vinegar to your empty washing machine and run a hot cycle without any laundry in it. The combination of baking soda vinegar is also a crime Greece and any other residue that may be able to find your washer.

Also there’s washing machine cleaner (View on Amazon) than you can use. Go on the laundry aisle at your grocery store and look for a washing machine cleaner that can be added to your laundry. The combination of the cleaner and the abrasive action of the clothes will ensure that you get the washer machine clean.

The washing machine might be a little hard to clean, but the cleaner will help. Even though the cleaner is the easiest way to go, you’ll need to put in some effort with a cloth for the smaller parts of the washing machine. Some proper maintenance will keep the smell away.

How to Fix Smelly Washing Machine!

If you’re always having problems with your washing machine, you need to know what’s causing the issue and if you’ll need to get the washing machine repaired or replaced. Having a working washing machine is crucial for any home, and fixing it is just one form of home improvement, but there are many more.

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