9 Toja Grid Alternative

Toja Grid Alternative

Many eager DIY builders have been wondering if there might be a more budget-friendly alternative to Toja Grid.

In today’s guide, we will provide you with a few different options that are likely just as good as Toja Grid, without making your bank account scream “help.” Read on to find some trustworthy Toja Grid alternatives.

1. Backyard Discovery

For our number one best Toja Grid alternative, we have Backyard Discovery. You have likely seen and have had a good time beneath one of their various structures, as they not only offer simple set up pergolas but also other wooden creations such as swing sets.

Backyard Discovery is similar to Toja Grid in the sense that they provide a step-by-step guidebook and brackets but that is where the similarities between Toja Grid and Backyard Discovery end.

Backyard Discovery has built a name for itself by providing quality materials without sacrificing any aesthetic appeal. 

With Backyard Discovery, they make it simple to set up by providing pre-build structural options whether it is a gazebo or a simplistic swing set.

Keep in mind that Backyard Discovery offers premium materials, which means you will likely pay the appropriate premium price. With that said, it can still be much more cost-efficient when compared to Toja Grid’s pricing.

If you go with Backyard Discovery, you can anticipate paying anywhere from $1,200 and up to in the neighborhood of $2,800 (US) for their more higher-end builds.

You can get Backyard Discovery’s pergolas in many different textures and finishes such as modern white, natural wood, or even steel, just to name a few.

Many people will boast about how well Toja Grid’s shade canopies hold up but Backyard Discovery certainly gives them a run for their money since they also offer sail shade canopies that are the arguably better and more durable option.

Understand that you will not be giving up structural integrity for the fantastic look Backyard Discovery’s structures have since they are TextTM certified, which means that you will not break a sweat when those intimidating 100 mph winds come rushing through. 

Now, you may be thinking “structural integrity is great and all but what about modern installments?” Backyard Discovery has got you covered since they also offer structures with electrical outlets, in-built lighting, and even USB ports, which are ideal for those backyard get-togethers or even garden parties.

This way your visitors will have charging ports for their phones and can set the vibe by playing music or even possibly plugging in an electric grill, all without you needing to mess with sketchy extension cords. 


LINX is a pergola company that is well known for its simplistic structural setup. They are determined to handle as much of the work as possible on their end while also offering you with many options for modularity and personalization with your structure.

LINX does have a Q&A process that ensures that you will be able to not only make the pergola the way and size that you would like the structure but also put it together with very little experience or trouble.

As you may know, all pergolas need strong brackets to hold it all together, and much like Toja Grid, LINX will provide brackets in their setup kits; however, LINX does claim to have 50% thicker steel brackets than other competitors such as Toja Grid.

LINX also promises that all of their structural components can take a beating since they are put through an intense finishing process such as primer to preserve, galvanization to reinforce, and a powder coat finish to hold it all in place (even in extreme weather conditions).

Many Toja Grid customers have complained about having to sand down the brackets to ensure that the beams fit properly but if you go with LINX, you will have no such issue since their incredibly durable brackets are precision welded so that the beams will fit correctly and securely.

This means that you can remove them from the package and go straight to assembly.

3. Bjorn Woodworks

Bjorn Woodworks may sound like a possibly French-based company but it is actually a US-based company that offers premium quality pergola assembly kits.

Bjorn Woodworks is similar to Toja Grid in the sense that they offer you maximum customization with their modular components and preconfigured kits, which means you can make your pergola exactly how you envision the design.

If you live in an area with varying weather conditions, then you will have nothing to worry about with their 16 gauge powder-coated steel brackets.

While it is unfortunate that some cutting will be necessary; however, this does mean that you can design your pergola exactly as you imagine the structure.

You can choose from a number of different pergola types such as patio coverings, corner, attached, complete outdoor kitchen sets, and even free-standing pergolas.

A downside is that you will have to buy your own wood and brackets that you may require. Bjorn Woodworks may not beat Toja Grid’s pricing but considering their quality materials, they might be worth the price tag.

If you are looking for a pergola kit with modern installments such as electrical outlets and USB ports, then you may want to look elsewhere.

This is because Bjorn Woodworks offers more structurally basic pergola kits but if you are looking for basic, then their kits will guarantee quality.

Also, if this is your first time assembling such a kit, then you should have no problem since Bjorn Woodworks offers in-depth tutorials on their website.


ALEKO is most likely one of the most popular pergola assembly kit brands on this list and for a good reason since their kits are one of the most budget-friendly on the market.

Many of the other pergola kit companies on this list are unfortunately limited to one or only a few states unless you are willing to empty your bank account on shipping costs.

However, ALEKO is widely available and can surprisingly be found in most Home Depot stores in the United States. This means that not only is ALEKO one of the most affordable but also one of the easiest pergola kits to get your hands on.

If you are looking for a company that offers pergola and gazebo kits that are a bit different from the typical matte black brackets with wood beams, then you will want to check out ALEKO.

They offer an astounding amount of different styles of gazebos and pergolas, as they are not scared to draw outside of the lines so to speak.

ALEKO offers stylized lightweight aluminum structures with retractable canopies. You can purchase pre-built models, but you can also get modular components that offer personal customization. 

Considering ALEKO’s easy assembly that does not require any special tools or equipment, you can put their kits together within a single day.

Since ALEKO is incredibly available and genuinely simple to put together, it makes their kits one of the most wise and easiest choices.

5. Purple Leaf (view on Amazon)

Not only does Purple Leaf have what we consider to be a fantastic brand name but their pergolas and gazebos are available on easy-order sites such as Amazon.

Purple Leaf is a trustworthy company and for a good reason since they offer premium gazebos and pergolas. Bear in mind that since they are considered premium they will also carry the price tag to match, which means their fine gazebos can reach a price of $5,599 (US).

This price is because their quality manufacturing is only matched by their personalized Q&A that ensures that you will get exactly what you order from the Purple Leaf company.

If you are looking for a gazebo or pergola that makes your guests or neighbors take a second glance, then you will certainly be turning heads by going with Purple Leaf, as their designs wear “top-shelf” on its sleeves.

Now, you may have to sacrifice some modularity options but you will gain some excellent pre-designed gazebos and pergolas that are not only very modern style but also have a distinct and defined appearance.

So, if you are interested in getting a pre-designed gazebo that you will give your guest Great Gatsby vibes, then you will certainly find that with Purple Leaf’s designs. 


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