6 Best Tineco Solution Alternatives

Best Tineco Solution Alternatives

Tineco has claimed the throne for their self-cleaning vacuums, they have now come out with a rather pricey cleaning solution.

This has made many folks curious if there are any alternatives for Tineco’s cleaning product, which is the center point of today’s guide.

So, come along as we explore some other cleaning solution options with the best taking the number one spot.

1. Vinegar and Baking Soda Mixture

Sometimes the best cleaning option is something that can be found in your kitchen.

Sure, Tineco is known for its super cleaning abilities against substances such as grime and sticky spills such as juice; however, a simple mixture of vinegar and baking soda can match Tineco’s cleansing abilities, if not better.

This mixture makes for a powerful cleaning solution and there is a reason why your mom and grandma have likely suggested this mix because it is tried and true. You can use a vinegar and baking soda solution on most non-carpet floors and most hardwood floors.

You are going to want to use this cleaning combination with the measurements of three parts vinegar to one part baking soda and make sure to use white distilled vinegar.

Now, if you are going to use this blend with your IFLOOR Tineco vacuum, you should not put it directly into the IFLOOR.

Instead, you will want to prepare the mixture in a separate container using the appropriate amounts, then simply apply the mixture to the floor, and then you can either use strictly water in the IFLOOR or use the dry clean mode on the IFLOOR vacuum, you can also use water when utilizing the dry clean mode.

You should use the water cleaner mode to clean up the vinegar and baking soda you applied to the floor.

This thoughtful blend will make quick work of stubborn stains and could leave a fresh scent. The vinegar and baking soda mixture can definitely do just as well as Tineco cleaning solutions and could even work better, which is all the more reason to give this blend a try.

Furthermore, you could also save some money by going this route with your cleaning activities.

2. Water and Vinegar Blend

This cleaning mixture is likely another one your elders have told you about and you would be wise to take their advice since a combination of water and vinegar makes for a great floor-cleansing substance.

Bear in mind that the best vinegar to use when cleaning is white distilled vinegar, which is because it does not have any coloring agents in it so you will not have to worry about furthering the mess.

Now, vinegar is quite a strong scent but it can also be used effectively given the correct amount.

To create this cleansing blend for floor cleaning, you will want to mix two parts of water with one part of vinegar.

This will create a strong blend that will clear out most stains, dirt, and grime. However, not potent enough to keep you smelling vinegar in your home for weeks on end.

Once again, you do not want to put this combination directly into your IFLOOR vacuum rather, you can prepare the blend in a separate container. Ideally, you would use a sprits bottle so that you can spray the solution as you go.

Once you have sprayed the mixture on your vinyl, tile, or hardwood floor, then use the dry clean mode on your IFLOOR vacuum to clear the water and vinegar on the floor.

Keep in mind, that this combination of water and vinegar is great for cleaning but it is likely not as much of an aggressive cleaner as the cleaning solution by Tineco or as powerful as the vinegar and baking soda mixture.

You will also need quite a bit of each ingredient to clean an entire household’s floor area. A helpful tip when using vinegar to clean so that you can avoid too much of the smell is to add some nice-smelling essential oil to the blend. This will help stop the vinegar scent from becoming overbearing.

3. Bleach

You are likely aware that the Tineco cleaning solution is a powerful cleaning agent. With this in mind, you will need an equally powerful cleaning chemical to match Tineco’s cleansing capabilities.

You may not be a fan of it but bleach is a very effective floor cleaner, there is a reason why it is regularly used by janitors for tile and vinyl floors.

Now, it is important that you do not use bleach in the IFLOOR vacuum. With that said, bleach could be the answer for many stubborn floor stains, grime, or dirt.

Since you cannot and should not use bleach in or with your IFLOOR vacuum, you will have to carry out this cleaning process manually.

Also, bleach is a very strong scent and chemical, which means if you do use it for cleaning, you should wear cleaning gloves and do it in a well-ventilated area.

4. Mr. Clean Product

Mr. Clean’s cleaning products are a fairly well-known brand for their cleansing abilities, and when you compare the cost of Mr. Clean to Tineco’s cleaning solution, you will not be breaking the bank by purchasing some.

Mr. Clean is just as effective a floor cleaner as Tineco, the only difference being that Mr. Clean will most likely create much more bubbles when being used.

Whereas Tineco has been created in a way that it does not generate many bubbles while also maintaining cleaning capability.

With this in mind, you may find yourself pouring out the IFLOOR tank quite frequently due to bubbles filling it up.

Assuming that you are alright with emptying the tank a few times while cleaning your floors, you could save yourself a good chunk of dough in the future by going with Mr. Clean for floor cleaning solutions.

5. Fabuloso Floor Cleaner

In our number five spot, we have Fabuloso floor cleaner, which can be found on Amazon and in most local supermarkets. Now, it may not be quite as effective as Tineco but it will serve as an excellent floor cleaner nonetheless.

Sure, Tineco has discouraged and advises against using any third-party floor cleaners in their machines since they are created to only use Tineco cleaning products.

However, there have been many trustworthy reports that people have been using Fabuloso with Tineco cleaning devices and have had fantastic results, with many of them also citing that they enjoy the Fabuloso scent even more.

You can purchase Fabuloso in big containers which you can then mix with water to spread the use out, as the bigger tubs can produce up to 64 gallons of Fabuloso floor cleaner.

What’s more, is that you can use it as a large cleaner for your entire floors rather than just a “spot cleaner.” Fabuloso is an excellent purchase choice as you will not be paying for an arm and a leg for the floor cleaning product.

6. Hoover Paws and Claws

This one is primarily for all of the pet owners out there since you likely know that animals and pets can come with a certain smell, which can be quite hard to completely rid your house and floors from.

Hoover’s Paws and Claws Multi-Surface Liquid Cleaning Solution is an excellent choice of cleaning products especially if you have animals commonly in your home.

Other than Hoover’s Paws and Claws pleasant scent, you can also put it directly into your IFLOOR vacuum cleaner without any concern about it clouding up the holding tank.

This means that you can use it no differently than how you would use Tineco cleaning solutions, while also clearing out those animal smells from your home and floors.

Even though the Hoover Paws and Claws Multi-Surface Liquid Cleaning Solution is primarily advertised as an anti-pet smell cleanser, it is also a great choice as an everyday cleaner for your household.

With this in mind, you can certainly use this cleaning product even if you do not have any animals or pets.

Not to mention that you can purchase this product for a very reasonable price, especially when compared to Tineco cleaning solution products.


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