LG AC Error Codes and Fixes

Coming home to a broken AC unit is always a nightmare! It’s bad enough that you can’t get your house cooled down on a hot day but when water is also leaking into your house from your air conditioning… never a good time. Thankfully, there are some at home tips you can follow to try to fix your problem before it’s necessary to call a repairman.

Keep a few things in mind, if you’re not comfortable working with electrical equipment then it might be best to call an HVAC professional as some of these steps require some electrical skill. However, if you’re confident proceeding with the steps just make sure the very first thing you do is disconnect the power from the unit for safety reasons.

Common Problems

There are several things that could lead to a leaking AC unit which are outlined below. Some of the leading problems are:

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– Drain Line Malfunctions

– Damaged Drain Pans

– Blocked Condensation Lines

– Old Air Filters

– Low Refrigerant Levels

– Frozen Evaporator Coils

– Faulty Condensation Pumps

– Improper Installation

Some of these problems will require a licensed technician but some aren’t too difficult to check for yourself. If you’re going to double-check on your own here are some tools you’re going to need to have on hand:

– A Wet Vacuum Cleaner and a Hose Attachment

– A Phillips Head Screwdriver

– A Bucket or Large Bowl to Catch Water

Hopefully, after following the next steps you will be able to figure out what is causing the leak and you will be able to fix it before having to call someone out.

Drain Line

The drain line is supposed to drain out the water that is stored in the drip pan. There’s a possibility for this line to accidentally become disconnected then it won’t be able to empty the pan and and the water can overflow and leak into the house. Fixing this is pretty easy. You just need to identify the drain pipe and the drip pan and reconnect them together. You’re going to want to keep an eye on the unit though because if this becomes a recurring problem then you’re probably going to have to replace the pipe.

Drain Pan

There’s a possibility that your drain pan has accumulated rust or corrosion that can lead to cracks and holes. If a crack or hole appears in the drain pain then its possible for water to leak through and result in a wet floor. Replacing the drain pan is the easiest way to fix this problem but you can also repair your current one if you want to save some money. To repair the pan you will need to drain the remaining water from the pan easiest with a wet vacuum (view on Amazon) and then use a flashlight to identify all the breaks in the pan and you can use epoxy adhesive (view on Amazon) to close the leaks.


One of the first things to check for is blockage in the condensation drain line. The drain line can accumulate residue, dirt, debris, among other things that can overload and back up the system. This can happen when the condensation from the water can;t drain and ends up leaking into the house. You can fix this by opening the panel on the front of the unit and take out the filters and clean them if needed. Then remove the screws (usually about 3-4) across the front of the panel. You will see a plastic cover that will need to be removed and depress the clips to access the drain pipe at the bottom. You need to disconnect the pipe and drain the extra water into a bucket. To clean the pipe out you will need a vacuum that can suction out whatever has built up in the pipe. After vacuuming you can pour a little bit of distilled vinegar into the pipe to clean it out. The reattach the drain pipe and reinstall the panel. Replace the air filters and turn the unit on and see if there are still any leaks.

Air Filters

You’re going to want to check your air filters because if they become too dirty then the restrictive air flow can make the evaporator coils freeze and cause leakage. This is a simple fix, you just need to clean the air filters with water and a rag and replace them to see if that mixed the problem. It’s good to replace filters when you;re running the air conditioning often every four to six weeks.

Refrigerant Level

The evaporator coils can also freeze because you have a low refrigerant level in your unit. When the coils are frozen it causes the water to spill from the unit. If you can see frozen coils you’re best off calling an HVAC repairman because of the tools and skills needed to replace the refrigerant.

Condensation Pump

Another reason that your split AC unit may be leaking is due to a faulty condensation pump. Unfortunately, this is not something that you can check by yourself and will require a diagnosis from an HVAC technician.


It’s possible that your unit is just installed incorrectly. Whoever put the unit in may have made a mistake that’s not easy to identify and if you’ve checked for all the other problems but haven’t found a solution to your problem then there’s a high likelihood that you will need a professional to come out and reinstall your unit in order to get it working properly.

Further Important Fixes

If you’re always having problems with your AC, you need to know what’s causing the issue and if you’ll need to get the AC repaired or replaced. Having a working AC is crucial for any home, and fixing it is just one form of home improvement, but there are many more.

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Bottom Line

These are all of the major reasons why your split AC unit might be leaking water into your house. I hope that by the time you finish this article you will have been able to identify the problem and your AC is up and running in no time!