Samsung Washing Machine Sud

Samsung machines may display SUDS on the screen. This detects an over-sudsing condition, which will then stop shortly, allowing the suds to dissipate. This is an error code often caused by too much detergent or the wrong type of detergent. The machine comes with specific recommendations on the detergents to use. In this case, the HE detergent is most recommended. This detergent is designed to suit the high-efficiency front loader washing machines. This detergent has high cleaning capabilities and low sudsing properties.

Non-HE detergents are the opposite, meaning that your machine will end up with a lot of suds. In case you are using the correct detergent, the HE kind, yet the machine still contains a lot of suds, then it is highly likely that you are using too much detergent. As such, the SUD error will be displayed. Make sure to use the right detergent concentration, considering that there are various concentrations, including 1x, 2x, and 3x. Adjust the concentration of the detergent, depending on the amount of suds you are getting. The machine will display this code only if it senses an excess of the suds. This is not an indication of a malfunctioning machine, but a sign that the SUD being produced is too much. The cycle will still continue once the suds dissipate.

The Nature of the SUD Error

The SUD error displayed on your Samsung machine indicates that excess SUD is being produced, beyond what the machine can handle. The error also means that the washing machine is also minimizing foaming. The washer will stop for at least 5 to 10 minutes to allow the suds to reduce before the cycle resumes.

Usually, Samsung washers have a foaming control measure. Every time the suds are excessive, the machine switches to this mode to reduce them. The SUD error is an indication that the machine cannot handle the SUDS without stopping. It will have to stop for a few minutes before it can naturally dissipate the foam. This may take some time as it all depends on the concentration of the detergent that you are using. You should note that this code will appear as SUD, 5D, or SD. Regardless of the code that displays on your Samsung machine depends on the model of the washer you are using. However, sometimes the error may display for different reasons other than using the wrong detergent. These include:

  • Failed foam level sensor
  • Broken pressure switch
  • Partially clogged drain system elements including the sewer, hose, and branch pipe
  • Failed control board, although this is rare.

Reasons for SUD Error Code in Samsung Machine

Before fixing the issue, you need to understand what triggers the SUD error code. These could be any of the following:

  • Wrong detergent use. You may have used a detergent that is not meant for the automatic machine hence causing a lot of foaming
  • Applying a highly concentrated detergent that is beyond the machine’s capabilities. This may cause the machine to overproduce suds
  • You may have used powder detergent of poor quality
  • You may have used excess detergent for one cycle
  • Your machine’s level sensor may have failed
  • Your machine’s pressure switch may be broken
  • The release hose, sewer, or branch pipe may be clogged
  • The machine’s control board may be faulty

Once you know what the issue is, then finding a lasting solution is easy. Once you notice this error, always consider the detergent first. Changing it can easily rectify the problem.

How to Fix the Error

Once the SUD error displays on the machine, inspect it to determine the amount of SUD inside the drum. If it is too much, then proceed to fix as follows.

  1. Wait for a few minutes. The SUD can dissipate naturally if you give it a few minutes to do so. Once the foam goes down, the machine will restart automatically, causing the cycle to pick from where it left. In case it does not, start the washer manually.
  2. Once the cycle is complete, clean the drain filter.
  3. You can remove the extra powder by running the washing machine with no clothes inside the drum. Set a long wash cycle with high temperatures.
  4. Change your washing detergent if this issue keeps occurring regularly.

In case there are no SUDS, yet the error is persistent, proceed as follows:

  1. Switch off the machine
  2. Remove the clothes without opening the locked door. You can drain the water through the emergency drain
  3. Clean the drain filter
  4. Run the machine with the previous cycle to confirm that all is well

You need to clean the drum and drain properly to eliminate all powder residue. This should get things back to normal. In case the SUD error code still displays, then consider checking the foam level sensor since it could be malfunctioning. If your machine does not have a separate sensor for this, the water level sensor or pressure switch will do the trick. You may have to replace the foam level sensor to fix the issue. Fortunately, you can easily replace the issue as follows:

  1. Turn the water off and then unplug the washer from the power source
  2. Remove the machine’s top lid
  3. Locate the water level sensor which should be located on the top corner of the machine
  4. Remove the air duct
  5. Disconnect all wires
  6. Install the new sensor
  7. Return everything as it was before, this time in reverse order.

In case the error still persists even after this, then the third possible issue could be a blockage in the branch pipe or hose. A slight obstruction can cause a serious problem. Check for any debris and clean the parts. You should first disconnect the drain hose from the machine and clean it using a cleaning wire. For the branch pipe, please remove it from the washer, accessing it from the machine’s bottom side. Follow the steps below to do it properly:

  1. Place the washer on its side
  2. If the machine has a bottom, remove it carefully
  3. Loosen the pipe clamps that attach the branch pipe to the pump and tub
  4. Wash it and return it as before

All three scenarios described above can restore things back to normal. However, in case it fails, then there is a need to call a repair expert. The problem could be beyond what you can troubleshoot on your own. Call Samsung’s customer care desk for further direction. They are likely to send you a handyman that can assess and recommend the right fix.

When to Call a Repair Expert

Do not attempt to handle any electrical issues unless you are a trained professional. Having said this, you should conduct an analysis and decide when to call an expert if the SUD error keeps recurring, and measures seem to fix it. Call an expert for the following:

  • When the SUD error still displays when no SUDs are present in the drum. The sensor may be malfunctioning. An expert should be involved if you doubt your ability to do it well.
  • The SUD displays when the machine is started or during the wash cycle. The machine then stops immediately; the SUD error code appears. This indicates that the water level sensor (View on Amazon)is misbehaving and should be replaced by an expert.
  • The washer is draining washer for a long time without detergent. It displays the error when the detergent is added. Debris is clogging your hose, sewer, or branch pipe and needs to be cleaned.
  • The error seems to display during the cycle’s rinse stage or when you start a wash. This indicates that the control board is out of order and needs to be replaced.

Regardless of what triggers the SUD error code, it is easy to fix it. First, establish the issue and possible solution.