Samsung Washer UR Code

Samsung washers are among the reliable home appliances in the market today. They are as famous as they are useful. Automatic Samsung washers have a special place in people’s hearts because of their ease of use and self-diagnosis mechanism. This feature allows the automated machine to run a self-diagnosis to catch flaws and show them on your washer’s display screen. The self-diagnosis mechanism controls the appliance’s sensors as well as its assembly work to detect faults and notify the owner through codes.

All Samsung washers can not generate the UR error code. Contemporary Samsung washers generate the UE error code instead of UR, while Samsung washing machine models manufactured before 2007 generate it as an E4 error code. These codes appear during laundering and rinsing your clothes. However, in most cases, the washing machine begins the spinning program.

The UR error code is brought about by the cyclical spinning of your washer’s drum. For starters, it begins the drum and halts once the expected rotation speed is achieved. If a misbalance occurs for any reason, the washing machine will attempt to speed up its drum a couple of times, and halts. After this happens, your washer will display the UR error code on its display screen or digital indicator. This error code enlightens you on the failure that could potentially destroy your assemblies, drum, or suspending springs, through the letter symbols shown on your washer’s display screen. To avoid further damage on your washer, get to the bottom of this issue and fix it to restore your washer back to its optimum efficiency.

Causes of UR Error

To understand the problem, you first need to know what caused it in the first place. The UR error code occurs due to a violation of the operating rules of the washing machine or a result of the failure of the washer’s internal components. To be sure, you need to carry out a test run on an empty washer without laundry and cleansers. If your Samsung washing machine shows the UR error code on its display screen in spite of the unusually high speed, some parts of the appliance could be broken.

Poor Laundry Placement in the Washer

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When getting to the bottom of the problem, you go through a process of elimination. You start from the obvious reasons why the UR error code appears to the least expected reasons. Therefore, improper laying of laundry in your washing machine is the first step for you to look into as you carry out the process of discovery through elimination.

Ideally, your washer automatically distributes the load or laundry within your washing machine’s drum by rotating it to and fro in a slow movement. If the washer cannot place the laundry properly within the drum, a misbalance occurs, leading to vibration and, in turn, the UR error code. Several reasons, including: could cause this imbalance

Little Amount of Load

When the load is insufficient within your washing machine, there will be an imbalance. Fix this by adding more laundry or choosing a program that has a lower amount of rotations.

A Lot of Loads

When you load your washer with more than enough load, there will be an imbalance. Correct this by removing some load from your washer to keep your load’s volume and weight within the acceptable limits.

Combining Fabrics

Different fabrics have different water-absorbing characteristics. When you combine them, you risk having an imbalanced distribution of weight within the drum after the fabric absorbs moisture. Sort your fabrics before putting them into the washer.

Mixing Big and Small Textiles

When you simultaneously mix both small and large textiles in your drum, you will likely create an imbalance within the drum that will lead to a display of UR error code on your washer’s screen. Fix this issue by manually re-distributing the laundry within your washer’s drum.

Washing Footwear without a Bag

When washing your footwear, you need to cover it with a bag to avoid creating a problem within your washer’s drum. Switch off your laundry, take out the footwear, and use a special bag to cover them.

Laundry Rings in the Cause of Spins

Laundry rings form in the course of a spin. This rings often results in an imbalance within your washer’s drum. Fix it by flattening crumpled clothes within the washing machine.

However, you first need to stop your washing machine’s program by pressing the Start/Stop button. Wait patiently for the door to open. If the door is not unlocked automatically, you should switch off the machine. Unscrew your washing machine’s filter to release residual water being held within the machine. After discharging all the wastewater, install the filter back in its place. Repair the issue and start your washing machine once more.

Lack of Balance

Your washing machine may show the UR code when it is not sitting on flat ground. The uneven floor will incline your washer, which leads to uneven distribution of load within the washing machine during a spin cycle. Fix this by adjusting your washer’s legs to attain a perfectly leveled machine.

Damaged Control Unit

Try to turn off your washer for a minimum of ten minutes before you restart it again. There is a possibility that the UR error code showing on your washer’s display screen, is caused by a single failure of your machine’s digital controller that has picked up a non-existing imbalance.

If the drum rotates in one direction and the UR error code persists after switching off and restarting your washing machine, your washer’s control circuit board is faulty and sends the wrong information. You can fix this issue by soldering the blown components of replacing your washer’s circuit board.

Faulty Speed Transducer

This part of the washer determines the number of rotations your washing machine will make. If it breaks down, one of two things may happen. One, your washer’s drum will rotate as expected, but the UR code will appear on the washing machine’s display screen during the spinning, rinsing, or laundry. Two, the washer stops working, after which, your machine’s self-diagnostic system reports the imbalance. Both these issues point towards a faulty rotation sensor and should be replaced to restore your washer back to its optimum efficiency.

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Faulty Electrical Motor Brushes

When your washer’s corner brushes are worn out, its drum will spin manually. However, it will fail to pick up the expected pace when the washer is turned on for a spin cycle. These corner brushes provide the required magnetic field that is essential for rotor spinning. When the brushes fail, the UR code will be shown on your washer’s display screen. To fix this, you will have to remove your washing machine’s motor to inspect and replace broken parts.

Worn Bearings

The washer has a bearing unit (view on Amazon), which connects the pulley, motor, and shaft, transferring your machine’s torque. Its proper performance ensures there is a steady drum rotation. If the bearings become damaged as a result of wear or ingress of water, the washer starts to produce noise as it attempts to accelerate. When this happens, the UR error code will show on the display screen. You will also see some oil stains on your floor.

Your Samsung washer could be showing the UR code on its display screen for any one of these reasons. Using the elimination method, work your way to the bottom of the problem and fix it to restore your washer back to its optimum efficiency. Take all the necessary precautionary measures as you handle electrical parts of the washer to avoid getting electrocuted. Additionally, do not hesitate to call an appliance specialist when you encounter a problem that is beyond your scope. You should also consider replacing your entire washing machine with a new release model.