Samsung Washer SE Code? this fix worked!

Samsung Washer SE Code

Normally, an SE error in your Samsung washer indicates a drainage problem that needs to be sorted out immediately. The same error may be displayed as nd or 5E, depending on the model of the Samsung washer. Overall, this error indicates a problem with the heating element. Make sure to understand each cause and possible solution to fix the error.

Usually, the washer fails to drain when the dirty water is still trapped in the machine. Unfortunately, you will also be unable to open the door because this will make the water spill out. Find out how to safely fix the SE code error without destroying the machine. I will always advise working with a technician or calling for support, especially if your washer is still under warranty.

What Causes Samsung Washer Error Code SE?

The washer is not Level.

Your washer will only operate at its optimal level if it can be completely leveled on the ground. Note that when the washer is not leveled on the ground, it will vibrate with such vigor and, in turn, cause lots of noise. Even more important is the fact that the water may not drain out properly due to the gravity function being absent.

Fix – Adjust the Level of Your Washer Accordingly

  1. First, ensure that the washer is well-positioned.
  2. Adjust the height of the washer and make sure it is stable. Make sure that the washer is at the same level as the ground.

2. The Drain Filter May be Clogged

The drain filter in the Samsung washer is meant to catch all the loose hair, lint, and dirt. This is the only way that these will not wash back into the clothes you are trying to clean. If you do not regularly clean the filter, it becomes blocked, preventing water from draining. This will stop the washer mid-cycle and force your clothes to sit in the dirty water.

Fix – Drain the Emergency Hose

  1. Drain the emergency hose
  2. Keep the filter clean by thorough cleaning

You can also choose to drain the filter. To do this, proceed as follows:

  1. Find the access door to the filter at the bottom right of the front loader machine. This works for most machine models.
  2. You then need to get a shallow pan or towel to place under the access door. This will help drain the emergency drain hose.
  3. You need to press the access door to release it. Pull out the emergency drain hose and allow it into the pan.
  4. You should place the internal drain hose back properly when all the water stops coming out.
  5. Your next move should be to remove the drain filter and rotate it clockwise as you pull it gently from its housing.
  6. Clean the filter by running it under hot or warm water when it is washed properly with a soft brush and soft washing soap.
  7. Wipe down the area around the filter’s housing. Make sure to use a clean cloth for this.
  8. You then need to reinstall the filter by inserting it and turning it clockwise to clock in place.
  9. Finish the process by closing the access door

Faulty Drain Pump

Your washer drains the dirty water through the drain pump, which spins an impeller and then siphons the water off before sending it down the drain hose. This means that if the drain pump gets damaged or runs into another problem, it will likely cause the faulty error to occur. This also means that the water will not be able to drain away.

Fix – Inspect the Pump for Drainage

  1. Check if the pump is clogged or damaged. If a jam is inside, the drain pump will not work as it should.
  2. The drain pump is difficult to repair or fix, so you should not attempt to. Instead, buy a compatible pump and have it repaired.
  3. Realize that the drainage pump can only be replaced and nothing else.

4. Clogged Up Drain Hose

You should consider cleaning up the drainage hose as part of the maintenance, although this is not mandatory. However, it is something you should consider as a way of removing all the build-up minerals in the washing water. Note that soap buildup from the detergent may block the drain hose.

If this happens, remove the water and rain all the dirt. This is the only way that the water can flow freely again.

Fix – Drain all Water out

  1. Make sure to clean the dirt and drain everything out
  2. If you drain the water, you can easily eliminate all the excess liquid you don’t want.

5. The Drain Hose is Clinked

It is possible that the error still comes up even though the drain hose is not clogged. They may have been kinked or pinched, especially when the washer was installed. The result is a restriction on the amount of water when draining out of the washer.

Fix – Inspect the Drain Hose

  1. Inspect the drain hose
  2. Ensure that the water is arranged so that water flows through it properly.

6. Potential Glitch

A modern Samsung washer can only operate with a great computer system. This means that the system can be affected by a bug or glitch. Make sure to understand how this works. In the event that the glitch occurs, the error code is definitely going to appear.

Fix – Reset the washer.

  1. You should consider doing a power cycle
  2. If this doesn’t work, then try a hard reset instead. Do this by

Wrong Type or Too Much Soap

If you use too much washing detergent, you can expect this error to occur. The same will also happen if the wrong type of detergent is used. Usually, it will form excessive soap suds, and your washer will definitely struggle to wash it away. Always use the right type of detergent and the right amounts to match.

Fix – Use the Correct Type of Soap

  1. Every washer has specific instructions on what kind of detergent and the extract amount to use. Sticking to these specifications if you do not want to make mistakes.
  2. Do not exceed the amount needed per wash to avoid too much soap foaming.

What is an SE Error Code

The SE error code on your Samsung washer indicates a problem with the machine’s drainage. Usually, it can be as a result of a water leak. The same can happen if the washer cannot continue running and will likely display the SE error code on the screen. It is also possible that your washer may also get into a locked mode and, as such, prevent it from operating.

In the event that the SE error code is displayed, make a point of first unplugging the washer from the power outlet. If you are unsure how to handle any issues, consider having an expert come over.

General Solutions to Fix the SE Error

Your Samsung washer experiences the SE error for many reasons. What matters is understanding how to manage the error. Possible solutions include:

  1. Starting with the drainage pump, check the pump filter for possible blockages. These are mainly hair, lint, and even coins.
  2. To remove debris from the filters, you must allow the remaining water in the filter to drain.
  3. Next, you have to unscrew an emergency cap and then unscrew the filter cap
  4. You then have to wash all the debris out. Clean of the buildup and dust
  5. Next, you have to replace the debris cap and then recover the emergency cap
  6. Finally, check for kinks that could be hidden in the drain hose and clear any blockages that could be limiting water from draining.


The SE code for your Samsung washer signifies an error with its drainage. The triggers vary, but they all come down to drainage concerns. Make sure to use the correct solution based on the trigger. The good news is that the SE error code is not difficult to eliminate. Therefore, you can always identify the exact issue and fix it appropriately.

I would, however, advise leaving most of the work to the professionals. If the washer is still under warranty, you should not troubleshoot it yourself. Instead, ask for customer support from the company, and they will send the right experts to check it out. Sometimes, simply reset the washer by unplugging it from the power source. This will erase everything that was there previously and help you create new commands for the washer. However, it is always advisable to call customer care if your warranty is still valid, as this is the only way to ensure it doesn’t become void. Contact customer service if everything else fails. You may need to return the machine because of a manufacturing error.



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