Samsung TV Error Code 102? Try These Fixes


Advancement in technology has seen the introduction of smart devices, including smart TVs. A smart TV is a gadget with extra software for a better quality entertainment experience. However, this additional software comes with increased technical failures. Fortunately, the TV has a built-in self-diagnostic system that checks the faults and shows them as error codes. Each code corresponds to an underlying problem within the TV. Error code 102 in a Samsung TV means that your television set’s wireless internet connection is not available.

What is Error Code 102

When error code 102 shows on your Samsung TV, it means that your Smart TV platform has failed to connect to the ServerHub server. Therefore, some services like the widgets and IPTV are not available to you. When this happens in some models, the TV shows Network Disturbance alongside error code 102. When you check the television’s settings, subnet mask, gateway and IP-address may be missing.

Once you notice this problem, you need to figure a way out of restoring your TV back to normal operation. But before you do anything on the TV, you need to inspect how your Samsung TV is working with its new access point. If the 102 fault code appears with any network, you need to disable the television for a maximum of 20 minutes and a minimum of 10. You can do this by turning off the television set. Attempt to connect the TV again after running it. If this works on the TV set, then the fault was as a result of software failure that was solved by software re-initialization.

What are the Potential Causes for this Problem?

Typically, this issue arises from a fault in the connection of a provider driver. This interferes with the internet-connection of all gadgets. You need to call your internet service provider to address the problem. However, when the internet Wi-Fi, the problem occurs in your smart TV only, you need to find the root cause of the problem and fix it. Here is a simple process for finding the internet problem facing your smart TV.

Smart Hub Server Failure

The smart hub server may be overloaded. It could be having some technical failure. In such a case, you do not need to do anything. The system will repair itself, and error code 102 will disappear once everything returns to normal. However, in some cases, setting the DNS server manually saves the day. To set the DNS server manually, follow this procedure:

  • Go to Settings on your integrated Smart TV menu.
  • Choose the DNS item.
  • Enter Google ( public IP address or Yandex (

Faults in the Router

In some cases, error code 102 displays on you Smart Samsung TV as it attempts to connect to a different access point. In essence, your router triggers fault code 102. Fix this by resetting your TV and updating its software. In addition to this, you can:

Restart your router by waiting for twenty seconds to stop your previous internet session before you run your router.

Examine your router’s compatibility with your TV adapter. Remove the encoding if you encounter a conflict.

Start the DHCP protocol to automate reception of all the required parameters

Change your television’s frequency from 2.4 GHz to 5 GHz or vice versa

Disable your TV access control, which blocks your device’s MAC address. Instead of this, you can move the numeric address to the whitelist. Find the MAC address in the Service Request section of Samsung by opening it through Support.

Software Failure or Improper Smart TV setting

If you have a newly purchased TV, it is highly likely that it has already been connected to the internet for testing Smart functions and apps. During testing, something might have gone wrong. Reflash your smart TV to remove the error code. However, if it does not disappear, you need to reset your device to factory setting. Samsung smart TV’s default pin is four zeros. There are three procedures to follow:


  • Go to the television’s menu.
  • Choose the ‘Additional’ option in the settings.
  • Open your TV’s ‘General Setting’
  • Finally, press on ‘reset to factory.’


  • Go to your TV’s ‘service menu.’
  • Choose ‘Options’
  • Find ‘Reset’


This is the most efficient solution to this problem. It is the EEPROM ‘deep reset.’ You use this solution when the error code persists even after resetting your TV’s factory settings. To complete this process, follow these steps:

  • Press the on/off button on your TV and hold it for three seconds until the television display does not switch off and on again
  • Press your remote controller’s power button and hold it until your television restarts

In essence, this process deletes your channel list, user settings, accounts for all the defective bits and failures.

Outdated Baseband Version

More often than not, the 102 error code on Samsung smart TV disappears once you update the software. However, this is not possible with the wireless connection. You will have to use an external USB drive or a LAN cable.

When using a LAN cable, you need to enter the menu and select the ‘software update’ option in your television’s ‘support’ section as well as the ‘online update.’ When using the USB drive, you need to download a file containing the new baseband from the Samsung official website and copy it to the formatted USB flash drive. Then you need to boot on a PC and finally install it. Once you are done with this process, you need to connect your flash drive onto your television. Go to the ‘software update’ window and select the ‘update from USB’ option. Once the file is installed, your device will restart, and the 102 error code will disappear.

Failed Wi-Fi Module

Sometimes the 102 error code persists despite reflashing, a deep rest, and router tune-up. In such a case, the integrated wireless adapter could be broken. To examine its performance, you need to enter ‘Smart TV Menu’ the follow these steps:

  • Get into the ‘Support’ section.
  • Press ‘Contact, the manufacturer.’
  • Scroll all the way down to the MAC address row

Here, you will find numbers. However, you might find dashes instead of zeros. Typically, this is caused by two reasons:

  • Your Samsung smart TV does not have a completely integrated Wi-Fi module
  • Failure of your television’s network adapter, which causes error code 102

However, if you are certain that your smart TV had this module before, it means that its wireless connection device is damaged. You can buy an external adapter (view on Amazon) that is compatible with your Smart TV model. The adapter is then connected to your television’s motherboard using a plug connector. You can also use LAN cable in place of Wi-Fi.

Smart TVs need an internet connection. Without an internet connection, you will not be able to use the television’s web browser or stream content on Apple TV, YouTube, Netflix, Disney+, and prime video. Sometimes, Samsung TV fails to connect to the Samsung Server, which makes it display error code 102. When this happens, you need to troubleshoot your TV and fix the issue. Here is a quick cheat sheet on what are the possible causes for an unstable internet connection on your TV:

  • Blocked TV MAC address
  • Improper DNS server settings
  • Outdated firmware or software on the TV
  • Weak network signal
  • Modem or Router problem
  • 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz network support
  • Little bug in the TV

This guide takes you through the different processes of troubleshooting and restoring your Samsung smart TV to its normal operation. Use it to get rid of the 102 error code. Call Samsung customer service for help, when you encounter a serious issue.


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