Samsung Smart Hub Error Code 012? Try These Fixes


Modern television sets come with the latest technological features to enhance user experience. Samsung TV is particularly great for this. They have functions that allow users to stream movies through online streaming sites or cinemas. It also allows users to watch YouTube videos and connect multiple devices onto the television’s media network. Users can also browse the internet using Samsung smart TV. Interestingly, the television has storage space where you can store your favorite digital images and display it on the screen when you are not streaming or watching normal television programs.

For Samsung smart television to function correctly, its software has to be working at its optimum efficiency. When it crashes, Samsung smart TV will stop working and display an error code each time you try to access content on your television. What happens when the error code shown on your screen is error code 012? What does it mean, and what should you do to restore your Samsung smart television to its optimum efficiency?

What Error Code 012 Means

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Fault code 012 appears on your television screen when you try to install, run, or update an application. To be precise, the problem occurs when the television cannot connect to its Smart Hub servers during a network problem, which in turn makes the appliance’s Apps panel non-functional.

Typically, you will be tempted to find program failures within the TV when you see error code 012 or call a TV repair specialist. While this is a good effort, you should refrain from making rash decisions as the problem might be caused by external issues. Fortunately, you can inspect your TV easily through the following steps:

  1. Restart your television and router. Turn them off for a minimum of ten and a maximum of fifteen minutes
  2. Check your home’s internet connection and ensure it is stable
  3. Inspect your television’s apps and ensure they are using another hotspot. In some cases, the internet service provider blocks the IP address requested by specific software
  4. Examine your network’s parameters and change these parameters following the shop guide
  5. Put your internet router near your television set to eliminate any obstacle between your television and the router

These actions should help restore your television to its normal state of operation. However, if the error code still shows on your television’s display, you need to carry out further tests to fix the problem.

Causes of Error Code 012

When the corrective measures listed above do not fix the problem, it means the error code is brought about by a problem with your television itself. The problem could be with anything from its settings, baseband, or software. Therefore, you need to inspect your television to find out the exact problem and fix it.

Failure of Specific App

Check your television’s app. If all the apps are working properly with the exception of only one, you need to reinstall the app. You can try reinstalling apps in television models N, Q, K, M, J, and LS released after 2015. Try reinstalling the app using the following process:

  • Choose the app you need to reinstall in your TV’s App section
  • Press down the ‘Tools’ button and hold until your television menu appears
  • Finally, press the reinstall option

DNS Issue

Sometimes the 012 error code is shown because of a domain name server problem. You can fix this by changing the DNS address of your television. Follow this process to fix this issue:

  1. Go to your television’s settings.
  2. Open ‘Network.’ You will find it either on the Menu or General Settings
  3. Choose ‘IP Settings’ in your TV’s ‘Network Status’ section.
  4. Enter your televisions ‘DNS Settings.’
  5. In the field, you need to key in the Google DNS address ( or
  6. After this, you need to accept the changes by clicking Done, OK, or Back.
  7. Finally, you need to restart your television and inspect it to find out if error code 012 has disappeared or still appears when the apps on your television are opened.

Smart Hub Working Despite the Failures in the System

This situation can only be caused by two things. One, it could be as a result of hidden bugs or incorrect settings of the smart concentrator. To fix this problem, you need to restart the smart hub. This will remove all the wrong data. However, you have to ensure your TV is certified to be used in your country. This will prevent the television’s functions from becoming blocked after resetting. Once you ensure everything with the television’s certification is fine, you need to follow these instructions:

  1. Go to your TV’s Support section. It is found in the settings
  2. Choose the Self-diagnostics item and look for Smart Hub reset
  3. Key in four zeros in your TV’s PIN field
  4. Wait a few minutes or until the process is completed before you open the Apps panel
  5. After the completion process, accept the TV settings
  6. Reinstall the required apps

After this process, you should check to see if the error code still shows. Ideally, the error code should have disappeared when you end the process. However, if it still shows, it means there is another problem that you need to fix.

Wrong TV Settings

In some cases, all the methods explained above fail to work. Therefore, you need to reset your television to factory settings. This will erase the error code from your TV’s display. However, you have to ensure your TV’s model is certified in your country only.

Fortunately, there is a separate set of guidelines for resetting the Samsung smart TV menu for each series, that is, E, F, H, J, K, LS, Q, M, N, and R. You can visit your manufacturer’s website to clarify this information. EEPROM, or what is commonly known as deep reset, also an alternative solution that you can use. To implement it, you need to follow these steps:

Press your television’s power button on the body and hold it for a few minutes

  1. Wait a few minutes or until your television restarts
  2. On your TV’s remote, press the same button within ten seconds
  3. Hold the button until your television restarts

This process will clear all data. If the issue were caused by bugs or settings, error code 012 would disappear from the TV’s display.

Poor Baseband

In some cases, your Samsung Smart TV’s apps fail to open, update, or run entirely because of baseband issues. When this happens, you need to reflash your television. You can either do it manually or automatically. Go to your television’s Menu, then to support then to software updates, and finally to online. If your television can not get the right files or connect to the manufacturer’s (Samsung) servers, follow these steps to fix the problem:

  1. Download the most recent baseband needed for your television model
  2. Extract the baseband content to a USB drive (view on Amazon) and connect the flash drive to your television
  3. Enter the Menu, then support, and finally, software update on your television
  4. Click on the USB update

Once you are through with this process, you need to wait for the process to complete and the automatic Smart TV restart to kick in and start your television afresh. If successful, this process should remove error code 012 and recover the work of apps on your television Apps panel.

Samsung Smart TV Won’t Find Wi-Fi

In some cases, your Samsung Smart TV may fail to find Wi-Fi. There are many reasons for this, which makes it hard to find a specific cause. Therefore, you need to carry out a complete network status test to begin the repair process that will restore your Samsung Smart TV to its optimum efficiency. Follow these steps for testing your television’s network status:

  1. Press on your TV’s Menu button
  2. While at the main Menu, you need to find and choose the network section
  3. Using the navigation keys, find and choose the network status option in your television’s setup menu. This will start the test process.

The reason for carrying out this test is to identify the state of your network connection. It is at this stage that a better part of the problem is fixed.

After carrying out the test, you need to reconnect your Samsung Smart TV back to the network. You can do this by following simple steps. Here are some of the steps that you need to follow to reconnect your Samsung Smart TV back to its network.

  1. Begin by attaching your wireless adapter to a USB port on your Samsung Smart television.
  2. Press on the MENU button and then find and choose the Setup option
  3. At the setup option, choose the Network option.
  4. If your television’s Network Type is set as wired, you then need to choose Network Type and examine the wireless option.
  5. Select the Network Setup option
  6. Choose a network
  7. Wait a few minutes or until the television completes scanning the available wireless networks. Find the name of your network from the list and choose it.
  8. After that, you need to use your television’s remote and key in your wireless encryption keys. To enter numbers, you need to tap the digits on your TV remote. For alphabets, you need to highlight letters with the help of arrow keys of your remote and click enter to continue with the process.
  9. Wait for a couple of minutes for your Samsung smart TV to establish a connection to a reliable Wi-Fi network before you continue. If the connection cannot be established, you need to adjust your device’s IP address settings. You can make these changes from your TV’s Network Setup option.
  10. Click on the Return button to go back to your television’s Network Window.
  11. Tap on the network test option to start the test process. Your television will start a test on its network to make sure the connection is set up and working correctly.

An interruption to your online streaming is very annoying. Unfortunately, this happens more often than you would prefer. It is important that when it happens, you need to use the solutions listed above to fix the error and restore your Samsung smart TV to its optimum efficiency. This guide will come in handy because smart TVs experience a lot of interruption as you try to connect to a wireless connection. However, if your best efforts to resolve the issue do not yield positive results, you need to contact Samsung customer care for a solution. You should also consider replacing your Samsung TV and get a recent model with all the latest features. This will ensure you get the best entertainment experience.


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