Samsung Fridge Beeping? Try These Fixes

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Most Samsung fridge models have this helpful alarm, a constant beeping sound, that alerts to problems such as an opened door or rising internal temperatures. Old fridge models don’t do that, for sure, but it can get annoying. What do you do when your Samsung fridge just keeps beeping?

Whatever the reason might be, it’s alerting to you that something is wrong, that much is true. Let’s take a look at the possibilities and how to fix them.

Why Your Samsung Fridge Keeps Beeping

There’s only a few reasons why your Samsung is beeping as much as it is. Don’t overlook any of the possibilities listed below.

You Forgot Something…

Samsung fridges come with the innate ability to alert you when the fridge door is opened. When it is, the cool air is escaping, slowly raising the temperature inside and eventually lead to rotting food. But in this case, your Samsung fridge will alert you when the door is left open for more than three minutes.

In the event that you had it opened to clean or what have you, deactivating the alarm will cease the beeping. You can find steps for that in the following section.

Is it Hot in Here?

Speaking of temperature, your Samsung fridge has to keep very specific temperatures stable. A stable 37 degrees fahrenheit—or 2.7 degrees celsius—is ideal conditions for the fridge portion of your Samsung refrigerator. As for the freezer, the optimal temperature should be 0 degrees fahrenheit—or -17.7 degrees celsius.

Once either section of your fridge starts to raise significantly, just a few degrees, your Samsung fridge will alert you of the rising temperature by constantly beeping. And it will not stop until you solve the problem.

An Issue with the Electronic Control Panel

This is less likely an issue for a brand new unit, but do not rule it out. If you have had your Samsung fridge for awhile, you might be experiencing issues with the electronic control panel.

There might even be a bunch of different samsung fridge error codes appearing that allude to a problem with the electronic control panel, in which case the fridge will need to be serviced.

Your guess as to why it happens is as good as anyone’s. If you have had the fridge for several years, then entropy got the best of it and components are starting to fail. However, the most likely candidate is the wires themselves.

The wires may have shorted the electronic control panel, or maybe a few wires were not installed properly or not at all (newed models).

How to Make the Beeping Stop on Your Samsung Refrigerator

Now that you know why your Samsung fridge could be beeping, naturally you’d want to know how to stop it. Don’t overlook any of the fixes below. Try every single one until the beeping goes away.

Close the Door

First and foremost, check that you did not leave the door ajared. Usually gravity does the rest of the job of closing the door. Mistakes can be made. Simply close the door to stop the beeping.

With that said, you should take this as an opportunity to check for any damage, too. If you discovered the door was already closed, and the beeping happened anyways, examine the door gasket.

Along the door is a rubber lining—the door gasket. Closing the fridge door creates a suction-like effect that keeps the door closed and the temperature controlled. When your Samsung fridge comes in contact with normal, everyday use the gasket could have been damaged at some point or, best case scenario, it is just dirty.

First, check for any damage. Is the gasket pushed in at all? Cracked or broken section? If so, replace it immediately. But if it isn’t? Look for any caked on food particles, dust, or dirt.

Wipe the gasket down with a warm cloth that has had a small amount of soap applied to it. If you leave dirt, food, and grime on the door gasket it can freeze and create ice particles, which prevent the gasket from performing a proper seal.

Lower the Temperature

After you’ve checked the integrity of the door, up next is checking the temperature for both the fridge and freezer. What are they reading? Samsung fridges—any fridges, for that matter—are very sensitive to temperature.

Ideally, it should be 37 degrees and 0 degrees fahrenheit in the fridge and freezer, respectively. If the temperature rises, even by a few degrees, the alarm will go off and beep until the problem is corrected. To fix this, the integrity of the door is absolutely crucial. If you discovered damage to the gasket, for example, that allows cool air to escape and for hot air to be introduced.

In a worst case scenario, even worse than a busted door gasket, is a faulty thermistor, temperature sensors, or a combination of the two. You would be surprised by the number of sensors that are housed in a fridge unit.

Deactivate the Alarm

Did the beeping start while you had the fridge open? That is completely normal. It’s nothing more than the system working as intended. A fridge door opened for more than three minutes and the fridge will start broadcasting a beeping sound.

If you’re trying to clean it, deactivate the alarm while you work. Here’s how:

1. Locate the Alarm button on your electronic control panel.

2. Press and hold the Alarm button for at least three seconds or until the beeping stops. The alarm has been deactivated.

3. Perform the same steps to reactivate the alarm when you are finished.

It is not advised whatsoever to keep the alarm deactivated. Leave it activated after you’ve finished your task to keep you informed of any problems. For example, if there’s a problem with the temperature, perhaps it’s rising, and the alarm is deactivated, you’ll never know.

But It’s Still Beeping!

So you’ve tried closing the door, checked the gasket, deactivated the alarm, even checked the temperature—nothing worked! Now what do you do if it won’t stop beeping? Well, in this case it is likely linked to a simple hiccup in the system—especially if you just bought the unit.

In the event that you are still being subjected to beeping, it is the best time to reset the fridge. Doing that does require you to reach the power cable.

If you have to move the fridge back, please be careful or, better yet, have a friend help you out. Do be aware that resetting your Samsung fridge might erase functions you have programmed.

Unplug the Samsung fridge from the electrical outlet and leave it unplugged for about a minute or two. Afterwards, plug it back in and see if it made a difference.

But if that does not make a difference, then it is almost guaranteed that you are dealing with a malfunctioning circuit board or even a faulty cooling unit. Not exactly an ideal situation, to say the least.

Bottom Line

Chances are the beeping was simply linked to an opened door. If that was the case, consider raising the front end of the fridge by just a hair. This will provide a much greater help from gravity in shutting the fridge door.