Samsung Refrigerator Error Code 33e? Try These Fixes


Samsung boasts of high-quality refrigerators equipped with the latest technology to enhance user experience. One of the most outstanding features Samsung refrigerators have is the self-diagnosis mechanism. This feature allows the fridge to run internal diagnosis to determine faults within the refrigerator. It then shows the code on a digital display screen for the user to interpret and fix. To do this, the system is made up of sensors and programs that work hand in hand.

Samsung refrigerator shows fault code 33 e on its digital display screen despite the appliance running as expected. There are many reasons causing this fault, most of which deal with the breakdown of individual fridge elements without affecting the common functionality of the component. It is for this reason that the fridge shows error code 33 e despite functioning normally.

What is Error Code 33 e?

Fault code 33 e refers to the water intake pipe of your ice machine’s heater is faulty. It is located on the side of your refrigerators. When the error code shows on the digital display, it could be as a result of any one of the following reasons:

Manually transporting or moving the refrigerator unit to a different location

  • Power failure
  • Instant switching power off or on or power surge
  • Physical damage-causing dimples on the fridge and violating the refrigerator’s insulation

Each time your refrigerator shows error code 33 e after relocation or transportation, you need to examine its water inlet pipe going to the ice pan. A heater will be found right next to the pipe. It is the thin yellow wire coiled around the pipe with a flexible foil component. Ideally, it is found on your refrigerator’s back wall between the exit point to the fridge’s tray and the valve.

How do You Fix Error Code 33 e

It is common for homeowners to pick up their phone and dial their appliance technician’s number for help. This might prove unnecessary if you troubleshoot the fridge and try to fix it on your own. Always attempt to do the repairs before calling a repair technician.

In most cases, fault code 33 e disappears from your refrigerator’s display screen when you reboot your fridge’s electronic control board. For you to successfully reboot the control board, you need to follow these steps.

  • Plug your fridge into a dedicated power outlet
  • Search for the Lighting and Energy Saver buttons on your appliance’s touch-panel
  • Press these buttons simultaneously and hold them for a minimum of eight seconds and a maximum of ten seconds

Release the buttons after ten seconds. Your refrigerator will get back to its optimum state of function and eliminate error code 33 e from its display screen. In most cases, this procedure is enough to restore your fridge to its normal state. However, the fault code may persist. In such cases, you need to dig deeper to find the problem and fix it. Here are some of the steps you need to take when error code 33 e shows itself after rebooting the control board of your Samsung refrigerator.

Primary Actions

These are the main actions you need to take when the simple reboot does not help. These solutions focus on problems with the heater of your refrigerator’s water supply pipe to the ice machine.

Loose Heating Element

The thin wire around your fridge’s inlet hose may loosen during transportation and moving the appliance, thus causing the problem. Therefore, you need to get rid of the error code by fixing the fridges ends firmly and establishing the heat conductivity. However, if it is impossible to repair the part, you need to replace it entirely. It does not cost much to replace the whole part.

Faulty Wiring

Error code 33 e may show on your Samsung refrigerator as a result of faulty wiring. To confirm this problem, you need to use a multimeter (view on Amazon) to test faulty parts in your refrigerator’s power supply circuit. This will help you identify all the areas with issues. Fix the problem by twisting or soldering the affected areas. In essence, this is the contact restoration process. After this, you need to insulate the wiring.

Burnt Control Board

Your refrigerator’s control board can get burnt during sudden electric surges. This causes error code 33 e to appear on your refrigerator’s display screen. In most cases, the control board cannot be repaired. Therefore, you will have to replace it with a proper functioning control board.

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Faulty Left Door

The left door of your Samsung refrigerator may be damaged during the transportation or moving process. Given that several activities happen during this process, including loading the fridge onto the truck or pick-up, offloading it, and installing it in your preferred location within the house, the refrigerator’s left door may become damaged. It may develop deep dimples, which may damage the appliance’s heating element and the entire ice maker. For you to fix this problem, you will have to replace the entire left door of the refrigerator. This process is a little more complicated than the rest. Therefore, you need to seek the services of a professional appliance repair. You should only attempt to fix this problem if you have the right knowledge and skills.

Considering that this problem affects the heater in many ways, you need to know how to gain access to this crucial component. Here is the process you need to follow to access your refrigerator’s heater:

  1. Unplug your refrigerator from its electric outlet
  2. Switch off water flow into your appliance’s ice maker or machine
  3. Remove the fridge’s door after unloading the appliance
  4. Locate the two bolts that hold the ice machine in place. They are located at the front of the appliance and unscrew them
  5. Locate the device and pull it towards you then disconnect your refrigerator’s connector
  6. Find the flexible piece at the front of your hose and remove it. This piece directs water to your appliance’s ice cube tray
  7. Get rid of the insulation from the tube and all fasteners
  8. Disconnect your appliance’s heater cable
  9. Go to the back wall of your fridge and locate the water pipe connecting to your freezer
  10. Remove the appliance’s cover and disconnect it from your fridge’s intake hose
  11. Go back to the freezer and push the tube outward. To do this, you need to press the tube forward and up
  12. Pull the pipe to end on your refrigerator’s other side
  13. Finally, pull out the heating element

Once you have the heating element in your hands, you need to test it for continuity using a multimeter. If it is faulty, attempt to carry repair on it. However, if repairs are not a good option, you need to replace it entirely. Your multimeter should read 105 Ω (+/– 7). After getting your readings and carrying out all the necessary repair procedures, you need to follow these steps in reverse to refit your ice machine. You then need to plug your Samsung refrigerator back into the wall socket and turn it on. Check the fridge’s digital display to find out whether the error code still shows. If the process is successful, error code 33 e should not show on the digital display.

Samsung refrigerators are a common kitchen appliance in most homes. This appliance has a built-in self-diagnosis mechanism that flags faults within the machine for you to fix. Error code 33 e is one of these codes. When you see it on your refrigerator’s digital display screen, you need to troubleshoot your appliance and fix it. This guide provides the steps you should follow when fixing your fridge to get rid of this error code. If the problem persists, call a qualified appliance specialist to fix it.


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