Samsung Refrigerator Display Blinking 88? Try These Fixes


Samsung is a renowned appliance manufacturer famous for good quality products that are not only durable but also meet customer demand efficiently. The appliance manufacturer produces high quality refrigerators for the modern home, with features suited for a modern working and self sufficient home owners.

Samsung refrigerators have a built-in self-diagnostic error recognition mechanism or system. Once the refrigerator identifies a problem within its system, it displays an error code. These error signals could be flashing a display icon, blinking light, or shows an error code on its digital display screen. When your Samsung refrigerator detects a power outage, it will show the error codes on its digital display. This display is where, in normal circumstances, refrigerator temperature is displayed.

When fault code 88 shows on the left and right screens of your refrigerator, it could be a sign of several faults within your refrigerator. Whatever the case, the appliance will work inconsistently and stop maintaining temperature. However, when you run a quick check of the appliance, you will find all sensors and components running as expected.

What Causes Error Code 88?

This error code appears on the display screen after a sharp on-off current flow. This code is prone to inverter refrigerators since they are not stable to unexpected power spikes, voltage variations, short circuits, power outages, and intermittent power supply. All these factors cause lead to error code 88.

This code presents itself in the form of pairwise display digits, which are 88. However, the second eight can blink in the range between 3 to 8 depending on the type of secondary damage and the exact damage that occurred within the refrigerator. Therefore, you could see error code 83, 85, 86, or 88. The voltage variation that occurs within the system damages different components, thus the difference in fault codes. In most cases, the PBA inverter converter that serves as a capacitor, used for initiating the electronic components within the refrigerator’s subunit, the power board, and compressor, breaks down within the main module.

What is Fault Code 88 Associated with?

This error code is associated with the operation of your refrigerator’s control board (view on Amazon) that, when examined automatically, does not get signals from other microcircuits. It represents the first stage of component diagnostics, given that the appliance’s central module is not in a position to examine the refrigerator’s system after an abrupt power on-off. In essence, the Samsung refrigerator restores itself to the initial stages of test mode when it is not able to finish the test.

How do you fix this error?

You need to remove this error to restore your fridge to its optimum efficiency. To do this, you can follow any one of these three options. First, you can choose to leave the fridge for self-stabilization of its boards. This process will take several hours to complete. Please do this by switching on the refrigerator and let it stand without touching anything else. Second, you can choose to unplug the refrigerator’s code from its power outlet for a maximum of five minutes and a minimum of one. Please turn on the fridge after five minutes to allow the appliance’s diagnostic system to check its different subunits and sensors. At the end of this process, the wrong settings in your fridge should be clear, and Error code 88 should disappear. The third option is to restart your refrigerator forcibly. However, this option should only be used if the first two methods listed herein do not yield your desired results.

In the third option, it is crucial that you press the refrigerator’s Energy Saver and Alarm Keys, which presents itself as the lighting in some models. Hold these buttons for a maximum of twelve seconds and a minimum of eight before releasing them. This will force the refrigerator to return to its normal operation and work at its optimum efficiency. Doing this allows the fridge to run the test to completion and remove error code 88 from its digital display screen.

In earlier Samsung refrigerator models and those with inverters, you need to press the Power Cool and Power Freeze buttons. Hold these buttons until the appliance’s display emits a beep sound and turns off. When this happens, it shows that the unit has switched to the test mode and begun to check for issues within the refrigerator. This process will take several minutes.

How do You Solve the Problem Professionally?

If all the solutions mentioned above do not solve your appliance problem and the fault code still shows on your refrigerator’s display screen, you need to check the central board. This board could be damaged by excessive peak currents, unexpected power outages, or it could be burned out because of a short circuit within the network. Given that this element controls all functions of power boards and electronic components, you have to replace it. The error code will only stop showing on the digital display screen when you replace the damaged component. Follow these steps to gain access to the main electronic module.

  1. Turn off the power supply to your Samsung refrigerator
  2. Go to the back wall
  3. Remove your refrigerator’s compartment panel

Once you have the element, you need to discard the damaged board and replace it with a new one. The installation process of this board is the opposite of the process explained above.

This error code is mostly confused for a temperature problem within your refrigerator. The temperature error is marked by a blinking temperature display. This happens when your fridge’s temperature is either too low or too high. It could also happen when you leave the refrigerator door open.

In case the main control board of your refrigerator blinks, then the internal temperature of your refrigerator is over 59 degrees Fahrenheit. This blinking light will stop when the temperature drops below the 59 degrees Fahrenheit mark. Typically, the temperature of a refrigerator rises when its door is left open or when the fridge is recouping from a power outage. If none of this has happened in the recent past, then your appliance must have a cooling problem. Call a qualified appliance technician to examine the fridge’s cooling system and fix it to restore it to its optimum efficiency.

When the refrigerator’s Deli drawer panel is blinking, you need to unplug your refrigerator from its power outlet. You can also turn it off at its circuit breaker for a maximum of 120 seconds. Turn on the fridge and wait for a maximum of one minute. If the blinking light persists, you need to call a qualified appliance specialist to repair the fridge. However, you should note that not all fridges have a small control panel for their middle drawer. This part resembles a deli ware.

It is important for you to note the difference between temperature faults in your appliance and a sharp on-off fault, which causes inconsistency in the power supply. Each of these errors has different repair procedures.

Some homeowners are not comfortable handling electronic devices. If you belong to this category, do not hesitate to call an appliance specialist. But before you seek the help of a specialist, consider carrying out a simple troubleshooting procedure to determine the intensity of the problem facing your refrigerator. If the problem does not need replacing parts of the fridge, only change in programming, consider completing the changes yourself. You can also call the Samsung support center for help. The support center will provide valuable information on how to correct the issue facing your fridge.

It would also help if you replaced your refrigerator, in case it is old. Newer appliances work better and have advanced features, which make your life easier and save you a lot of time and money that would have been spent on repairs.


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