Samsung Microwave SE Error? Try These Fixes


Microwaves are sensitive gadgets used at home. The sensor control panel is even more sensitive in these machines. More often than not, this is usually the microwave part that causes the machine to fail. Usually, the SE error comes about when one of the microwave’s buttons sticks for too long, usually more than 60 seconds. In other cases, the buttons will stop responding when pressed half of the time. When the above scenarios happen, the microwave will present the SE error. What should one do when this error keeps occurring? Read on to discover more details.

Fixing the SE error code is easy One of the most important things is never leaving the microwave unattended when the SE error pops up. Unplug the microwave as you figure out how to fix the error. Leaving it plugged in will only lead to the microwave self-activating when no one is around. This could be fatal, especially if the microwave catches fire. In case it is impossible to switch it off, then leave the door open. However, note that switching it off is only but a preventive measure and may not necessarily lead to the error’s reset. This error is likely to keep appearing every time you switch it back on until the control panel is switched on.

So How Do You Fix the 5E/SE error?

There are a lot of recommended solutions that you could try every time your microwave shows this error. Some of these are dangerous and best left to the electrician. Even so, note that every time such an error displays on the screen, it is likely to have a lot of voltage that could cause one to be electrocuted. Make sure that you are comfortable handling electrical appliances before you engage yourself.

The Samsung microwave comes with two films with lines and lands. A sinking button often causes the issue after the membrane sensor is pressed, which causes the other membrane to be contacted even at the slightest vibration.

To repair the membrane sensor, first, unstick it from the microwave. Then proceed to divide it into layers. Inspect the films to ensure that they have good lines. It will be problematic if one of the lines is faulty. If both the lines are okay, you can only conclude that the contact closure is the issue. Once you establish the potential problem, proceed as follows, exercising a lot of caution.

  1. Stick an electric or scotch tape on the inside of the membrane along the button contours. Be careful not to use a conducive tape. The tape helps to increase the area between the membrane and film, thus preventing all unauthorized buttons from sticking.
  2. Once this is done, join two plates and have them connected to the bus
  3. Tick the sensor back in
  4. Assemble the microwave back in reverse
  5. Confirm the button’s performance

In case all the buttons are working when you press them, and the SE error does not appear as before, then you can conclude that the sensor recovery process has been successfully fixed. However, note that he does not necessarily guarantee the panel’s long service life since the film will be pressed further. This could trigger the same failure that causes the SE error to occur.

Usually, such manipulations can fix the error for a short period, say from a week to a year, but this is not the permanent fix that is needed. Check to see the condition of the buttons. If they are worn out, then it is recommended to replace the microwave buttons (View on Amazon). An expert handyman may recommend the purchase of a new sensor keypad. This means that you have to know the exact model number of your microwave. Check the equipment’s tally to see where it has been printed. You can find the relevant sticker on the microwave or the backside. Take note of the difference between the model and the code.

Hard Reset

You can choose to do a hard reset if your microwave fails to work. Sometimes the buttons fail to work because of the child lock feature that has been accidentally activated. To confirm this issue you first need to test it. Press the stop or clear microwave’s button keypad and then press the start/ enter button, which you need to hold for not less than 4 seconds. This should be done up until the L or lock icon displays. Refer to the manual in case the microwave model you are using does not have a lock signal. Check to see what indicates child lock and deactivate it.

Press the start/enter button again and hold for another 4 seconds. The L should disappear from the display panel. If the control fails to respond, then you should consider resetting the microwave by unplugging for at least 2 or 3 minutes. You should then plug it back after a few minutes and try to use it normally. If you realize that the microwave is not responding, then you should probably call a repair expert from Samsung to have a professional look.

Microwave Reset Instruction

Samsung microwaves are excellent for anyone that needs to cook quickly and conveniently. However, these microwaves are sensitive to power, and a slight surge could lead to serious faults. When the electronics in the equipment are affected, errors occur. Fortunately, it is easy to reset the microwave a couple of times and fix most of the common errors.

The Samsung microwave tends to be more dynamic compared to most normal. The digital keypad and display tend to be more sensitive and will freeze at times. When this happens, one can hardly use the microwave, thus forcing users to unplug before it leads to a serious problem.After unplugging, you can then check to see if the microwave still functions as expected after some time.

You Need to Know This About Your Microwave

Making sure that your microwave is working properly in your kitchen is important. There are a lot of other components in your kitchen that allows you to get your food make and be efficient as a home owner.

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Common Microwave Issues

Apart from the panel going bad and having challenges, the microwave sometimes tends to have other challenges that could trigger different display errors. You need to be aware of some of these issues since they could indicate that your microwave is giving up. No amount of troubleshooting and repairs will give you a lasting solution. When an issue is repetitive, then you may want to consider replacing it. Apart from a regular SE error come display, you may want to look at other symptoms that indicate a failing microwave. These are:

1. Burning smells accompanied by smoke and sparks

You may need a quick and urgent fix if your Samsung microwave regularly emits smoke, smells as if it is burning, and if it sparks. This is one of the major indicators that the microwave is failing and needs to be replaced. If left unattended, it is likely to cause more issues.

2. Food Fails to Cook Properly

When your microwave works properly, it will not have issues with cooking food properly. Unfortunately, this is not the case with a failing microwave. If you notice that the microwave is cooking food slower than normal or that it fails to heat up as fast as it should, then it is not a good sign. You may need to think about a new microwave at this point. It can even be more problematic if the microwave sounds weird when cooking food.

3. The Microwave is Old

If your microwave has served you for over a decade, then you should consider replacing it. It is highly likely that it will constantly fail for one reason or another. Its buttons will also fail to work as they should, and this can hinder the optimal performance of the gadget. Changing it to a new version is highly recommended.

Fixing the SE error on your Samsung microwave is easy. Know what the trigger is before fixing it once and for all. Call a technician if it gets to that.


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