Samsung Dryer HE Error? Try These Fixes

Samsung Dryer HE Error

What would become of laundry sessions if there were no appliances to make the process efficient? The only sure thing is that house chores would not be the same. Samsung appliances are among many other home appliance brands that continue to revolutionize how you tackle your daily household chores by offering unmatched convenience and comfort. The Samsung dryer, in particular, hastens the drying process of your washed laundry. It allows you to go through a complete laundry schedule in a short period, ensuring you get your preferred attire for your next appointment fresh and clean. What happens when your Samsung dryer breaks down?

When your Samsung dryer breaks down, you are likely to switch to a new dress code for your appointment. Your clothes will not dry on time for starters, and your entire laundry schedule will be affected. Fortunately, all will not be lost as you can sundry your clothes and get the same results, but you will have to wait longer. When an electric Samsung dryer breaks down, it will not run a full cycle. It will show an error code on its digital display screen. When the error code shown on the display screen is the hE fault code, the dryer will likely run for twenty-second before stopping, irrespective of the cycle you choose.

What Does HE Error Mean?

The HE error can also be displayed as hE. It indicates a heating error in your Samsung dryer, both the gas and electric dryer. This article will explore the hE error in both the gas and electric heater.

HE or hE Error Code in Gas Dryer

When this fault code appears on a gas dryer, it may indicate a problem within the appliance’s gas supply. Examine the dryer’s gas supply cut-off valve to ensure it is fully open. Unplug your machine from its power supply and fix all the loose connections while you reconnect broken wiring on your gas valve coils. Replace your dryer’s wire harness if it is damaged. Call an appliance specialist to inspect your machine’s heating system. Use these steps to fix this problem.

  • Start by inspecting your dryer’s gas supply cut-off valve
  • Unplug your dryer from its power source
  • Inspect the machine’s wiring and reconnect all loose wire connections on your gas valve coils. You can use your machine’s wire harness alternatively if it is damaged
  • When these corrective measures do not fix the problem, you need to call a qualified appliance repair technician

HE or hE Error Code in Electric Dryer

This error code appears on your electric dryer’s display as an indication of a faulty supply of power to the machine. When you see it, you should inspect the dryer’s house circuit breaker to find out if it has tripped. Your dryer will not heat if its leg of the 240-volt power supply is not turned on. You need to cut the power supply to your dryer by unplugging it from its wall socket. After cutting the power supply, you need to examine the wire connection on your appliance’s heating element. Reconnect all the loose wire connections and replace all the damaged wire harness. It would be best if you also inspected your dryer’s heating element for signs of damage. Replace it if it is defective.

Before you begin working on the dryer, you should inspect your home’s circuit breaker in the electrical box. Check if the breaker has tripped. Then disconnect your appliance from its power source. After doing this, you should inspect the machine’s wire connection on its heating element. Replace damaged wire harness and reconnect all the loose wires.

Faulty Thermistor

In some cases, the washer might breakdown as a result of a faulty thermistor. When this happens, it shows the hE error code on its digital display screen. To fix this problem, you need to unplug your dryer from its power source and remove the thermistor from its current location. Use an ohmmeter to get the readings of the thermistor (view on Amazon). Test the thermistor at room temperature. Its expected result should be about 10 k ohms. However, if you get results further from this, it means you will need to replace the thermistor sensor.

How to Replace a Faulty Thermistor

Typically, the thermistor is attached to the blower housing and takes temperature readings within your dryer. When the thermistor fails to sense the temperature, an error code will be displayed on your dryer’s digital screen, and the machine stops. Therefore, you will have to replace the thermistor to restore your dryer to its optimum efficiency. It would be best if you only replaced it with a manufacturer-approved replacement. Follow these steps o replace the thermistor from your dryer.

Switch off your dryer’s power supply

You can do this by unplugging the dryer from its power source. Cut the supply of gas if you are using a gas dryer.

Remove Your Dryer’s Service Panel

You can release the clips holding your dryer’s service panel in place by pushing a putty knife in the gaps above your machine’s service panel on either end. Pull your dryer’s service panel forward, from the top, to remove it from its original location.

Remove the Dryer’s Lint Duct Assembly

Pull out your appliance’s lint screen by removing the screws that hold the lint duct assembly to your dryer’s lint duct housing. Later, pull out your machine’s lint duct assembly and put it aside.

Detach Your Dryer’s Thermistor

Find the thermistor on top of the blower housing. Gently, remove the wires from your thermistor.

Use a quarter-inch wrench to get rid of the mounting screws that hold your appliance’s thermistor on top of the blower housing. Once all the screws have been removed, pull out the thermistor and set it aside.

Install Your Net Thermistor

Put your new thermistor atop the blower housing and replace the mounting screws. Tighten the screws to secure your newly installed thermistor. Connect wires to your newly installed thermistor irrespective of the spade connectors you fix the wires to.

Replace Your Machine’s Lint Duct Assembly

Put the lint duct assembly in its housing. Put back the mounting screws and fasten them tightly. Once this is done, you need to reinstall your lint screen.

Reinstall Your Dryer’s Service Panel

Line up the service panel’s bottom lip with the base of your dryer. Once this is done, you need to push the top of your dryer’s service panel to engage its locking clips.

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Reconnect Power to Your Machine

After ensuring everything is connected properly, you need to restore power back to your dryer by plugging it into the wall socket. If you are using a gas dryer, you need to turn on its gas supply.

Clogged Lint Screen or Vent System

The hE error code indicates that your machine is getting too hot. This could be a result of a clogged vent or lint screen. You can fix this problem by cleaning the vent system or the lint screen or both.

You can easily spot a faulty thermistor, especially when your dryer cycle is not working. The role played by this part is crucial to your appliance’s optimum efficiency. Given that it is an electrical part, you need to take all the necessary precautionary measures to protect yourself against electrocution.

This guide will help you fix your Samsung dryer the next time hE error code shows on the dryer’s display screen. In case, all these solutions fail to work, you need to call an appliance repair specialist to restore the dryer to its normal state of function. You should also interrogate your appliance’s age. If it is too old, you should consider buying a new dryer to replace the old unit. A new dryer might be what you need to continue enjoying uninterrupted dryer service for years.


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