Samsung Dryer Error Codes

Your Samsung dryer is a really smart device with the uncanny ability to know when something is wrong, and when there is, it throws error codes at you. Error codes are typically two letters, but their meaning is, well, unknowable at first glance.

Rather than decipher what the error codes mean—especially if you don’t have your manual—below is every Samsung dryer error code you’ll come across, what each means, and what you should do about it.

Samsung Dryer Error Codes and What They Mean

Error Code tS

Error code tS is not an ideal error to see. It’s linked to one of three possible components: the thermistor, wire harness, or the electronic control board. One of those is having a major problem; the thermistor could be failing, or the wire harness, and quite possibly the control board itself.

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How do you know for sure? You start by unplugging the drying from its electrical outlet. Locate the thermistor and test the resistance using a volt/ohm meter (View on Amazon). You should be getting a resistance on your thermistor of less than 40,000 ohms, but nowhere near that. Any more than that and the thermistor is in need of a replacement.

Next, test the wire harness. The wire harness should not have a resistance over 10,000 ohms. If it too is too high, replace it. But if both the thermistor and wire harness are in the green as far as ohms go, then the entire electronic control board needs to be replaced.

Error Code tO

Like error code tS, error code tO specifically refers to a defective thermistor. When using a volt/ohm meter, the ohms you get from a thermistor should only be reading around 10,000 ohms, provided the room temperature is 77 degrees Fahrenheit.

But again, if the resistance reading is within range for your thermistor, the wire harness needs to be checked, followed by the electronic control board.

Error Code do

This particular error code refers to an opened door. Error code “do” can usually be solved by checking that the door is indeed closed. If it appears to be but the error code insists on telling you otherwise, the switch circuit should be examined for any exposed or loose wires. Other than that, the door switch can always be damaged too.

Error Code FE

Your Samsung dryer needs an electrical power supply of 60 Hz to go through the motions. If it doesn’t have that, you’ll get error code FE, which refers to a deficiency in your electrical power supply.

On the other hand, it might be a faulty control board. The only way you’ll know for sure is having an electrician test the frequency. If it’s at 60 Hz, then the control board is shot and needs replaced.

Error Code dF

Error code dF is like the sibling to error code do. Both refer to an opened door, but error code dF specifically refers to a door switch failure. If the code appears after closing the door, first consider how you closed the door. Did you slam it shut? Don’t do that. Gently, but firmly close the dryer door and see if it makes a difference.

Did it? If not, check for any loose wires as well as the wire harness for any damage. If the wires look good and the wire harness is just fine, the door switch will need to be replaced.

Error Code HE or hE

Error codes HE or hE apply to both gas Samsung dryers and electrical Samsung dryers, but the error refers to a different problem for each.

For electric dryers, this error could be linked to a recent trip of the circuit breaker or a busted heating element. Naturally, the help of a professional will be needed.

As for gas dryers, double-check that your cut-off valve is fully opened. Don’t make any attempt to examine the heating system. Get a professional to check for you.

Error Code bE

Error code bE refers to a simple problem: a button is stuck. That’s it! Shut the dryer down and unplug it from the electrical outlet. Press every single button until you find the one that’s stuck and clean it if you can.

Error Code Od

There’s a moisture sensor on the inside of your Samsung dryer, a metal plating. If that sensor gets all dirty, it can set off error code Od. Clean it up and the error should go away. If not, a new moisture sensor is necessary.

Error Code Et

Error code Et does not refer to the famous movie extra-terrestrial from the ‘80s, but rather an indication that something is wrong with your control board and it’s failing. If you see this error, the control board is as good as dead. However, you can still double-check that it isn’t a fluke.

What you do is unplug the dryer from the electrical outlet, preferably after you shut your Samsung dryer down. Leave it alone for about five minutes, then come back and power on the dryer again. Did the error go away? If so, then you’re in the green and have nothing to worry about. If the error persists, well, then it’s time to replace the electronic control board.

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Bottom Line

Samsung dryers are largely self-reliant. However, maintenance is always a necessity. If you’ve been using your dryer for awhile, and are now getting error codes, that’s a sign that you should at least consider having someone stop by for maintenance. The alternative is a new dryer.