Samsung Dishwasher Error Code 7e? Try These Fixes


Samsung dishwasher has an inbuilt self-diagnosis system that shows errors on the appliance’s digital display screen when a part fails within the washer. This system is a combination of software and sensors. Each error code has a unique meaning.

When your washer displays error code 7e, it means there is a problem with the machine’s waterwall system. The waterwall system is the mechanism that ensures water is properly dispersed during a spin cycle. If this mechanism fails to work as it should, the washer displays error code 7e on its digital display.

What Causes Error Code 7e on Samsung Dishwasher?

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When the dishwasher’s waterwall system fails, error code 7e is shown on the display screen. The waterwall system is a fairly new technology, patented by Samsung and installed in the latest models of their dishwashers. This means that old models do not have this technology. Therefore they will not see this error code on their washer’s digital display.

It is easy to confuse error code 7e for e7. These two codes mean different things. Error code e7 is associated with the appliance’s thermostat (view on Amazon), while error code 7e relates to the dishwasher’s water dispersion system.

New models of Samsung dishwashers do not have the classic rotating rocker. Instead, they have a straight line reflector, which supplies water to the dishes.

What to Do When You See Error Code 7e?

Error code 7e may appear severally on your Samsung washer. It may appear as you turn on your machine, and after you have started a program. When it happens, according to the first scenario, you have to reset your dishwasher by restarting the machine. For you to successfully reset your dishwasher, follow these steps:

Disconnect your dishwasher from its power source

Wait a minimum of fifteen or a maximum of twenty minutes

After twenty minutes, plug the washer’s code into its power source

Check the control panel

If the fault code has disappeared, then the dishwasher has a faulty electronic module. You can also proceed to do your dishes. However, if it reappears, you need to troubleshoot for more problems.

Other Problems, their Causes, and Solutions

If the procedure above does not fix your dishwasher, you need to follow these procedures to repair and restore your dishwasher back to its optimum efficiency.

Your dishwasher’s sprayer stands still, and error code 7e is displayed on the digital display screen despite water flowing into the machine, cascade forming, and the machine working fine.

When this happens, these must be something inhibiting the moving boom. To fix this problem, you will have to turn off your dishwasher and check into the dishwasher for protruding dishes. It would be best if you also looked for protruding handles of cups or jug, part of knives, frying pan, or ladle. When these parts protrude, they may hold the lower rocker of your dishwasher, thus causing this problem. Fix this by redistributing items within the dishwasher. Once everything is placed appropriately, you need to turn on the dishwasher, restart the washing mode, and check the display.

If this procedure does not help, you need to unload your dishwasher and examine its disperser. Check how it is attached to the rail. Poorly fixed dispersers may cause this problem. To fix this issue, you need to press the disperser tightly onto the groove. Follow these steps to do it well.

  • Raise the washer’s bar
  • Please remove it
  • Turn your dishwasher’s water reflector
  • Attach the reflector to the grey shuttle of the dishwasher’s guidance element
  • Fix the bar back to its position

You can confirm the positioning of a disperser by looking at the waterwall logo. If the logo is facing up, the disperser has been installed correctly.

Blocking of the Movable Element with Packing Tape

Error code 7e may appear on the digital display of the new model of Samsung dishwasher because of the blocking of its movable component with packing tape. It is hard to notice this problem, given that the tape is transparent. To fix this problem, you will have to disconnect your dishwasher from its power source and remove the dishes and the lower rack of the machine. Doing this gives you access to the subunit. Once you locate the subunit, you need to peel off the tape that is causing this trouble from the appliance’s rail housing. Put everything back in place and start the appliance. Check the display.

Jerky and Noisy Movement of the Sprinkler

This mostly happens along with the boom. Fix this problem by simply adjusting the waterfall for a smooth stroke. You might need several adjustments as you test using a machine that is not loaded with dishes. If the error code shows on the digital display again, you need to readjust the waterfall until you eliminate the error from the digital display.

Faulty Sensor

A sensor fixed to the track may block the movement of your machine’s diffuser. Ideally, this is indicated by lack of water curtain and a proper functioning bar motor that does not move. To fix this, you need to test the sensor and its loop line.

Look for a break in the connection. If you see one, solder the circuit or twist the wires to correct the problem. Test the wire for continuity using a multimeter. If the multimeter readings do not show the expected results, you need to replace the whole harness. If your dishwasher’s wiring is okay, but the dishwasher’s mechanism does not start, you need to install a new sensor.

Broken Electric Motor

In this case, the dishwasher’s water jet comes out, its rail housing if free, and the sensor wiring is as it should. However, the disperser stands still, and the common buzz cannot be heard, while fault code 7e is shown on the digital display screen. When this happens, you need to inspect the dishwasher’s engine. Follow these steps:

  • Unplug your dishwasher from its power source
  • Open the dishwasher’s door
  • Remove the appliance’s lower bar
  • Pull out the motor
  • Connect tester probes to the motor’s terminals

If the multimeter handle responds, the motor works fine. However, if it does not respond, the motor is broken and should be replaced.

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Samsung Error Code e7

It is easy to confuse error code 7e for fault code e7. However, these two codes mean different faults within the dishwasher. Error code e7 means the waterwall reflector is faulty. The error code shows on your Samsung Dishwasher digital display to indicate the waterwall reflector’s inability to move. This could be caused by something stopping the reflector from moving or when it is attached poorly.

When you see this error code, you need to:

Check if the waterwall reflector is blocked. While at it, you need to ensure nothing is blocking the reflector. If you had installed the dishwasher recently, your need to ensure its packing tape is removed.

Inspect the waterwall reflector’s position. A properly positioned waterwall reflector will have its logo facing upwards and forward.

Fix a poorly installed waterwall reflector. Please do this by lifting it up from the vane to remove it. Adjust it accordingly and fix it properly on the gray shuttle on the waterwall rail.

If your dishwasher’s reflector is installed properly, but the fault code persists, you need to cut the power supply to your dishwasher for two minutes.

When dealing with error code 7e on your Samsung dishwasher, you have to ensure you are fixing the right error code. Use this guide to fix the problem. If the issue persists, call a qualified appliance technician to fix the problem. This should also be your way out if you are not comfortable handling electrical parts. If your appliance is old, you should consider replacing it with a newer model. This simple change might save you from frequent repairs in the future.


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