Refrigerator Water Dispenser Not Working After Replacing Filter


The light turns on, and your refrigerator filter needs replacing. This is a task many people dread. Changing the refrigerator water filter should be a simple task, but that isn’t always a guarantee.

First of all, be sure to follow the directions when installing your water filter. Knowing how to do it correctly can eliminate the issues of disfunction afterward.

What is a Water Filter

Water filters help keep your water clean. Clean water keeps your family safe. These handy tools remove toxins and pesticides from the water and keep them out of your body.

When to Change the Water Filter

Most water filters need to be renewed every 9 – 12 months. Most refrigerators will display an alert when the filter needs replacing.

Do Filters Expire?

Filters do not expire. Water filters have an endless shelf life but need to be kept dry.

Types of Water Filters

There are three primary types of water filters: push-in, twist-in, and inline filters.

Push-in filters are filters that are built into the appliance. They sit inside a chamber in the fridge.

Twist-in filters twist right into the top right section. They typically release with a button or twist movement.

Inline filters are an older model and sit in the back of the fridge and connect ot the waterline.

How to Change Your Refrigerator Filter

Follow these instructions to install your water filter correctly based on the type of filter.

How to Change a Push-in Filter

1. Remove the old filter by rotating off the filter cap.

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2. Remove the filter cap for a new water filter.

3. Line up all the arrows on the new water filter and on the cap.

4. Snap it into place with a counterclockwise turn. When the eject button pops, its in completely.

5. Secure the filter cap.

How to Change a Twist-in Filter

1. Turn the water filter cap to the left to remove.

2. Slide the filter handle off to reuse.

3. Discard the old filter.

4. Replace the filter handle to the new filter.

5. Twist it into place.

How to Change an Inline Filter

1. Turn off your cold water supply to the fridge.

2. Cut the filter tubing.

3. Remove the end cap on the new filter and insert the tube.

4. Lock it into place.

5. Turn on your water supply and ket the water runs clear.

At this point, your filter should be properly installed and working correctly. But what if you installed it successfully, but the refrigerator water dispenser isn’t working after replacing the filter? Below is a list of common issues people find with their water filters.

How to Know The Water Filter Is Installed Properly

Regardless of style or brand, all filters will supply a point of resistance once the filter is turned tightly enough. Always use your hands instead of using tools to ensure you get the best fit. This allows you to actually feel the point of resistance and be sure that the filter is screwed on securely.

Common Water Filter Installation Mistakes

Review these two common mistakes that can arise and result in your water dispenser mot working.

1. Did you remove the protective caps? Be sure you removed any protective caps before you installed your new refrigerator filter.

2. Did you flush the filter? You always need to flush your filter after installing a new filter.

If your refrigerator is still not dispensing water after replacing the filter and you’ve reviewed these two common mistakes, discuss these next best steps.

Troubleshooting Common Water Filter Issues

1. Sometimes when your water dispenser isn’t working after installing a filter, the water filter may not be snapped in all the way.

2. Additionally, check that the issue is not the water valve itself, but rather a filter. If water was working through the old filter and isn’t in the new filter, it is likely a filter issue. If it isn’t coming out of either, the problem may be the water valve.

3. If your refrigerator has a leak after you installed the filter, try reinstalling it with a tighter twist and eliminate the leakage.

4. If your refrigerators water dispenser has an irregular water flow after changing the filter, there could be air in the lines. Press down and hold down the filter level for up to two minutes, or until the water flows out.

5. If your water dispenser isn’t working because you had difficulty installing it, try doing it again with more pressure and force.

6. If your water dispenser has oddly flavored water after changing the water filter, remember that it is not the filter. Instead, it is that you are not used to the water being freshly and adequately filtered. Additionally, compressed air bubbles in the filter can cause an odd flavor. Try discarding a gallon of water from the filter to flush the air bubbles.

7. If your water dispenser seems to have a clog, but it is not time to replace your water filter yet, think about how often you use it.

8. If you have a big family or use it more often than average, your filter may not last as long as the average filter will. Additionally, if the water in your area is inferior, it can also shorten the life of your

9. If this isn’t the case, you may, in fact, have a clog in your line. If the drop in pressure is sudden, this is often the case. You may need a professional to help if you suspect a clog and cannot identify where the clog might be in your lines.

10. If your ice maker isn’t working now that you have replaced the filter, try removing the filter and installing it again. This is always worth trying if the ice maker stops working. Secondly, you could call your manufacturer to see if they have any recommendations. Lastly, you could call an appliance repair person to help get your ice maker working again.

11. If your new filter had a broken tip, you could need ot call the filter manufacturer and send you a replacement. A broken tip on your filter will cause a leak shortly.

When all else fails, consult with your refrigerator’s manual or contact them online or on the phone for support.

When Your Indicator Light Needs To Be Reset for Filter Change Reminders

When you need to have, your indicator light reset after a filter change, follow the following steps. Each manufacturer requires a different process, but each is very simple.

Below you will find directions for major filter brands, but be sure to check the product page of the appropriate filter for particular instructions.

Amana requires you to push the Auto Light and Dispenser Lock buttons at the same time and hold for four seconds. Once it begins to flash, release the buttons.

Electrolux needs you to push the reset button on the water dispense and hold for twenty seconds until the light flashes green.

Frigidaire needs you to push the reset button on the water dispense and hold for twenty seconds until the light flashes green.

GE needs you to press and hold the Reset Water Filter button on the dispenser for three seconds.

Jenn-Air requires you to push and hold the Lock and Light buttons on the dispenser for four seconds.

KitchenAid requires you to push the light switch and release 5 times.

LG requires you to push and hold the reset button for three seconds.

Maytag requires you to push and hold the Lock and Light buttons on the dispenser for four seconds.

Samsung requires you to push and hold the Child Lock and Ice Type buttons simultaneously for three seconds.

Whirlpool requires you to push and release the light switch five times.

These are the top brands and their subsequent steps to get your indicator light reset after a filter change. This allows you to know the next tie your filter will need to be replaced.


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