iele Washing Machine Error Codes

Miele is an appliance manufacturer known for producing very high-quality washing machines. This brand has survived the worst and best of times in the appliance market, for the past 100 years, because of its exceptional quality. Miele washing machine has all the right features of a modern washer. It has an inbuilt diagnostic mechanism that allows it to display error codes for users and appliance repair technicians to know the exact problem. This enables quick fixing of faults within the washer.

Miele washing machine may need periodic maintenance and minor repairs to make it function at its optimum. Proper and careful use of the Miele washing machine minimizes the break-down of the washer. However, the washer still breaks down despite your best efforts to prevent such an occurrence. Luckily, the Miele machine diagnostic mechanism will allow it to determine the fault and relay the message to you in form of error codes. These error codes are only useful to you when you understand what they mean. Use this guide to learn all you need to know about the Miele washing machine error code.

Miele Washing Machine Error Codes

Below is a list showing Miele washing machine error codes, a possible cause for the error code, and how to correct the problem. These error codes are displayed on the washer’s screen whenever there is a problem with the washing machine. Instructions and information provided in this guide are meant to help users of Miale washing machine.

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F01 error code – Water/Heating NTC or Leads Open-Circuited

This fault code is triggered when the NTC temperature sensor R30 (View on Amazon) breaks down. It will also be displayed when connections leading to the sensor R30 short-circuit. When this error code is triggered, your washing machine will not activate heating, which will inhibit its rinse aid from being dispensed. This error is displayed as Technical fault F01, and the machine’s buzzer turns on for two minutes as the error code is displayed on the screen of the washer.

To correct the F1 error code, you need to inspect both the temperature sensor and all its connection leads for faults within the system. Check the resistance of the temperature sensor. It should be at 14.9kΩ (± 750Ω) when the temperature sensor has a 68°F temperature. The resistance should reduce to approximately 12kΩ (± 600Ω) when the temperature increases to 77°F. It would help if you also inspected the plug connections of your washer. In extreme cases, replace the temperature sensor in its entirety.

F02 error code – Water/Heating NTC or Leads Open-Circuited

Fault code F02 is displayed on the screen of your washer when there is an open circuit in the NTC temperature sensor R30, and its connection leads. When this error occurs, the washer’s buzzer activates for 120 seconds. Like the F01 error code, you Miele washer will not activate heating. In addition to this, it will not dispense its rinse aid. Inspect the temperature sensor, and its connection leads for potential weaknesses. Additionally, it would help if you got the resistance measurements of the sensor. It should have an average resistance of 14.9kΩ and 12kΩ when its temperature is at 68°F and 77°F respectively.

F11 error code – Drainage Fault

Fault code F11 is triggered when the ball in the non-return valve within the washer’s sump has not opened or when the water in the washer cannot be drained. A buzzer is activated for 120 seconds when this error is displayed.

The washer’s circulation pump runs for 2 seconds after every drain pump step. This is followed by an inspection of the water levels by the heater pressure switch B1/13. If the water level is very high, the machine extends its drainage period. If the water level does not subside despite this extension, the program will be interrupted and the fault code displayed on the washer’s screen. The drain pump will also be activated. Miele washer will also display the F11 error code when the heater relay 1K1 fails to be activated after error code F51 register check or when the drain hose is kinked.

Correct error cod F11 by ensuring the drain hose has been positioned correctly. Also, clean your washer’s on-site drain; inspect the filters, sump drain, filters, and the heater pressure switch. Replace the heater pressure switch where necessary.

F12 error code – Water Intake Fault at Start of Step

Fault code F12 is triggered when the on-site shutoff valve is closed, or the on-site water supply is not in order, or the water inlet valve is broken, or the electrical connection has open-circuited, or when the B3/4 flow meter does not provide pulses. A minimum of fifteen pulses through B3/4 (flow meter) need to be recorded in the first five seconds of the water intake step. If these pulses are not detected, the error code F12 is displayed on the screen.

There are various ways of fixing this problem. They include opening the shutoff valve, checking the on-site supply of water using a specialist, and checking the waterproof system valve Y2. You also need to pull out the left side panel and inspect if the plate with reed switch on the B3/4 flow meter is properly fitted. Where necessary, replace the water inlet mixer where needed.

F13 error code – Water Intake Fault: Heater Pressure Switch

Fault code F13 is displayed as water intake fault F13. A 2-minute long buzzer is activated after 2 to 4 minutes. This error code is raised when the required number of pulses is not recorded by the machine within a specified amount of time. However, the error code records sooner if the chosen program begins with a water softener. You can correct this problem by inspecting and replacing the water inlet valve. You should also call a specialist to inspect the on-site water supply. Change the reed switch if necessary.

F14 error code – Water Intake Fault: Heater Pressure Switch

Fault code F14 is caused by a defective heater pressure switch B1/13, presence of foreign matter in the heater pressure switch, and a non-functioning circulation pump. To correct these defects, you need to replace the heater pressure switch. Inspect the wiring harness and the connection plug. It would be best if you also inspected the circulation pump capacitor. Replace the circulation pump if necessary.

F18 error code – Flow Meter Stationary State Monitor B3/4

Fault code F18 is caused by a faulty water inlet valve. When the water inlet valve is open when it should not, error code F18 is triggered. Unexpected impulses are recorded from B3/4 flow meter are detected as water flows into the washer. Inspect the water inlet valve for defects and replace it if necessary. It would help if you also replaced the water inlet mixer to correct this problem.

F19 error code – Flow Meter B3/4 Stiff and not Turning Freely

Fault code F19 is raised when there is a problem with the flow meter. To correct this fault, you need to replace the water inlet valve.

F24 error code – Heater Relay Contact

Fault code F24 is displayed when the heater relay contacts fuse together or when there is water in the heater relay. Correct this problem by replacing the heater relay.

F25 error code – Desired Temperature Fault

This problem is caused by a defective heater relay. It is also caused by excess rinse dispensed or the amount of detergent or excess foam formation. Correct this problem by inspecting the dispensed amounts of rinse aid and detergent.

F26 error code – Boiling Protection

Fault code F26 displays when the temperature at the NTC sensor rises beyond 194°F. It can also be caused when the NTC temperature sensor relays the wrong information. Inspect the heater relay and the NTC sensor. Replace if necessary.

F40 – Electronic Fault

This error is caused by an electronic fault, such as damaged hardware. Correct this fault by replacing the defective electronic hardware.

This guide should help you solve all the errors arising as you use the Miele washing machine. It has some of the most common problems users encounter as they use Miele washer and how to correct the fault. You can always refer to this guide when you need to fix a problem with your Miele washing machine. Call your local repair service when you encounter major issues with your Miele washer.

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