Maytag Bravos Dryer Error Codes and Fixes


Error codes can be a nightmare, especially if you’re in a hurry. If you’re trying to use your dryer and all of a sudden an error code pops up you may be too frustrated or busy to try to figure out what’s going on yourself. You may be tempted to just want to call a professional to come see what’s wrong but that can be pretty costly when the problem may be something simple. Before you get on the phone you may want to become familiar with what the error codes mean so if you end up in that situation, you know how to handle it.

The first thing you need to know is how to set your dryer into diagnostic mode to see what error codes are active. To do this follow the steps below…

1. Be sure the dryer is in standby mode (all indicators off and plugged in).

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2. Enter the sequence +(more time), -(less time), +(more time), -(less time) within five minutes

3. You will know that the test mode is activated because all indicators on the consol are illuminated and “88” will show up on the “Estimated Time Remaining” display.

Error Code: PF

What does it mean?

Error code PF means that there is a power failure in the machine while the dryer was running a cycle.

What should you check?

This is a pretty simple one. To clear the display just press the STOP button and try to run your load again. Press the START button and you may want to keep an eye on the cycle and make sure it completes. If you get the error code again you may have something wrong with your power cord. Make sure the cord is plugged in properly and isn’t loose because if the connection isn’t secure you can get an error code. Something else to look for are any tears or frays in the cord, if the cord is damaged then you’ll have to get a replacement.

Error Code: F-01

What does it mean?

Error code F-01 means that there is main electric control board failure.

What should you check?

The only thing you can really do for this issue is unplug the dryer for about five to ten minutes and let it rest for a bit. Then you can plug it back in and see and see if the error code returns. If the code shows back up you‘re unfortunately going to have to replace the main electric control board for your dryer.

Error Code: F-02

What does it mean?

Error code F-02 means that there is a user interface failure or a keypad failure.

What should you check?

When you get this code it’s usually because you have a stuck button on the user interface control board. Do your best to unstick the button if you can identify which one is causing the problem. Make sure to be gentle when trying to get the key unstuck so you don’t break it. If the unit breaks or you can’t unstick the key or get it to work you’re probably going to have to replace the user interface control board.

Error Codes: F-22 and F-23

What do they mean?

Error codes F-22 and F-23 mean that there is an exhaust thermistor error.

What should you check?

The thermistor is the temperature sensor inside your dryer to make sure that the heat is working properly. Check the resistance of the thermistor by looking at how many ohms are showing up. The temperature should be about 10,000 ohms, if the thermistor is defective then it’s best to buy a replacement.

Error Code: F-26

What does it mean?

Error code F-26 means that there is a drive motor failure.

What should you check?

First things first make sure you unplug the dryer, you want to cut off the power for safety reasons. It’s worth noting that reaching the drive motor should only be done by someone who is confident in their electrical skills and if you’re not you may want to just call a repairman. The drive motor is located in the back of the maytag machine and will require taking the housing off the outside of the dryer and checking the wires connecting the drive motor to the electronic control board. If the wires are loose then that is likely what is causing the problem and all you should have to do is reconnect them and the error code should go away. If the code remains then you will have to replace the drive motor.

Error Codes: F-28

What does it mean?

Error code F-28 means that the moisture sensor strip has failed.

What should you check?

You can locate the moisture sensor strip on the back wall of the dryer drum or on the front near the lint trap depending on your model. Make sure the strip isn’t open and is fully closed and doesn’t seem loose. You can test the moisture sensor by putting in a load of dry clothes in which case the sensor should automatically turn the machine off and if you put in a load of wet clothes it should run like normal which means the sensor has picked up the moisture from the laundry. If it’s still not working then you may have to replace the moisture sensor.

Error Code: F-29

What does it mean?

Error code F-29 also relates to the moisture sensor strip and means that it has shorted.

What should you check?

As stated before, you can locate the moisture sensor strip on the back wall of the dryer drum or on the front near the lint trap depending on your model. This code takes a little more complex skill; again, if you are savvy with electrical work you can open up the unit and check if the wires have disconnected from the main electronic control board. If your wiring seems okay then you’re going to have to replace the moisture sensor strip.

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Bottom Line

After going through this guide hopefully you are more familiar with how the Maytag Bravos dryer codes work and you will be able to identify the problem before you have to hire a repairman to come out!


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