Logik Washing Machine Problems & Fixes

Logic Washing Machine and fixes

Logik washer owners may experience mechanical or technical problems on their machines because of software failure or mechanical faults. It would help if you were not quick to call your local technician when this happens to you. Instead, look at the error code shown on your washer’s display screen and fix the problem.

Like other washing machine error codes, logic washer fault codes assume the general public and washer repair specialists have a minimum level of competence to understand these codes. However, most users are not familiar with the logic washing machine error codes.

This piece will guide you on what each error code means, when it shows and how you will fix the error and restore your washing machine to its normal state. Below are error codes, their cause, and possible solutions for the error. These fault codes have been listed according to the model.

Logik L612WM12 Washer Error Codes

Err 01 – Door is Not Shut Correctly

This error code is indicated by a blinking start/pause light, and it means that your washer’s door is not shut tightly. It would help if you shut the door of your washing machine tightly to avoid accidents. To fix this problem, you need to open your washer’s door and shut it properly.

You will know that your door has been shut well when you hear a click. If this does not fix the problem, you need to turn off your logic machine and contact your local technician.

Err 02 – Level of Water in Your Washer is Below the Heater

When your washing machine’s water is below the heater, the pressure of your water supply is likely to decrease, and this error code will appear on the screen of your washing machine.

This error code is indicated by a blinking program ready light. To correct this issue, you need to ensure your water supply tap has been turned on to its maximum capacity. Check the water supply and ensure it is as expected.

Your washing machine has been programmed to stop automatically when this problem persists. When this happens, you need to switch the machine off, unplug it from its power source, and reach out to your local technician.

Err 03 – Obstructed Pump Filter or Failed Pump

Both the program and start/pause light will blink when this error occurs. Instead of immediately calling your local technician, take your time, and inspect the failed pump and the obstructed pump filter.

Take note of the amount and type of debris that obstructs your pump filter and causes your pump to fail.

Clean the pump filter by removing the debris and all other forms of obstruction. If this does not help and restore your washer to its normal form, reach out to your local technician.

Err 05 – Failed heat sensor or heater

This fault is indicated when both the program end light and start/pause light blink. A faulty heat sensor will make the processes in your washer to stall. Correct this by shutting down your washing machine. Unplug the washer from its power source and shut the tap that supplies water into the washer. Contact a qualified electrician to fix this problem.

Err 06 – Failed Motor

A faulty motor (view on Amazon) stalls the entire operation of your washing machine. This is a complex problem that should only be handled by a qualified technician. This error is indicated when the program ends light and program ready light blink.

Err 07 – Configuration Error

When there is a configuration problem in your washing machine, the program starts/pause light, the program end light, and the program ready light remains permanently. Switch your machine off and disconnect it from its power source. Please turn off the tap that supplies water into the washer and contact a qualified technician to fix it.

Err 08 – Failed Motor

When your washer’s motor fails, you will see the program ready light, the start/pause light, and the program end light shimmering or blinking. When this happens, you need to turn your machine off. You also need to shut the water tap and contact a qualified technician.

Err 09 – Very High or Very Low Network Voltage

When your washing machine has this problem, its program ends light and program ready light remains on for long. Your washing machine will shut down automatically when its network voltage is more than 260V or less than 150V. When the washer’s network voltage stabilizes, your washer will continue with its normal functions.

Logik L612WD12 Washer Error Codes

Err 1 – Faulty Locking Door Function

This error code shows on the display screen when the locking door function of the washer has malfunctioned. Correct this problem by reclosing the door of your washing machine.

Err 2 – Problem With Your Drain

When the drain of your washing machine malfunctions, this error code will show on the washer’s display screen. Fix it by rinsing the filter of your machine’s draining pump. Inspect if the machine’s drainpipe is blocked and fix it.

Err 3 – Faulty Temperature Pickup

Err 4 – Heating Malfunction

When Err 3 and Err 4 show on the display screen, you have to contact your technician to repair it.

Err 5 – Water intake malfunction

This error code shows on the display screen if the water pressure is very low. It also shows when the water supply is stopped. Call a qualified technician near you to fix the problem.

Err 6 – Drying and Heating Problem

This problem requires a more qualified individual to work on it because of its complexity. Call a qualified technician to work on it.

Unb – Unbalanced Load

An unbalanced load causes the washing machine to come to a stop due to the washer’s unbalanced load protection feature. If the unbalanced load has a greater weight than the maximum allowable weight, the washer does not spin. It will also run at a very slow pace to avoid annoying noise and vibrations.

Fix this problem by minimizing the weight of your laundry within the washer. Do this by manually rearranging laundry items within the washer. Place each piece in a symmetrical position.

If you are washing one piece of cloth or laundry, place it in a symmetrical position within the drum. It would help if you also reduced the pieces of clothes that you put in the drum. Choose the spin program to begin the spin afresh.

Err 12 – Drying Water Level Sensor Abnormity

Examine if your clothes have been dried or not. Also, check if the washing machine has water. If your clothes have water, dry them one more time after your washers drying process is complete.

Err 7 – Excess Foam in the Washer or Motor Failure

Err 7 is only displayed on your washer’s display screen when there is a lot of foam formation or if your washing machine’s motor has broken down.

To correct this problem, you need to choose and run a program that will fill and drain your washing machine. If this does not work, call a qualified technician to fix this issue and restore your washer to its normal state of function.

Other important Logik washing machine error codes that you should know:

Err 10 – Inlet Water Overtime of 7 Minutes

Turn on your water tap and inspect if your washer’s inlet hose is kinked or squashed. Examine the filter positioned at the inlet valve to determine if it is blocked or it is clean.

You also need to find out if the water pressure of the water flowing into your washer is too low. If any of these problems affect your washing machine, correct it by fixing the relevant part of the washer.

Logik washing machine error codes are pretty easy to understand and fix. When you troubleshoot your washing machine, you need to have the right tools. If, despite your best efforts, you cannot fix your washing machine, consider calling a qualified technician or buying a new unit, especially if your current washer is old.


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