Troubleshooting LG Washing Machine Error Codes


Your LG washing machine is equipped with sensors that can detect when there’s a problem; minimal guesswork involved. And when a problem appears, it displays said problem with an error code associated with it. For example, error code LE relates to too much weight in the drum or error code CE indicating too much voltage into the system.

Take a look at the error code on your washer, find it on this list, and discover what your LG washing machine is trying to tell you.

LG Washing Machine Error Codes and Their Meaning

1. Error Codes IE and OE

Water comes into the washer from one way, and then leaves by passing through another system that includes the drain hose and drain pump filter. Both of these are obviously integral to a working system. If both are clogged or kinked, then the water cannot drain properly or at all, and you get error codes IE or OE.

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2. Error codes Ub and UE

Do you just toss your clothes into the washer all willy nilly? You can cause an imbalance doing that. What ends up happening is that one side of the washer weights more, and when it spins, that extra weight on one side can throw the balance of the washer off. In some cases, it can cause damage. Spread your clothes out and spread out the weight, even for front loading washing machines.

3. CL

Chances are you have a small child at home who likes to press buttons. A child lock is your best friend, and LG washing machines have one that enables automatically as “CL.” So it isn’t actually an error code, just an indication that the child lock is on.

4. LE

A major reason why you shouldn’t throw too much laundry into your washer: the motor can seize up. Too much weight adds pressure onto the motor, which then displays as error code LE when it detects an overloaded drum. Remove some clothing and try again.

5. t CL

A mistake people often make is not cleaning their washer. It’s constantly coming in contact with condensation, which can be a breeding ground for mold and mildew, especially if you close the washer door often. When error code t CL appears, clean the tub using its clean cycle.

6. Error Code dE, dE1, and dE2

Error codes dE, dE1, and dE2 all relate to the washer door. Error codes dE and dE2 mean the washer door closed, but didn’t lock. Error code dE1 means the washer door is opened, but not locked.

7. CE

There’s situations where your washer isn’t getting enough voltage, and other times it’s getting too much. Too much voltage can result in error code CE, specifically to the motor. A short circuit, loose connection, ground fault or a recent power surge can cause the error. After a reset, and the error code still appears, turn off the washer and speak with a professional for repairs.

8. Sud

This one is straightforward: there’s too many suds in your washer. Start another rinse cycle to dilute the detergent. Afterwards, reduce the amount of detergent you use from now on.

9. FE

A faulty water valve can lead to your washer overfilling with water, which in turn displays error code FE to warn you.

10. PE

Your LG washing machine fills up with a very specific amount of water. This is done with a sensor that can detect said amount. If it malfunctions, you get error code PE.

11. PF

When you’ve experienced a power outage while the washing machine was in use, you get error code PF.

12. tE

A thermistor gives the washing machine information on the temperature of the washing machine. It then uses that to reduce or raise said temperature. If the thermistor is malfunctioning or faulty, your washing machine can get strange readings. Error code tE indicates a malfunction with the thermistor.

Top Loading LG Washing Machine Error Codes

Just about every error code that can appear on a front loading LG washing machine also applies to top loading LG washing machines. However, there are a few unique error codes that only appear on top loaders. This is mainly due to top loaders and front loaders being slightly different.

1. E6

Error code E6 is the reason your washer should always be checked for foreign objects before and after you start a load of laundry. In this case, something may have fallen between the pulsator and the tub, causing there to be an error with the clutch.

2. dL

The door latch can be a sensitive piece when damaged. Without it properly connected, it can cause the dL error code. This means something is wrong with the latch itself. Check for anything that’s blocking it. Furthermore, resetting the washer by unplugging it for a few seconds can wipe the error. If the issue persists and nothing is blocking its path, it might be in need of a repair.

3. DR

Let’s say you stop the washing machine in the middle of a cycle and leave for about 8 minutes. After coming back, you noted DR on the display. What did you do? Nothing! It actually isn’t an error. It just means the current session timed out and will automatically drain any water inside.

4. d3

You might have noticed that your washer isn’t spinning. Why is that? It’s possible that the motor couple is broken. When that happens, the washer detects the issue and displays error code d3.