LG Washer LE Code and Fixes


LG is a renowned appliance producer that prioritizes quality, durability, and client satisfaction. In line with these, the appliance manufacturer produces technologically advanced washers, equipped with an internal diagnosis mechanism that shows error codes on the washing machine’s display screen. These error codes help appliance repairs and homeowner to determine the exact problem facing the washing machine. LE is one of LG’s error codes.

What is LE error Code?

Locked Motor Error or LE is a fault code that shows on LG’s display screen to indicate that the washing machine’s motor has locked because of either a heavy load or another reason. Heavy and large load size will strain your LG washer, causing it to show the LE code on its display screen. It is important to know all the other causes of LE error code so that when the code shows on your LG washer display screen, you will be able to fix it correctly. This guide will help you with that.

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Thermal Overload Protection

Your LG washing machine is likely to show the LE fault code on its display screen when its thermal overload protection circuit situated in the motor (view on Amazon) is tripped. The thermal overload protection feature was designed to protect your washer’s motor from overheating, causing serious and permanent destruction to your washing machine.

To fix the problem and clear the fault code from the display screen of your washer, you need to let the motor cool down. Turn your LG washing machine off and sit for about thirty minutes before you restart it. If the LE error code still shows on your LG display screen, you may have to call an appliance specialist from your location.

New Installation

The LE fault code may show on your LG washer display screen if there is an installation problem. In this case, the LE error code indicates a communication mishap between the control pane and your washing machine’s motor. This problem can be solved by simply resetting your washer. Disconnect your washing machine from its power source, then press and hold the start/pause button for about five seconds.

Connect the washing machine back to a power source and set it on the rinse- spin cycle to confirm if the error code has been eliminated from the LD display screen. However, if the LE error code still appears on the LG display screen, you need to call the company’s customer support for help.

Excessive Suds

The LE error code will also appear if your washer detects excess soap suds in the washing machine’s drum. In most cases, sudsing happens when you do not use high-efficiency detergents or when you use excess high-efficiency detergents. When using detergents, follow the guidelines provided in your owner’s manual on how to use detergent. Also, check the label on your detergent to know the type of detergent you use and its amount.

For you to do away with the soap suds in the drum of your washer, and remove the code from the display screen, you need to disconnect your washer from its source of power and let it sit for thirty minutes. This will allow the suds to dissolve. Plug your washer back into the power source after half an hour and turn it on.

Press the spin speed button and choose ‘No spin.’ Turn on the drain the only cycle of your washing machine by pressing the start/pause button. After the cycle is complete, pull out the load from the washer’s tub and begin the rinse spin cycle to clear any remaining residue in the washing machine. If the suds do not come out completely, you may have to repeat this process one more time to eliminate it.

Load Problems

When the load is in a given condition, it may cause the washer to show the LE error code on its display screen. Therefore, you need to choose the right spin cycle for your specific type of load. For instance, if you put a large load in your washing machine, you should avoid choosing the gentle cycle options such as Hand Wash, Delicates, Wool/Silk, or Perm Press because the washer will treat the load as a delicate load. These options should be reserved for small loads.

If your washing machine has load issues, you need to reset it. The reset process should begin by unplugging the washer from its power source. Press the start/pause button for about five seconds. Connect the washing machine back to its power source after five seconds. If the LE code still shows on the display screen, it means that the washer is overloaded. Large, bulky loads are straining the motor of your washing machine. Fix this problem by removing some clothes from the washer. This will reduce the load size. Restart the spin cycle after reducing the size of the load.

If the LE error code still appears after doing all these, turn the washer off and let it rest for thirty minutes so that the motor has enough time to cool before you can begin a new cycle.

General Approach of Diagnosing the LE Error Code

Once you see the LE code show on your LG display screen, you need to act fast to find a solution to this problem. Finding a solution begins with understanding the problem. Here is a general approach that you can use when diagnosing your LG washing machine for the LE error.

Examine your washing machine’s door to ensure it has locked tightly. If it is not, exert more pressure while pressing the hatch until you hear a click sound

If the LE error shows on the spin mode in the process of a delicate wash, it is highly likely that you have overloaded the tank with large or bulky laundry. Correct this by removing some clothes from the washing machine to reduce the weight and strain the load has on the washer.

Disconnect your front load washing machine from the network for not less than twenty minutes. Once the twenty minutes is spent, turn it on and check to see if the LE error code has disappeared.

When the LE error code shows on the display screen, there is a possibility that a foreign matter has stuck inside the appliance. The object can be anywhere between the drum and the tank of your washing machine, where it creates a mechanical issue. Correct this issue by disassembling the tank of your washer and removing the object creating the lock.

Examine the mains voltage to find out if the power supply is as expected. If the power supply is not sufficient for your washing machine’s normal operation, your washer might display the LE fault code. You also need to check for any wiring damage within your washing machine. Change your washer’s wiring in case of any fault.

Your LG display screen may show the LE error code if there is a power surge in your washer’s network. The LE fault code appears alternately with the PF code if your washing machine’s network experiences frequent power surges. The LE error code indicates power failure in this particular case. Install a stabilizer in your washing machine. However, rebooting your washer is a more immediate fix.

LE error code in your LG washing machine is likely to scare you. However, you need to keep your cool and think of a way out of this issue. Use this guide to remove the error code from your LG washing machine display screen. If none of these solutions work for you, you should consider contacting an appliance specialist within your locality for help. This should, however, happen as a last resort. Additionally, you need to adhere to safety protocols while dealing with electrical appliances. Wear protective gear and work on the appliance when it is unplugged.

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