LG Refrigerator Not Making Ice? Try These Fixes


LG refrigerators are state of the art. They have a very high owner satisfaction rating for many of their models, especially the top-freezer versions. They

LG boasts modern and innovative designs in their appliances, and their refrigerators are no different. They also meet energy efficiency measures as well as space-saving features.

You can shop for LG appliances at major retail locations online and in-store. Even if you buy instore, they need to be delivered as they are cumbersome and need to be transported safely in an upright position. See this post about laying a refrigerator on its side for more details on the issue a tilted refrigerator can cause.

LG makes French-Door refrigerators, Door-in-Door refrigerators, Side-by-Side refrigerators, LG Instaview refrigerators, and bottom freezers. Each style appeals to different spaces and consumers, but LG brings quality and longevity to them all.

You Bought an LG Refrigerator, Now What

Whether you are sitting outside, dehydrated on a hot, sunny day, or trying to cool down a cup of hot chocolate, you want to be able to go to your LG ice maker on your refrigerator and get ice when you need it.

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When you invest in an LG refrigerator, you expect high quality. When you want ice, you should have some ice.

Review the guide below to troubleshoot your ice maker not working, and you will be back to drinking ice cold drinks in no time.

Common Problems and Solutions For an LG Refrigerator Ice Machine That Is Not Working

If your LG refrigerator has an ice maker that is not working, use these tips to solve the common problems.

Is Your Freezer Temperature Above 10 Degrees F (or -12C)?

If your freezer has a temperature above 10 degrees Fahrenheit (or -12C), your ice maker will not be able to make ice cubes easily. The freezer temperature needs to be between 0-5 degrees Fahrenheit (or -18 to -15C) in order for the ice maker to work correctly.

If you find that your freezer temperature is high, check that the condenser coils don’t have a layer of grime and that the condenser fan in your appliance is working correctly. Also, you may want to see if any frost has collected on the evaporator coils. If this is the case and the evaporator

If your freezer coils are frosted, part of the likely defrost system is broken and will need to be amended or replaced.

Is Your Freezers Water Inlet Valve Broken?

Within your freezer, there is a water inlet valve that supplies water ot the ice maker and the water dispenser by opening up once the button is triggered. If your water inlet valve is broken, then no water or ice can flow through the tube to your glass.

Check your water pressure with a multimeter to see that the water pressure to your machine is at least 20 psi.

If you are getting enough pressure above 20 psi, but your ice still will not work, then you likely need to replace your water inlet valve.

Is Your LG Ice Maker Assembly Broken?

There are many components in the Ice Maker. Check the water inlet valve on your machine as well as the water line and the fan. If all three are not broken, and your freezer still remains at least 15 degrees Fahrenheit, you can assume you need to renew the ice maker assembly. If even one small component is broken, you will likely need to replace the entire ice maker assembly. This is because the individual pieces are not sold, but rather it is sold all together in one unit.

Is Your Icemaker Module Broken?

Within your icemaker module, there is a motor that drives the ice out of the machine and into your cup. The ice maker will not dispense the ice via the motor if the temperature does not reach 15 degrees Fahrenheit. If your icemaker module breaks, then you will not have ice.

If you suspect this might be the case, check that your on/off switch is correctly set with its arm down. Also, check that there are not any ice cubes stuck in the blades within the ice maker. If neither of these seems to likely be the issue, then it is time to call a professional. They can probably diagnose the problem with your ice maker module.

Is Your Water Pressure Too Low?

Does your home have enough water pressure? Your water inlet valve provides water to the ice maker and water dispenser. Without enough pressure, it cannot operate correctly. A water inlet valve needs at least 20 psi to work. Conduct a water flow pressure test, function properly. You will need to have your house water pressure adjusted if it is not at least 20 psi.

Is Your Door Switch Broken?

The water dispenser and icemaker both shut off when the doors are opened on a refrigerator. If your door switch breaks, the ice maker and water dispenser will not turn on. Test to see if the door switch works or not, if not it will need to be replaced

Is Your Ice Level Control Board Broken?

Modern refrigerators use an infrared beam to measure the level of ice in your machine. Once the ice is full to the top, the beam can no longer shine across adn therefore, the control board tells the machine to stop making ice. Otherwise, the entire freezer would get filled with ice.

If your ice level control board is broken, it may be telling the machine that the ice is full even though there isn’t any ice. Check to see if the ice level control board has power. If you confirm, it has power, but the ice maker still isn’t working, the ice level control board needs to be replaced.

Is Your Icemaker Mold Thermostat Broken?

Within your machine, there is an icemaker mold thermostat. It is responsible for monitoring the temperature of the ice tray. Once the tray hits the proper temperature, the icemaker ejects the ice and then begins to make more ice cubes. If your mold thermostat is broken, the machine will not make ice. Use a multimeter to test if the icemaker mold thermostat has continuity, it is working. If it doesn’t, it will need to be replaced. The temperature must be lower than 20 degrees Fahrenheit to operate correctly.

Is Your Icemaker Switch Broken?

Sometimes when your ice maker is not working, the ice maker switch is not turned off. If it is not turned off but isn’t working, then it could be that the switch is turned off. First, check the icemaker switch to be sure it is on. Then, check the continuity with a multimeter. If it doesn’t have continuity, it needs ot be replaced.

Is Your Water Filter Clogged?

If the water filter gets clogged, the water will not be able to flow through the filter, and then the ice maker can not make any ice. This is a prevalent cause for the ice maker to stop making ice. It is also a straightforward fix.

It is imperative that you change the water filter regularly because clogs do happen. Most water filters need to be replaced every six to nine months. This will ensure that the water quality will remain fresh.

The LG company states that their refrigerators should last roughly 20-years. They are quality machines, and if you invest in an LG refrigerator, you want it to work correctly and last a long time.

The ice maker on your LG refrigerator is unnecessary, but it is a valuable tool within a home. Keeping your ice maker in working order allows your family to drink ice-cold beverages and cooling food that is too hot. Follow these steps to fix any issues that arise and keep the ice maker working on your LG refrigerator.


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