LG Dishwasher LE Error? Try These Fixes


LE dishwashers are common machines in most homes. These machines tend to display specific errors when there is a problem. One of the most common error code that pops up on the machine regularly is the LE error. This error code indicates an issue with the motor. The washer fails to work when the motor is not at its optimum.

Several reasons can trigger this error, including the impeller of the washing pump being locked. It can also come about when the rotor of the washing motor is locked, or when the blade is locked. In some cases, it occurs when the PCB main control board is faulty. Regardless of the problem triggering the error, knowing how to fix the issue is more crucial. This article attempts to explore some of the possible fixes to consider.

When the Circulation Pump causes the Issue

Before you replace any parts on the machine, make sure you attempt the following fixes. You can try to rest the LG washer first. To do this:

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  1. Push the power button to turn the dishwasher off
  2. Flip the circuit breaker to off and wait for at least 30 seconds
  3. Flip the circuit breaker back on
  4. Push the power button to switch the washer on
  5. Start a new cycle and check if the LE error still pops up

You can tell that the error has been fixed if the error code does not come up again. In case the error still displays as before, consider the following fixes.

Repairing to Clear the LE error

As mentioned earlier, this error code indicates the presence of an error with the circulation pump motor. To fix it:

  1. Turn off the dishwasher for 30 to 45 minutes. This allows the motor to cool down in case it is overheated.
  2. Start a new cycle after the minutes elapse to check if the error recurs
  3. If the error does not recur, resume normal washing. If it does, continue as follows.

What to Do When the LE Error Shows Up After Cooling the Machine Down

To fix the error further:

  1. Confirm that the wiring or harness to the pump’s motor is secured, and there are no damages.
  2. Confirm that the wash impeller and rotor are not broken or frozen.
  3. If your checks turn out well and none of the components is broken, you may have to replace the dishwasher pump and motor assembly (view on Amazon).
  4. Replacing the pump and motor assembly should fix the error.

More components must be checked in case the error keeps appearing. These include:

Wire Harness and Wiring Connections to and from the Motor

You need to ensure that the wiring is not broken. Damaged wire harness should be replaced immediately.

Confirm that the motor impeller, motor rotor, and motor blade are movingfreely and working properly

The washing pump and impeller should not be locked. Replace the motor if it is faulty.

Replace the PCB Main Control Board in case of a Faulty Mainboard

The machine may fail to work as expected if the mainboard is faulty. Always consider this in case all the mechanical components are in perfect working condition.

Broken or Damaged Dishwasher Doors

A broken door can also cause the LE error to show up on display. In case a broken wire is behind this mistake, fix it by first removing the screws inside the dishwasher door perimeter. This will free the front door completely. You can then pull off the adhesive holding inside the machine. Check the wires inside the plastic guide to see that there is no broken blue or grey wire. The wires are thick and insulated. Check to see that none is broken or damaged in any way. Repairing any damaged wires should clear the LE error.

New Installation Error

This LE error code can also appear if there was a mistake during the installation of a new dishwasher. Usually, it happens when there is a miscommunication between the control panel and the wash motor. This issue can easily be fixed by resetting the washer. All you have to do is to unplug the washer then, press and hold the start or pause button for not less than five seconds. Plug it back into the power source and set the washer to a rinse-spin cycle to test if the issue still recurs. In case it still recurs, you may have to call the LG customer service desk to have a technician come over.

Thermal Overload Protection

The LG dishwasher also displays the LE error code when there is a thermal overload protection circuit in the motor, causing it to trip. This feature is meant to protect the motor from overheating and permanently damaging the motor. For one to clear this error code, it is necessary to leave the motor unused for a while so that it cools down. You should not restart the cycle until the motor sits for at least 30 minutes. If, after doing this, the LE error still occurs, then the issue could be a major one and requires the assistance of an LG technician. Unplug the washer and call for assistance.

Load Issues

The LE error may also pop up if there is a problem with the load. Different load conditions could cause the error to appear. Use gentle cycles such as hand wash, delicates, wool/silk, and perm press for small loads. Do not use these for larger loads. When resetting the washer, press pause or start after unplugging and let it stay unplugged for 5 seconds before plugging back. When the LE indicates that an overload has happened, you need to be careful since this could strain the motor and cause even more damage. In case the error appears after resetting, let it sit unplugged for 30 seconds before you call an expert to diagnose and fix.

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Sump Assembly Fails to Work Appropriately

The LE error can show up in your LG dishwasher if the sump assembly is inappropriate. In case this is the issue, then the problem can only be fixed by replacing the entire sump. You should thus watch out for signs and indicators of a bad sump. To determine this:

  1. Try running a wash cycle
  2. If it tries to run, but the dishwasher fails to operate, then the vario motor may be stuck or bad
  3. When the control fails to sense the motor’s movement, the LE error occurs.

It is possible that the machine will beep water. You will also see the LE error.

Replacing the Sump

To replace the sump assembly, you first have to remove the dishwasher housing after switching off the power. Remove the panel from the dishwasher’s back and several plumbing connections. You will then install the new sump connection in a reverse connection from how you removed the old one from the dishwasher. Once you unscrew the bottom plate, proceed as follows:

  1. Disconnect all electrical connections
  2. Undo the vario motor, steam generator, motor switch, and water valve lines
  3. Remove all ground wire and wire holding clamps
  4. Unscrew the holding clamps and press the tabs on the sump assembly to remove it

The old sump will be free, and can now be replaced with the new one. Remember that you will have to remove the plumbing lines; hence may need plumbing tools to do this. Once the new sump assembly is in place, add a Teflon panel between the wire loom and the insulation board to prevent any issues from recurring in the future. This precautionary measure may take a few minutes to install, but it is still worth it. The fact that the LE error will not pop up regularly in the future makes it worth it.

Troubleshooting an LG LE error is easy. Just know the potential issues that could trigger the error and examine them one after the other. You are likely to find out what the issue is and fix it. In case the error persists, consider calling an LG expert technician to fix.


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