How to Wash a King Size Comforter


Washing a kingsize comforter is easy if you know what steps to follow. You do not have to spend a lot of money on a dry cleaner when you can do this at home. The method or technique used to clean your comforter will depend on its fabric material. Delicate comforters will not be washed in the same way that tough materials will. You can use machine wash, hand wash, or wet and dry wash depending on several factors. This article intends to help you understand how each of these methods works. You may save a considerable amount of money by doing the wash at home. Read on to discover more.

Washing your Kingsize Comforter at Home

Nothing beats the freshness of sleeping in cleaning bedding. You get a great feel sleeping in nice smelling comforters. This could even enhance your sleeping experience. It is even more crucial for your health always to use clean covers when sleeping. Cleaning the comforter can be a headache if you do not know how to do it right. Fortunately, there are home washing techniques you could try depending on the instructions on your comforter.

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You can choose to machine wash the comforter if its fabric is less delicate. If it is made of delicate material, then hand washing is recommended. Alternatively, dry and wet wash the comforter if all it needs is a little cleaning, and not necessarily a complete wash. The bottom line is to always read the fabric treatment instructions carefully before commencing any washing. Below are the specifics when washing using any of the three methods described above.

Machine Washing Your Comforter

First, check if the instructions permit machine washing. You can also do a spot check to see if there are certain intricacies like embroidery, beadwork, and other decorative works on the comforter. If it has such delicate details that could be destroyed when machine washing, consider using a different method. Size is also a great determinant of whether you will machine wash your comforter. It needs to fit into the machine, or it will not get clean when washed. In case the comforter is too big,consider hand washing it since your machine will not handle it. Fortunately, this will not be an issue because most comforters will fit into standard machine washers. To clean,

1. Spray the comforter with a spray remover recommended for the fabric and machine

2. Use small amounts of pre-wash stain remover liquid spray, spraying it inconspicuously on the comforter to remove any unnatural stains when washing the fabric

3. Set the water temperatures indicated on the comforter’s label

4. Add your laundry detergent

5. Use the gentlest cycle in your machine

6. Once the washing is done, air dry the comforter or use the machine dryer depending on the comforter’s direction.

7. Most comforters will need to be air-dried on a banister or clothesline

8. When using a dryer, throw in some tennis balls as this will keep it loose and moving.

9. Keep the low heat, and remove it immediately the comforter dries to minimize wrinkles and avoid them from becoming a permanent feature of the comforter.

Hand Washing

This is probably the safest approach to follow when washing a comforter. It is highly recommended for comforters with a delicate fabric. It is also the right method for comforters laced or those with a lot of ornamental additions such as beads. However, you should be prepared to spend some time as it is time-consuming. To clean your comforter by hand:

1. Fill your bathtub with warm water and put a cap of your wash detergent in it

2. Put the comforter in and swish it around for a couple of minutes.

3. Allow it to soak for some time.

4. Pull the comforter to one side of the bathtub and let all the soapy water drain out.

5. Fill the tub with clean water to rinse off the soapy water in your comforter

6. Remove the comforter from the tub and ring as much water as you can from it

7. Hang it on the clothesline to dry, or over a banister

Dry-wet Hand Washing

This technique is great when all your comforter needs is a bit of cleaning and not a complete wash. It is used to clean comforters with sporadic stains or those that require a bit of touchup. You need a few items to get this done. This include:

  • Warm and damp clothe
  • A vacuum
  • A stain remover
  • Lukewarm water in a bucket

Follow the procedure below when cleaning:

  • Vacuum the comforter to eliminate dust, and any grime on its surface
  • Point out the spots that need cleaning
  • Gently wipe these areas with the damp rag
  • Spray small amounts of liquid stain remover
  • Keep doing this until the stain is completely removed
  • Once all the stains are removed, hang the comforter to dry.

Tips to Remember when Washing your Kingsize Comforter

A clean comforter sets you up for a cozy night. Below are a few tricks that can make washing the comforter more enjoyable and fun for you.

Always Read the Instructions on the Fabric

Before rushing to wash your comforter, it helps to consider the fabric’s material washing needs by reading the tag. Follow the directions on the tag, especially if it insists on hand-washing only. Do not deviate from temperatures and methods indicated on the tag as this could easily ruin the fabric. If the tag directs on dry cleaning only, take it to the dry cleaners to avoid damaging the fabric as this may be irreversible.

When to take it to Commercial Laundry Experts

In case your king-size comforter is too big for your machine, consider taking it to the laundry mart for better cleaning. Commercial laundries have larger machines that can handle any size of fabric without damaging it. The large-capacity machine can easily handle and effectively wash the comforter. If you are not sure that your home machine can handle it, check the operator’s manual to ascertain the capacity.

Buy Gentle Detergents

Buy a detergent (View on Amazon) that will work for your fabric. Make sure that it is safe for your comforter before purchasing it. Keep off detergents that have bleach in them as they can easily damage the outer covering of the comforter as well as the filling.

Dry Properly

Drying is a major step in cleaning your comforter. To dry it thoroughly in a dryer, choose a large capacity dryer. Use lower heat settings. It may be necessary to do two drying cycles to get it properly dried. It is also advisable to dry it slowly on low heat than hasten the process and burn it. Throw in a few tennis balls in the dryer to fluff up the comforter. Alternatively, hang it to dry after washing.

Hand Wash when Required to

Do not ignore the hand wash directive on the comforter’stag. You can either usea bathtub or a large laundry sink to get it done properly. When hanging the comforter out to dry, make sure to drape it out to achieve even drying on all sides of the comforter.Using a rope line to dry may reduce the chances of the comforter’s fabric rebounding.

Remove the Wrinkles

Use an iron box to straighten the comforter once it is dry. This will help eliminate the wrinkles that form after drying. However, you should first check the fabric’s heat sensitivity before doing this.

Use a Top Sheet Cover

Use a top sheet cover to prevent the comforter from getting dirty quickly. This is a thin bed sheet that comes between you and the comforter. Alternatively, use a duvet cover for the comforter. The aim is to reduce the number of times you need to wash the comforter.

Washing a kingsize comforter is easy. From the steps described above, stick to the instruction on the tag to know which method to use.


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