How to Unlock Wheels on Samsung Refrigerator

How to Unlock Wheels on Samsung Refrigerator

A Samsung refrigerator comes fitted with wheels or rollers to help you move it around the kitchen. This protects the base of the fridge and the floor surface from damage.

You may need to move your fridge when cleaning or re-arranging your kitchen.

But for you to use the wheel, you must first learn how to work it.

Typically, the Samsung refrigerator wheels can lock and unlock depending on your needs. You can lock it when you need to have it in one position and unlock it when you need to move it.

In this article, I’ll detail everything you need to do to unlock the wheels on your Samsung refrigerator using these simple steps.

Preparation for Unlocking Refrigerator Wheels

Before unlocking the wheels on your Samsung refrigerator, you need to:

Clean your working area – get rid of obstacles in your surroundings that may get in your way. Dry any wetness in the area too.

Remove contents from your fridge – make the fridge lighter by removing food and drinks from your refrigerator. A lighter refrigerator is easy to move around.

Lock the refrigerator to secure it – since refrigerator doors can open while you are working on the wheels, it is prudent for you to lock them. Also, turn off or unplug the refrigerator from the switch.

Steps for Unlocking Wheels on Your Samsung Refrigerator

Follow these steps to unlock your Samsung refrigerator’s wheels.

1. Find the Wheels

The refrigerator wheels are typically situated at the fridge’s button, close to the front.

2. Inspect the Refrigerator’s Locking Mechanism

Typically, Samsung refrigerators come with a defined locking mechanism that keeps the fridge in position. The fridge’s locking mechanism is often controlled is controlled by a button or lever.

3. Engage the Lever or Button

Engage the lever by applying force on it. You will have to apply force depending on the tightness of the locking mechanism. If the locking mechanism is too tight, you will have to apply a lot of force.

3. Test Your Unlocked Wheels

Test the wheels by moving the fridge back and forth. Testing is important to ensure the wheels or rollers are working well.

Samsung Refrigerator Wheels Won’t Unlock? Do This

Sometimes, the wheels won’t unlock despite following the steps above. This can be frustrating when it happens. Fortunately, you can fix this by:

Inspecting for Obstruction

After unlocking your refrigerator wheels, the fridge might not move during testing due to obstruction. As such, you need to inspect the surrounding area and get rid of any obstruction that inhibits the movement of your refrigerator wheels. Objects such as small stones, wood pecks, or grains may stop your refrigerator wheels from working. Clear them out and try moving the fridge again.

Lubricate the Refrigerator Wheels

Sometimes the refrigerator wheels may get stuck due to poor lubrication on the locking mechanism. In this case, you need to apply a lubricant on it to loosen it up. A lubricant such as WD-40 will ease the wheels and make it work. Apply it to the locking mechanism, then engage the locking mechanism to unlock your refrigerator wheels.

Moving Samsung Refrigerator with Wheels

After unlocking the refrigerator with wheels, you need to move it. To do this safely, you need to empty it and disconnect it from the electricity and water supply lines.

For the refrigerator to move safely, you have to lift your fridge’s front wheels and push it towards your preferred direction. Here are some general tips you should pay attention to when moving your refrigerator:

  1. Inspect the dimensions of the fridge’s new position. Ensure to leave a safe space between your refrigerator and the wall. Half an inch is ideal.
  2. Ensure the position will not inhibit the safe opening of your refrigerator door. Remove any furniture on the way to the fridge door.
  3. Inspect your refrigerator floor to ensure it is leveled well. Fix any unleveled areas by inserting shims in the floor surface.
  4. You can protect your refrigerator floor when moving it by adding cardboard on the surface of the floor. This will prevent the flow from getting scratched while moving.
  5. Since a refrigerator is heavy, you should ask for a hand from a friend when moving it. This will prevent any accident from happening.

Leveling A Samsung Refrigerator

Even after unlocking the wheels of your Samsung refrigerator, you may find it difficult to move it around if it is not leveled properly. Fortunately, you can level the fridge by adjusting the leveling legs.

Here is a detailed procedure for leveling your Samsung refrigerator:

  1. Find the leveling legs. These legs are situated at the corners of your fridge. Access these legs by moving your fridge from the wall.
  2. Tilt the fridge forward to lift the legs off the ground. You can ask a friend to help you lift the fridge. This will expose the rear feet of the fridge for you to adjust it accordingly.
  3. Turn the rear feet counterclockwise or clockwise to raise or lower the fridge. Ensure the distance between the floor’s surface and the refrigerator’s floor is approximately ¾ inches.
  4. Lower the refrigerator and go to the front part of the fridge.
  5. Tilt the refrigerator backward to expose the front legs. Adjust the leveling legs as you did with the rear legs.
  6. Lower the refrigerator and get its level using a level. Position the level atop the fridge’s front door. It should be parallel to your refrigerator’s door. Inspect the level from side to side. Adjust the leveling legs of the refrigerator to center the bubble in the level.
  7. Once centered, you need to push the fridge back to its original position. There you can rotate the level by up to 90 degrees and inspect it from bank to front.
  8. You can adjust your fridge’s front leveling legs until the bubble in the level is positioned slightly forward by close to ⅛ inches from the level’s centerline. This will ensure the refrigerator is tilted slightly so that water that finds its way into the refrigerator can flow out easily.
  9. Lastly, you can reposition the level back, parallel to your refrigerator’s front door, and look at it from side to side. Open the fridge door to check for any wobbling.

Importance of Locking Refrigerator Wheels

The wheel locking mechanism of a refrigerator is used when moving or keeping a refrigerator in one position. Engaging the mechanism will restrict the movement of the fridge and prevent any sudden or unwanted movement that could lead to damage or accidents.

This mechanism also eliminates the need to hold your refrigerator in place using a stopper (a tiny wood wedge).

If your refrigerator does not have a locking mechanism, you can use the process explained above to level it properly. After leveling, put a wooden wedge on the wheels or rollers to act as a stopper. This will ensure the refrigerator stays in one place. If you want to move it, you will have to remove the wooden wedge stopper from the wheels to ‘unlock’ the fridge and move it around.


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