14 Ways to Secure Your Garage Door


Your Garage is the place that you keep a lot of your expensive possessions, from your motorcycle to bicycles, your car, or even some jewelry. Insurance will cover these things but it’s important that you prevent all of them from getting stolen in case thieves ever had access to your garage. It’s a place that you keep all the things that don’t fit the aesthetics of your house and your garage getting robbed can be as bad your house getting robbed.

There are a few things you can do to secure your garage and we’re not just talking about locks. Your garage can be secured in so many different ways apart from just locks. The thing with locks is that burglars can still steal your things without opening the garage door. There are ways to make your garage thief-proof and even if your things do end up getting stolen, you’ll have some surveillance footage of what happened, how they got in, what they look like, and what got stolen.


Before you get to the technical stuff, you need to cover the basics and make sure that your home isn’t a target in the first place. The first thing to make sure of is that you don’t place anything outside your garage door. It’s common for people to leave things like bicycles outside their garage door because they think their neighborhood is safe. Well, it isn’t burglars like to travel around neighborhoods so nobodies safe.

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You should always make sure that nothing is outside your garage and everything that needs to be in there should stay in there. If you have things like expensive jewelry or cash, you need to leave it in your house or in a safe because somethings just can’t be replaced. Next, you need to make sure that your garage door is closed and locked whenever you’re not using it. Make sure that the lock can be accessed with a key (View on Amazon) and is not some cheap lock you picked up at the dollar store.

Flood Lights on your Door

To put burglars off your garage door in the first place, you should put some floodlights on the top of your door. Most burglars will operate in the dark of the night and that’s what most of them rely on. If you install some motion-activated floodlights (View on Amazon) near the garage door, this will deter burglars because they know as soon as they get to the garage door, they’re going to be in the spotlight and someone could see them. Just this thought alone can be enough to put off a burglar. The motion-activated floodlights will activate as soon as the burglars go near it and this can be enough to send them away.

Garage Door Sensor

You can install a garage door sensor (View on Amazon) to alert you when the garage door gets opened. The sensor will send a signal to the monitor and this will let you know if your garage door is open. The monitors that you will have in your house will receive a signal from the sensor on the garage door and it will display on the monitor whether the garage door is open or closed. Luckily, if you’re not a DIY expert, the sensors are battery powered so you won’t need to wire it. If you always forget to close the door, you can also install an automatic garage door closer that will allow you to close the garage door automatically after it’s been opened for a set amount of time.

Don’t Cover Your Garage Door

You may think that it’s impossible for your garage to be broken into in broad daylight, but this is a common occurrence. If you have any landscaping, tree, or bushes that are covering your garage door, you need to make sure that they’re removed or trimmed. It can be a good place for burglars to sneak into and start raiding your garage. You need to make sure that your garage door can be seen by your neighbors and anyone passing by. If you have any, trees, or bushes that are removable if you prioritize your garage that much, you can get rid of them. On the other side, if you have anything thorny that you can put next to the garage door that could prevent anyone from coming in, this would be a great idea.

Don’t Keep Key fob in your Car

If your garage door and your key fob is linked, make sure not to keep your key fob in your car if it isn’t parked in the garage. A thief can easily break into your car and steal the key, just to open the garage door and gain access. If your car isn’t parked right outside your house, another thing you can do is to refrain from putting your address number anywhere in your glove box or the car itself. This can let the thief know which house they should be targeting. To prevent this from happening, you should unlink your garage door opener from your key fob and keep them both in your house. This can deter anyone from breaking into your car.

Hide Your Things

Like I mentioned before, you need to make sure that you hide all of your valuable in the garage and keep them in your home. Leaving valuables that you care about in your garage rather than in your home can lead to them getting stolen. If there’s nothing interesting for the thief once they gain access to the garage, they’ll leave right away. They rather not incriminate themselves or rack up more charges just for stealing something that had no value. This is why to only leave boring stuff and things no one cares about in the garage. If you leave your car or motorcycle in there, you need to make sure that there’s nothing in them and that they’re insured.

High-Security Opener

You can use an all in one system that will allow you to protect your garage door using multiple tech features The Chaimerlains MyQ opener (View on Amazon) has a built-in monitor that will use a sensor to tell you when your garage door is opened or closed. This comes with a built-in sensor and the opener will allow you to close the door whilst you’re chilling at home. It also had a self-closing system which you can use to close your garage door remotely. The opener also has two bulbs as well as a switcher to turn on lamps that are inside or outside your home. Last of all, you can connect your smartphone to the system, and you can use it as an opener. This means that you can open or close your door using your phone.

Place Your Remote Somewhere Else

You need to avoid putting the garage door opener in your car’s visors. Burglars know this is commonplace for people to place their keys and they know that these keys is another way to get into your house and they won’t hesitate to use it. You should treat your garage door opening like your home keys because that’s basically what they are. You can fix this by putting the garage door opener in your bedroom or by using a smart garage door opener top.

Tip: If you’re worried about a family member not being able to get back into the house after getting locked out, then you can leave an extra key with the neighbor. This is a lock more secure than leaving an extra key on under a flowerpot or under a mat because someone who’s losing to steal from you is going to know the common places that people keep their keys.


You can put a motion sensor alarm (View on Amazon) that will be able to detect movement in the garage when you’re not there. You can use a motion sensor alarm to secure both your home and your garage door and it’ll be able to detect a break in the connection between the door and the motion sensor. This can you some security because even if someone was to break into your garage, they won’t go unnoticed.

Shield Your Lock

Thiefs knows how to pick a lock and you have a standard key with a lock, a professional burglar will be able to get through it with ease. They can use hangers, pick lock kit, zip ties, or cut through the clock quite easily. Just because you have a lock on your door doesn’t mean you’re protected. To fix this, you can use a garage shield covers to cover your garage door release cord which will make it impossible for a burglar to break in. Its not hard to install and using it will add another layer of security to your garage.

Cover Your Windows

If your garage has windows that people can get to, you need to make sure that you cover these windows. This can allow someone to take a peek into your garage to see if there’s anything worth taking and if there is, they’re going to try and take it. To stop this from happening, you should cover the glass window. You should also take out anything that can lead to the thief wanting to steal from you in the first place. Make sure that you stop things in your garage, and you won’t be too fussed over if they managed to get stollen.

Prevent Fishing

Some doors have an emergency release that disconnects the door from the opener. If this emergency release wasn’t there, then you wouldn’t be able to get into your garage door if your opener wasn’t working properly. Since there’s a gap at the top of the door for this release break, a crook can insert a wire with a hook and go fishing for the release break. Once they manage to catch onto the release break, they can simply yank it and the garage door will open. To stop this from happening, you can take a scrap piece of plywood and screw it to the arm of the opener to block the fishing hook from accessing the release break. You can cover the gap using some strong tape. Some people know how to use this feature and turn it into a security risk. It’s quite hard to fish a garage door but some garages have a release mechanism that must be pulled down and won’t release if the cord is tugged at an angle.

Protect the Side Door

On some garages, there’s a side door that can be accessed to go into the garage and chances are, that you’ve secure this door with a lock to. Well, any thief can take this door down just by using their strength. You can make this door stronger with a deadbolt. Since the weakest point of this door is the strike plate, where the door can be locked, you can reinforce this plate by using a reinforced strike plate (View on Amazon) and use long screws to make sure it’s secure.

Tip: If you want a lock that’s really secure, you should go for single-sided deadbolt locks. These locks have a keyhole or thumb turn on the inside and a solid plate on the outside which prevents it from pick locking.

Protect your Home with a Home Security System

You need to protect your home with a home security system. There’s usually a door within your garage that leads into your home and if your home isn’t protected, this can leave you and your family vulnerable. Protecting your home using home security is one form of home improvement but there are so many more.

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