How to Reset Samsung Washing Machine


When your Samsung washing machine is giving you all kinds of problems, such as errors or a refusal to work, performing a reset may get it back to working order. Provided your washing machine isn’t broken, resetting your Samsung washing machine is all you ever really need.

How to Reset a Samsung Washing Machine

Samsung washers—front loader or top loaders—come with a list of different errors that, to solve the problem, you have to reset the washing machine. There isn’t some special way to reset your Samsung washing machine, no button available. Instead, it’s done by powering down your Samsung washing machine

1. Shut down your Samsung washing machine, preferably with the door closed.

2. When the shut down has occurred, unplug your washing machine.

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3. Wait for about 20 seconds before plugging your Samsung washer back in and power it back on. It has been reset.

However, you can further by calibrating your Samsung washing machine.

How to Calibrate a Samsung Washing Machine

Calibrating your Samsung washing machine allows for the resetting of the weight sensors. This can be very helpful if you get a few error codes that relate to wash loads or an imbalance. It can be especially annoying if you know for sure you keep your wash loads light and spread out evenly. In that case, a calibration is in order.

Depending on your Samsung model, the calibration process is started by buttons that are unique to your model.

Calibrate Washer with Temp and Delay Buttons

Do you have a Temp button and Delay button (- and +)? Then you use those to calibrate your washer.

1. First, shut down the washer, then start it back up.

2. Press and hold Temp and Delay End (+) buttons at the same time for a total of 3 seconds or until CB or CLB appears on the display.

3. After CB or CLB appears on the display, press the Start/Pause button to place the washer in calibration mode. You can leave it be for a few minutes.

After about three minutes, the calibration will end and 0 or END appears on the display. It will shut down.

Calibrate Washer with Prefer Mode and Smart Control Buttons

Do you have a Prefer Mode and Smart Control button? Then you’ll be using them to calibrate your washer.

1. Shut down the washer, then start it back up.

2. Press and hold Prefer Mode and Smart Control buttons at the same time for a total of 3 seconds. This will bring up a menu. Select Calibration.

3. Confirm the process by selecting OK.

4. You can start calibrating by pressing the Start/Pause button.

When your Samsung washer is done calibrating, don’t be alarmed when it shuts down. That’s normal. It means the calibration is finished.

Calibrate Washer with Settings

Out of all the Samsung models, ones with a Settings button are the easiest to calibrate.

1. On the washing display, choose Settings.

2. Under Settings, pick Calibration.

3. When asked to confirm, tap Start.

When your washing machine shuts down, that signifies the calibration process is complete.

Bottom Line

As you may have realized, resetting your Samsung washing machine is a very straightforward task. It only takes a few moments of your time. Furthermore, calibrating is also equally easy since the washer does all the work.