How to Reset Garage Door Keypad Without Code


Does this sound familiar? You can’t open your garage door because you don’t have the code for the keypad. Whether you just bought the place or misplaced the code, resetting the garage door keypad does not involve rocket science.

Believe it or not, resetting the keypad with the code takes nothing more than a few presses of the buttons. Press the keypad buttons in the correct order and you’ll erase the old code as well as be given the opportunity of creating a new one.

How to Reset a Garage Door Code with the Motor

But before you begin, take a look at the keypad itself. Every keypad looks a little different, but the main feature you are looking for is an “Enter” button. Using it is going to be essential to resetting the code. Don’t have one? No worries! The pound key (#) acts as the “Enter” button, in that case.

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For this method to work, you need access to the garage door motor. It’s best if you have someone spot you while you’re climbing a ladder to reach it. In the back or the side of the motor you’ll see a button labeled “Learn.” The button itself is usually colored orange, red, or purple. Pressing it will not give it sentience, but it will provide the opportunity for a new code.

Press and hold the “Learn” button until you see the LED light nearby die out. Whatever code the garage door had stored has now been erased. Now, press the “Learn” button again. In doing so, you now have the opportunity to create a new code.

Head over to the keypad and punch in a new code, then press the “Enter” key. If you do not have one, then hit the pound key (#). When the receiver accepts the new code, either you’ll hear the motor click once or the light bulb flash. You can now go on your merry way.

It’s best if you write down the preferred code beforehand, just so you have it documented. Leave the code in a safe place for later reference if you just so happen to forget it again or simply reset the garage door keypad.

How to Reset a Garage Door Code with the Garage Door Remote

Using the motor to reset a garage door’s code is all well and good, but what if you can’t reach the motor? What if you don’t have a numbered keypad? Luckily for you, you can still change the code with the garage door remote.

To make it happen, pull the cover off the back of the garage door remote. Inside there’s a series of switches, each with their own number. The reason your remote works with the garage door is because both the motor and the remote share the same number. Change the numbers, change the code.

You’ll find on the garage door opener the same series of switches can be found. Move them so they match the numbers used in your garage door remote. And if you have more than one, switch them over to the new code, too.

Want Extra Security? Use Hopping Codes

Having the same PIN code isn’t exactly the best method of security. Sure, someone would have to break into your home to reset the code, which is harder than it sounds, but that doesn’t mean someone can’t fiddle with the keypad outside. What’s stopping someone? What you could use is an update to your security.

Hopping code technology (View on Amazon) is exactly that. A hopping code, also known as a “rolling code,” is the answer to the age old problem: what if someone knew my garage door code? Instead of sticking to a single code, a garage door system with hopping codes randomizes the set of numbers used.

Here’s how it works: you press the button on your remote when you, say, leave for work. The code gets scrambled, creates a new one, and it’s saved on your remote. Remember that. If someone tried to be sneaky and used their remote to try and unlock the garage door, they’ll be in for a rude awakening.

Notice Any Dents?

Have an aluminum or steel garage door? Perhaps you noticed the plethora of craters and dents on your garage door while you were resetting the garage door code. Did you know you could remove those with a lighter and compressed air? If you have some time to kill, considering fixing dents on your garage door with a few ingenious techniques.

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Bottom Line

It can be a drag if you just moved into your new home and have no way of opening the garage door. Thankfully, the option to reset the garage door keypad without ever knowing the code in the first place is entirely within reach—which is especially helpful if you can’t reach the previous owners. All that’s required is the access to the motor.