How to Repair Towel Bar Pulled Out of Wall

If you are staring at two holes left behind from a towel bar being pulled out from the wall, then this guide is for you. It may seem unfixable right now, but this can actually be an opportunity to repair the towel bar and make it stronger than before. All you need are some wall anchors.

You see, inserting a screw into your wall doesn’t leave behind a very big hole. In fact, the hole is way too small for an anchor to fit. When you use one, you actually have to make the hole slightly bigger than the screw you use. And that’s how anchors benefit from this: you already have a bigger hole. Just fill it with an anchor! Let’s show you how.

How to Repair a Bathroom Towel Bar

There are all kinds of wall anchors available, so rather than sifting through all the various kinds, the best one for the job is a threaded anchor (View on Amazon). Each anchor can hold 50 pounds, and this multiples the more anchors you use, which means four anchors will amount to 200 pounds of strength. That may sound like overkill, but it doubles as a preventative measure for the future. Insurance, in other words.

Now onto the guide:

1. Unscrew the single set screw that’s located underneath each end of the towel bar with an allen wrench (View on Amazon). This will release the towel bar from the support brackets. Do this for both ends.

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Tip: You can reuse the support brackets if they’re in good shape.

2. Now, screw the threaded anchor into every existing hole. They should be flushed against the wall.

Note: They should feel snug. If not, then move onto the next section in the event the holes are too big.

3. Screw in both support brackets. You do this by threading one screw through the support bracket and then pushing the screw into the anchor. Secure the other end of the support bracket with the other screw.

4. Slot the bathroom towel bar into place over the support brackets, and secure them with an allen wrench.

What if the hole is too big?

Believe it or not, you can still salvage the situation, even if the hole looks too big. If someone ripped the towel bar from the wall, and it left a hole too large for a simple anchor, you can turn to a toggle bolt anchor (View on Amazon). Yes, it’s still an anchor, but it’s one of the toughest out there.

The reason a toggle bolt anchor is best suited for this situation is because installing a toggle bolt anchor requires you put a hole in your wall big enough for the toggle to be inserted. And you need quite a big enough hole. You do not have to repair the hole or cover it up—the washer will do that.

Here’s how you install it:

1. Depending on how the hole was damaged, drill a half-inch hole. This should be large enough for the toggle bolt to slide through.

2. Take the toggle and fold the wings against the screw. Carefully insert the toggle bolt until you hear the clicking of the wings unfolding. The washer will prevent the toggle from falling in, provided it has a washer big enough to cover the hole.

Note: It’s crucial you handle the toggle bolt anchor with care. Should you lose your grip, the toggle bolt will fall and its grave will be behind the drywall.

3. Perform steps 1 and 2 for the other side.

4. Weave the towel bar bracket over the toggle bolt screw (use the center cut-out), and screw the bracket into place, flushed against the wall.

5. Repeat step 4 on the other toggle bolt.

6. Slide the towel bar into place and tighten the set screws along the bottom (if your towel bar has one) with an allen wrench.

Make Sure the Towel Bar Gets Repaired!

If your towel bar is out, make sure that you repair it or you’ll have no other place to put the towel. The towel bar can also make your home look more luxurious and repairing it back into the wall is one way of home improvement but there are many more.

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Wrapping Up

In conclusion, whether your towel bar was cleanly pulled out of the wall or a horrific hole is left behind, anchors are really the best way to go. They can take advantage of the small and or larger holes left behind from the screws being ripped from the walls. And since they are anchors, they will hold a lot more weight than last time, lowering the chance this will happen again.