How to Get Rid of Bleach Smell


It is hard to imagine doing your laundry or cleaning the house without using bleach. In spite of its importance in home cleanliness, bleach leaves a smell that lingers in the house or on clothes longer than necessary. Bleach smell is invasive and can stick in the furniture, walls, and carpet of your home. You, therefore, have to get rid of the smell manually. This smell is also overwhelming and might make you uncomfortable. How do you get rid of it? There are some steps that you can take to eliminate the smell of bleach from your clothes.

Before diving into different ways of getting rid of bleach smell, let’s look at ways to reduce your bleach’s odor. For starters, dilute your bleach with water. This reduces the strength of the smell. Avoid mixing the bleach with bleach or detergent or any other cleaner, including adding vinegar in a bowl to remove the smell of bleach. Vinegar, Ammonia, and some market products do not really need to come into contact with each other to release toxic odors and substances.

Getting Rid of Bleach Smell in Your Home

Getting rid of bleach smell in your room is different from eliminating the smell of bleach from your clothes and hands. Follow these steps to get rid of bleach smell from your house:

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Good Ventilation

A lot of homeowners assume that bleach smells your feel after cleaning is caused by a lot of chlorine in the bleach. This common misconception is not true. Even though bleach releases a strong smell similar to that of chlorine, it is not caused by the presence of chlorine in the bleach; instead, it is because of chemical reaction that happens as breaks proteins. Therefore, the more you use chlorine, the less smell you will get.

The first time you use bleach will result in the production of a very strong smell because of protein build-up within your home. You need to open the windows of your house when bleach smell begins to accumulate. Open windows increase the airflow within your home. This creates a good ventilation system that gets rid of the bleach smell within your home.

If the smell of bleach within your home does not go away after a few hours from opening the windows, turn on the fan within your home. This will increase the circulation of air within your home and speed up the process of getting rid of bleach smell from your home. Position the fan in a way that it can push the bleach smell out of your home through the window.

Deodorize the Room

While ventilating your room will work towards eradicating the unwanted bleach smell, it might take longer for the room to be completely free from the unwanted smell. You can introduce a countermeasure, which will work quickly to get your room smelling nice again. Use odor removers (view on Amazon) to get rid of bleach smell from your room. Using natural products to replace the bad odor with the smell of freshness will do more good for your room than artificial fragrances. Using odor eliminating candles will also help to get rid of strong bleach smells from your home. Candles are mostly useful when you are expecting a visitor in your home. You can use a scented candle. However, you have to sit in the room to ensure the candle burns without causing an accident.

Frequently Clean Your Home With Bleach

When bleach breakdown proteins, it releases the strong, irritating smell that you feel after cleaning. To minimize the strength of the smell, clean your home more frequently with bleach. This will reduce the amount of protein that is broken down each time you wash your home or room.

More Considerations When Eliminating Smell of Bleach in Your Home

The use of bleach comes with many risks, including bad smell. In addition to this, you also need to know which other cleaning products that you do not need to use together with bleach. This will save you from a toxic reaction between bleach and other products. These reactions create harmful fumes that you inhale.


It is not advisable to mix bleach with Ammonia as you clean your home. The reaction between these two chemicals releases chloramines, a toxic vapor that is harmful to your health.

Household Cleaners

Mixing bleaches with common household cleaners, such as multi-purpose cleaners, toilet bowl cleaner, vinegar, and glass cleaners are dangerous because most house cleaners have acid. When acid and bleach combine, they react to produce chlorine fumes. Inhaling chlorine gas is very dangerous, and it may cause irritation in your eyes and nose. You might also develop breathing difficulties after inhaling chlorine gas. Always seek urgent medical attention when you realize that you have been exposed to chlorine gas.

When you use bleach to clean your house, you may come to contact with it. This will leave a strong smell of bleach on your hands. This is also the case when you use bleach to wash your clothes. Therefore, you need to know how to get rid of this smell from your hands and fabric. Follow these easy steps.

Getting Rid of Bleach Smell from your Clothes

To get rid of bleach smell from your fabric, you need to run your clothes through a wash using laundry detergent. Run another wash cycle once you remove your clothes from a cycle where bleach was used. In this cycle, only use detergent and nothing else. Some washers do not wash bleach from the clothes, and the only way to ensure bleach has been removed is by running another wash cycle. Do not use more than a quarter of the laundry detergent that you usually use if you want the laundry to be done within the shortest time possible.

Sometimes the smell will not go away even after a second wash. In this case, you need to use baking powder to clean your washer. Add 45 grams of baking soda to your washer, just like you would add detergent. Then run your washing machine for a full cycle so that the baking soda will deodorize the load in the washer.

Finally, you can hang your clothes out in the open air if they still smell like bleach. Hanging the clothes outside in an area that is properly ventilated will quicken the rate at which bleach smell dissipate. Hang the clothes on a drying line so that all the pieces will get fully exposed to sunlight and airflow.

Eliminating Strong Smell of Bleach from Your Hand

Begin by washing your hand using warm water and soap. If your normal hand soap does not get rid of the smell, use a dish soap designed to get rid of various smells and substances. Lather your hands, including under your nails and in between your fingers. Once you ensure every part of your hand is covered with soap, rinse the lather off using warm water. It is better to use scented dish soap because it will cover all bleach smell that might be left on your hand. Sometimes, you will have to wash your hands frequently using dish soap to eliminate all the bleach smell from your hand.

Smear lemon juice all over your hand for 60 seconds. Doing this neutralizes the smell of bleach in your hands. Do this after washing your hand with dish soap and warm water. It helps to get rid of the remaining bleach smell after washing your hand with soap. You can choose to smear fresh lemon juice all over your hands or use a few drops of bottled lemon in your refrigerator. Rub your hands together for 60 seconds to smear the lemon juice all over your hands then rinse your hands with warm water. This process will neutralize the smell of bleach from your hands. You can use a different type of citrus fruit if you do not have a lemon within reach.

After washing your hands, you need to dry them using a clean towel and apply scented lotion all over the hands. Do this only when you do not smell bleach on your hands. Put small amounts of lotion on each hand and rub it together to distribute the lotion evenly across your hands. Use a lotion with a strong scent that will smell for a long period. The lotion will also soften your hands after using the bleach.

Household Items that will smell like Bleach after Cleaning Your Home

Other than your hands, your rooms, and clothes, other parts of your home might smell like bleach. The household items absorb bleach smell as you clean your home. Here are some of these items and how to get rid of the bleach smell from the items.

Bathroom and kitchen sinks might smell bleach after cleaning. As you clean your home, you clean sinks, both bathroom and kitchen sinks. These areas soak up the smell of bleach. To get rid of this smell, rinse these areas using a lot of water. If this does not work, add baking powder to the water and wash the sinks with this water. Pour this water down the drain to get rid of the smell. If you do not have baking soda at home, you can use coffee in its place.

Refrigerators and freezers soak up bleach smell. To get rid of this smell on freezers and refrigerators, remove everything in these appliances and rub inside of these appliances with lemon. Both bottled and fresh lemon will do the work just fine. Ensure every part of the freezer or refrigerator is covered with lemon juice. Let it sit until it dries completely. Leave your appliances open during this period. The period it takes to dry will depend on the amount of lemon juice that you used.

Drapes and Upholstery – Put drapes and sofa cushions outside as you clean your house using bleach. However, if you cleaned the house while the cushions and drapes were in the room, place them outside for a couple of hours. Flip them severally to improve aeration. Alternatively, you can use an ozone machine. Run the machine within your home close to the upholstery and drapes for a minimum of six hours. Doing this will eliminate the bleach odor from your house.

Vinegar Formula

We mentioned earlier in this article that you need to avoid mixing vinegar with bleach because the two react to release toxic fumes. They do not even need to come into contact for them to react. Therefore, you need to be very careful when handling vinegar in this setting.

However, you can safely use vinegar to eliminate the smell of bleach in the room. The simplest way is to put vinegar in a bowl, close your room’s door, and leave the house. The reaction between vinegar and bleach will remove the smell of bleach. However, it will release toxic gases. This is why you need to leave your house. In addition to this, the smell of bleach will be replaced with the smell of vinegar. If this does not get rid of all bleach smell, boil some vinegar in a pan. This will remove all the stubborn beach smell hidden in corners of your home. Remember that vinegar is not safe around bleach. Put all necessary precautionary measures in place to protect yourself and others.

The vinegar method should be adopted as the last measure because of safety issues.

While bleach is good for cleaning, it leaves behind a discomforting smell that is strong and invasive. Dealing with this smell can be daunting. Given that you cannot avoid using bleach to clean your home, you have to find creative ways to deal with bleach’s strong smell. This article will serve as a guide on the right ways of dealing with the smell in the most cost-effective way. It will also ensure you get rid of the smell or, at the very least, minimize the strength of the odor.


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