How to Fix a Broken Bed Frame


Accidents happen, especially if you’re moving to a new home or rearranging your furniture. These are common ways that you’ll end up with a broken bed frame. The bed frame is an essential part of your bed, but it can be the part that’s easily forgotten. A weak or broken bed frame will weaken the foundation for your mattress and cause dips or slants in places where there shouldn’t be any.

Even though bed frames are strong, they can still crack or bend under pressure as they age. If you didn’t buy a quality bed frame, then the likelihood of it breaking is greater than it would be with a quality bed frame. The material of the bed frame also matters and it can dictate how it breaks and how you might fix it. Here’s more information about fixing your broken bed frame.

There are two types of bed frames that you can have. You can have a metal or a wooden bed frame. Both of these two types of bed frames are prone to different types of issues. The following ways listed are common issues that people have with each individual type of bed frame when they’re dealing with issues.

Metal Frame

Stop the Squeaking

There are few ways that you can fix your loud metal frame. Well you might attribute the sound to it being broken, it might just be a simple fix. Metal Frames don’t often crack or bend the way wooden frames might, but they can still be broken in other ways. If your metal frame is broken or weak, then it can cause you too have a noisy frame that keeps you up.

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The first thing you should try is tightening the joints on the metal frame. This might be a simple fix. All you have to do is tighten a few screws and bolts. Grab a wrench or screwdriver and try to tighten all the screws on your metal bed frame. You can also try adding washers to the screws on your bed so that they can fit tighter. Plastic or rubber washers work very well to take up space so that the metal parts of the frames aren’t crashing against each other.

You can also try using socks are old T-shirts. If you remove your mattress and line the middle bar of the frame with socks or other cloth material, then it can keep the mattress from coming into contact with a frame. This will decrease the amount of sound that you hear as you’re tossing and turning at night. This is a fix that no one will see you so you don’t have to worry about someone noticing that you’re using old socks on your bed frame. While it’s a momentary fix, it’s one that can greatly increase the quality of sleep that you get.

Wax is also great for fixing your loud metal bed frame. First, you have to figure out where the sound is coming from. Remove your mattress from your bed and look at your frame. Move the parts of your frame around where the different joints and metal bars intersect. If you hear noise coming from any specific areas, keep those places in mind. Once you figure that out, get a Candlestick or bar of beeswax and put it over all the surfaces of the joint that come in contact with one another.

Oil is also a great fix for your metal bed frames. If you oil the joints or springs of the frame you can get rid of any loud sound. All you need are a few drops of vegetable oil or WD-40 to lubricate the joints. This will stop them from rubbing against each other and making a loud screeching sound. Luckily, this fix is very easy because you likely have vegetable oil laying around in your house.

Once again all you need to do is move your bed frame around to see if you can notice places where the joints are intersecting and making noise. Use a dropper and cotton ball to lubricate those areas and stop the sound.

Once you use these methods, you’ll be able to sleep without hearing a lot of sound.

Replace the Installed Bolts

Replacing the installed bolt is a good way to reinforce your metal bed frame. Over time, the brackets and your metal bed frame can loosen over time and bend. Because of this you might notice a slant in your mattress. This isn’t the fault of your mattress, so you have to remove it and look at the frame to see if that’s what’s causing the issue. You bring the joint and it removing the brackets is a great way to have an all-new metal bed frame.

1. Use a drill or a screwdriver to unscrew all the metal brackets of your bed frame. These are usually folded and 90° pieces are placed on top of each other on the corner of each of your bed frame. Do this for every single corner.

2. Look at the joint of your bed frame. You would we usually see a square block inserted into a small slot. If they’re loose, then there are issues. Tap them separately with a rubber mallet to make them straight. Scrape off any glue if it’s dried. Make sure the joints are adequate for the screws.

3. Get the proper bolts for your metal bed frame. Most metal bed frames need bolts that are 1/4 in diameter and at least 3 and 1/2 inches long. You’ll need four of these bolts, for washers and 4 hex nuts.

4. Replace all the bolts in your bed frame.

5. Make sure all of the corners of the bed frame are steady.

6. Place the mattress on the bed frame to see if it’s sturdy. Turn on the bed and make sure that it’s safe to lay on.

Both of these fixes will greatly improve your metal bed frames.


Make the Frame Stronger

Making your wooden bed frame stronger might be integral and ensuring that it’s fixed. All you need to do this fix is a few extra pieces of lumber and some screws. A drill might also be necessary for this project.

1. remove the mattress and the box spring from the bed. Leave the slats in the middle of the frame.

2. Inspect the damage. And there’s a lot of damage than you’ll need to reinforce the whole frame by using additional pieces of lumber. Even if there’s just a small crack on one of the bars, adding pieces of lumber to reinforce the entire frame is a good idea so that you don’t have to do it again.

3. Cut the new pieces of lumber to the correct length. Make sure you use the exact same with Lumber that was originally used in the slots. Thickness is fine if it varies slightly. you need to cut the new pieces of wood with a circular saw. A hand saw would also do a good job, but a circular saw will save you time and effort.

4. Start placing the pieces of wood on top of the cracked slats.

5. Turn the screws and drive them into the intersections where the center bar overlaps with the other slots. You need a long enough screw to go through all the wood for added support. You can use shorter screws to go in between the longer ones.

Fix the Break on Side Bar

The side bars from the perimeter of the frame. If there’s a break on one of them, then you can fix it the same way as you would fix a center bar. Do as you would do with reinforcing the slats. Cut an appropriate sized piece of lumber to put over the side bar.

Once you place the new wood on top of the sidebar, you’ll notice that it won’t stay straight. It’s going to curve towards the inside of the frame and once you put the first screws in halfway, then you can pull it back. Once you have a few screws in you need to pull the bar straight. Make sure you pull the bar back gently because you’re stretching the entire frame. Once you pull up the bar straight, you can drive the screws all the way in. Make sure you do it quickly and get all of them there so that you don’t lose strength.

The number of screws needed will vary. Usually, a queen size bed needs 3, but you can always use more just to make it stronger. On average, most people use about 4 screws. You can use shorter screws to reinforce the frame in between the longer ones used.

Fix the Cracks

Fixing cracks in the wooden bed frames is very easy. Luckily, there are a wide variety of wood glues (view on Amazon) that you can buy to help you with this issue. Here are the steps you need to take to fix the crack in your bed using wood glue.

1. Look at the size of the cracked. If it’s a very small crack, then you need to insert something into it to open it slightly. If you don’t do this, then the glue won’t get into it. You’ll need to clean out other splinters and particles so the glue can bond correctly. You can use an X-Acto knife (view on Amazon) but be very careful.

2. Add the glue to the open crack. Inject the glue by squeezing it and running it across the length of the crack. Make sure the bottle of small tits so that you can be more accurate.

3. Use a putty knife to even out the glue. Do not get this on your fingers because it can be a mess to remove from your skin.

4. Make sure the glue is saturated on the inside of the crack. Do this for all the cracks in your bed frame.

5. Put bar clamps (view on Amazon) all around the frame. You should tighten them until you see the glue tusing out, but don’t tighten it too much because you might damage the frame even more. If you don’t want to do this step because you don’t want to purchase the clamps, then you can use C clamps, which are cheaper but less effective.

6. Leave the clamps overnight. The glue needs to be fully dry when you release them so you want to wait.

7. Touch up any cracks that you’ve missed.

From the steps given, you can tell that fixing your bed frame is very easy. Luckily, all of these steps are relatively cheap and you don’t have to break the bank to fix your bed frame. Sometimes, not all breaks can be fixed. And sure that you get a new bed frame if you need one so that you can sleep properly.

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