Home Ovens That Reach 700 Degrees

Home Ovens That Reach 700 Degrees

Are There Home Ovens That Reach 700 Degrees?

Yes, there are home ovens that reach 700F, but they have become increasingly rare in the commercial space. It is true that such ovens were more readily available in the past, but most manufacturers have discontinued them.

And no wonder. Ovens are meant to roast, cook, heat, or bake traditional home foods like meat, biscuits, cake, and more recently, pizza. This is why ovens generally max out at 500-550 degrees Fahrenheit. In fact, even 550F ovens are not common these days.

Producing ovens that go above these temperatures require a lot more technical and safety considerations, and they just cost more to produce, which also means more cost to the user.

And because traditional home cooking does not often require temperatures above 550F, it is not cost-effective to mass-produce 700F ovens for domestic use.

This is why you will mostly only find ovens at 700F for commercial use or in laboratory ovens.

So, today, you will be hard pressed to find any new domestic-use ovens that hit 700F:most of them are discontinued because of the reasons we explained above.

However, nothing stops you from purchasing a commercial grade oven that reaches up to 700F for your home if it’s absolutely necessary. If you are looking to make pizzas, then 500F-550F works fine. It is true that the higher you can get, the better, but ovens optimized for pizza making are mostly commercial ones.

List of Home Ovens That Reach 700 Degrees

As we explained earlier, there are hardly any home ovens that reach 700F today. However, we have compiled a list of home ovens that get as close as possible, with the right balance of quality, capabilities and features, and cost.

1. Grundig GEBM12401 – 932F

The Grundig GEBM12401 is a multifunction HotAero oven that, even though it does not feature the glamour and sophistication of modern smart ovens, it takes oven technology to a whole new level. And at $680, it is more than a bargain.

HotAero technology ensures that temperature fluctuation is minimised, and heat is distributed evenly across the oven, ensuring even cooking times and reducing food waste.

The GEBM12401 also comes with bluetooth connectivity that offers great features such as remote oven control and monitoring your cooking using smart devices. Using your phone, you could also send recipes to the oven and just let it do its thing.

It also comes with self-clean features, turning even stubborn dirt and grease into mere dust at 896F. When there’s less dirt or loose dirt to clean, the GEBM12401 offers a 90-min eco-friendly option which helps you save at least 25% energy.

It is a function-based, utility oven with a large grill heater designed to make sure that your large grills are acommodated and heated evenly at all times.

Other great features include:

  • A classy, animated touch control display that contains important information that help you choose the right cooking settings for each situation
  • Telescopic wire shelves so that you can access the food while its cooking, without having to touch any hot parts
  • A partially insulated door that never exceeds 158F no matter the temperature inside the oven.

Key technical specifications include:

  • 72l capacity optimized for large meals
  • Knob-type dial control
  • Fan heating, grilling, and defrost
  • 3D and static cooking
  • Slow cooking and warm keeping
  • Bottom + fan cooking for pizza
  • 0.95kW

2. Gasland Chef ES606MB 24 Inch Built-in Electric Oven – 475F

The Gasland Chef ES606MB (view on Amazon) is a 5-function single wall oven with excellent reviews from users and testers alike. At $539.99, it seems to be great value for money.

The key specifications are as listed below:

  • The oven door is a 3 layer tempered glass. This guarantees not only durability, but also means you can safely open the door no matter the temperature. It also makes it rather easy to see the food while it’s cooking so that you can make the right temperature adjustments on the fly.
  • Removable door handle made from alluminium alloy for easy maintenance, which is a good thing as many oven door handles are made from heavy materials and so are difficult to fix when the need arises.
  • 6 functions or working modes including defrost, roast, bake, grill, double grill, and then broil at 475F.
  • The ES606MB Chef generates a powerful 3.2kW max power output, and uses 240V at approximately 60Hz.

A bit of a downside to this oven is that is not suited for large cooking. The oven only has a 2.3 cubic ft capacity, even though it comes with a 5-layer shelf for the baking tray and grill grate.

It also does not have self-clean capability, so you would have to clean the oven manually.

3. GE 30″ Smart Built-In Twin Flex Convection Wall Oven – 550F

550F home ovens are not common, and it’s no wonder that this smart GE 30″ oven goes for a whopping $3,665.00

Not only are you getting a powerful oven, you will be enjoying state-of-the-art smart technology to make your cooking and baking so much easier and more fun.


This GE Twin is a double compartment oven with 2.2 cubic ft for the upper and 2.8 cubic ft for the lower, making a total of 5cu ft.

The smart features include:

  • WIFI-enabled convection roast, remote oven control, remote notifications, clock sync, and voice control
  • Alexa
  • Google Assistant
  • Sonos
  • Innit
  • Fresco

It is an electric-fueled oven with smart self-clean and steam clean.

The control features include:

  • 12-Hour Shut-Off Capability
  • Electronic Clock & Kitchen Timer
  • Mis-Wire Detection
  • Proof Mode
  • Remote Enabled
  • Temperature Probe
  • Warm Mode
  • Audible Preheat Signal
  • Auto Recipe Conversion
  • C° or F° Programmable
  • Certified Sabbath Mode
  • Control Lock Capability
  • Scan-to-cook
  • Cook Time
  • Delay Time

For cooking, you can use any of the convection bake, convection roast, thermal bake, thermal broil, convection bake multi rack, or the no preheat air fry.

The power ratings are super impressive:

  • A 1300W convection voltage
  • 20 amp
  • 1700W upper and 2200W lower bake voltage
  • 2750W upper and 2950W lower broiler voltage
  • A maximum of 3.9kW at 240V

4. NUWAVE BRAVO XL 30-Quart – 500F

The Nuwave Bravo XL 30-Quart (view on Amazon) is nothing short of a pocket hercules. And you can get it for a too-good-to-be-true price of $150. But it is indeed good and true, as acclaimed by testers and users alike.

It is a smart oven but does not come with any of the sophistication that makes the others in this list as expensive as they are.

  • One great selling point of the oven is that you can totally eliminate overcooking. When you set a pre-set temperature, it never cooks the food beyond that. Once that max temperature is reached, it stops the heating process for your evaluation.

But this doesn’t mean that you can’t adjust the temperature or even the cooking time during the cooking process. With the clear visibility the oven offers, you can monitor how your preset configuration is working out, and then adjust the time or temperature as required, with the easy-to-use digital controls

  • The Bravo XL has a rangy 12 cooking functions including air fry, gril, reheat, bake, roast, dehydrate, defrost, broil, waffle, slow roast, make yoghurt, and cook pizza. Each of these functions have their standard preset cooking times, cooking temperatures, heat sources and fan speeds.
  • Interestingly, it also comes with 50 memory slots where you can save your own recipes. Which is a great thing because you no longer have to worry about getting it right all the time after you have struck the perfect recipe. You simply have to save it on the oven and then recall it every time you need to reuse the recipe. And this is in addition to its 100 pre-programmed preset recipes.
  • It also offers 4 rack positions for a convenient multi-layered cooking for a wide range of cooking purposes.
  • Cooking temperatures are increased or decreased by 5F, which is excellent to make it easier to find the perfect temperature for your cooking.
  • Another great thing about it is that temperature is not only even across the oven, but the heating never turns off to regulate the cooking temperature.
  • Comes with heating elements at the top and bottom of the unit. You can adjust these elements individually in order to get the perfect, even cooking results

Key technical specifications are listed below:

  • 28 quarts capacity
  • Intense convection heating for faster cooking times
  • Dishwasher-safe parts
  • Quick cooking with less energy, making it energy efficient
  • Proper insulation round the oven to prevent accidental burns, no matter the temperature inside the oven.
  • There is not a lot of information on the electrical ratings other than the fact that it comes with 1.8kW power rating.


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