Home Improvement Solutions

Home Improvement Solutions

This Book Will Drastically Increase The Value Of Your Home & Save You $1000s on Home Repairs

If It Doesn’t, We’ll Refund You In Full

  • Failing to maintain your home as a homeowner is like having a newborn baby and leaving out crucial parenting steps that every parent should know. The less attention you provide to your home, the worse it’s going to be in the long run, just like a newborn child.
  • Home Improvement Solutions eBook allows you to increase the value of your home in the cheapest ways possible, save $1000s on costly home repairs, and keep your home in tip top condition to impress your friends when they come over.
  • Increase the value of your home and sell it for a higher price
  • Save money by preventing the need for large repairs
  • Inspect and make repairs in every part of your home
  • Tackle everything from the HVAC to the kitchen oven

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We Are so Confident That It Will

Save You $1000s on Repairs and Increase Your Home’s Value

So Much…

That We Have A Downright Cocky Guarantee

If you don’t increase the value of your home and save $1000s on home repairs, we’ll refund you in full.

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Saves You So Much Money In The Long Run

How? For every $1 you spend on preventative maintenance around the home, you save approximately $100 in future repairs.

Increases Your Home’s Value In The Easiest And Cheapest Way

How does this work? If you decided to put your home up for sale tomorrow, the home inspection report would show that the home has problems and buyers would pay less. However, if you had maintained your home, the home inspector would find less issues and buyers would pay more.

Keeps Your Home Running Efficiently

How? If you don’t, you will end up having your home run less efficiently. For example, if you don’t clean the evaporative coils under your fridge, it has a harder time keeping your food cool and uses more energy to do so.

Maintain And Increase Your Homes Value By At Least $23K

Pages with images (easy to understand)
Maintenance chapters for every part of your home
Concrete steps to Increase your homes value by at least $23K

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Kevin David, Renter

“My home was in bad condition as i didn’t know where to start when it came to maintenance. This guide was helpful and maintenance is now easy for me!”

Erica Puis, Homeowner

“I was planning to sell my home but i wanted to make sure the home inspection report was good. The guide was useful when it came to this and i later founder out i increase it’s value.”

Sally Slack, Homeowner

“There was a problem with my fridge and after reading an article i purchased the guide. The steps helped me maintain my fridge and other parts of my home.”

Frequently Asked Questions

Who is the Guide For and Why Do I Need It?

  • This guide is for the average homeowner or renter who wants to improve their home and doesn’t understand the importance of home maintenance. It’s also for people who want to sell their home. If you’re a homeowner who isn’t aware of home maintenance, it can be bad for the home in the long term and this can lead to expensive repair bills. The more time you take to look after your home and improve its value, the better your home will be in the long term, and the less you’ll spend on home repair.

How Will The Guide Help Me?

  • The guide will help you maintain all parts of your home including the interior, and exterior. It will helps give you steps on how to increase the value of your home.

What is The Guide?

  • The guide is an e-book, not a physical hard copy meaning that you’ll be able to download it right away without having to wait for a book to be shipped. It’s a PDF meaning that you can print it out and use them how you choose.

What Happens If the Guide Doesn’t Download?

  • If the guide doesn’t download, email support at [email protected] and you’ll be sent the guide via email after verifying your order number. You can also send any worries or questions you have at this email and you’ll be given a response within a few hours.

What If I Don’t Like the E-book?

  • We can pretty much guarantee that this book will be for you. If you’re a homeowner or you’re just renting, then this book is going to add value to your home that will more than likely exceed your expectations. You’ll be so satisfied with the money you’ve saved on home repairs that you’ll be recommending this book to your friends and family.

Is Your Website and Payment Processing Secure?

  • Yes. We’ve made it a main priority to guarantee your privacy and your information’s safety. Our website is secure and your payment information never even touches our server. (It goes through Send Owl, a trusted 3rd party payment gateway.)

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