GE Microwave Steam Sensor Error? Try These Fixes

Why is GE Microwave Steam Sensor Say 'Steam sensor service may be needed'?

Your GE microwave may have been experiencing an issue with a steam sensor error. Typically, along with the display showing “Steam Sensor Error,” the GE microwave will also stop working. Luckily, you have found this guide to help you through this situation!

Why is GE Microwave Steam Sensor Say ‘Steam sensor service may be needed’?

1. You Opened The Door While Microwave Was on

Remember to wait until the heating procedure is finished before opening the door and removing the food from a microwave with a sensor control panel.

If you do open the door of your GE microwave while it was warming something up, then this is the most likely reason why you are seeing the “steam sensor” error on the microwave’s display.

When you open the GE microwave’s door while it is in the middle of cooking something, you can accidentally cause many technical issues. This is because your GE microwave is not designed to be opened when it is heating up an item.

Fix – Reset Your GE Microwave Oven

The first thing you will want to do is make sure the door is shut all the way.

Now, you might wish to see if the “Start” button was pressed by mistake (either due to a wandering finger or because somebody else accidentally pressed it).

After making sure everything is in order, verify if the microwave turns back on. You still have the choice of resetting your microwave if the error persists despite opening and closing the door or pressing the button.

Problems with the microwave’s internal clock or cooking timer can also be resolved by restarting it.

Your GE microwave oven may experience errors and problems for a variety of additional causes.

Resetting your microwave is like starting over and returning it to the way it was when it left the factory. Without further ado, it would be a good idea to restart your GE microwave oven.

To stop any running processes, press the touch panel’s “Off/Clear” button. The microwave will only experience a soft reset as a result.

The timer will stop, and the microwave’s internal clock will once more be visible. For three seconds, keep pressing the “Off/Clear” button. This will disable the child lock labeled “Control Locked.”

When you abruptly hit the “Off/Clear” button, there is a chance that your microwave can hang up. By first pushing the “Defrost” button, reset the microwave. To reset the clock, simply clear the setting.

If the error persists, you must do a hard reset to resolve the sensor fault. After a little delay, remove the main power source from the socket.

Reconnect the plug, then turn the microwave back on. Your microwave will completely reset, and it should now operate as intended.

2. GE Microwave Didn’t Detect Any Steam

As previously mentioned, GE microwaves are great kitchen appliances; however, they are not perfect machines.

With this in mind, you may have been warming something up with the sensing feature on your GE microwave, and in the time that it cooked the item the microwave did not detect any steam.

This Action is enough to trigger the steam sensor error on your GE microwave oven.

This is because the “Sensing” cook option is primarily used for items that will eventually start to steam, which will trigger the steam sensor. However, if steam is not detected, this can also trigger the steam sensor error.

Fix – Use Time Cook

If your GE microwave is still working even though it showed the steam sensor error on the display, then you should try using the “Time Cook” option for what you are attempting to warm up in the microwave oven.

When you select the “Time Cook ” option, you will have to enter the time span you would like the GE microwave to cook the item. After you have done this, the steam sensor error should be cleared from the appliance’s display.

However, if the steam sensor error continues to show on the microwave’s display, then the issue may be deeper than you realize.

If this does not solve the steam sensor error problem, then you might want to try a hard reset, which is provided in the previous fix segment.

3. Structural Alignment Issue

Some owners of a GE microwave have cited that this issue is due to an alignment problem with the microwave oven.

This essentially means that the door and the door switch do not align properly, which will trigger the steam sensor error. Sure, GE microwaves are fantastic kitchen appliances; however, they are manufactured in mass, which means that there is room for both small and large mistakes.

Luckily, you should not have to take apart the microwave oven to resolve this issue.

Fix – Lift Up On The Door

As previously depicted, this steam sensor issue could be due to manufacturing mistakes. This means that the GE microwave oven door may not be properly aligned with the sensor switch.

Fortunately, this could be a simple fix if this is indeed the case. If your GE microwave is still displaying the steam sensor error, then place your finger at the bottom of the door and then carefully and gently pull the door up ever so slightly.

This may be enough, to make the door press the proper switch so that the steam sensor error should be cleared.

4. Check User Manual For Your GE Microwave

Fortunately, GE microwave manuals are readily available online, so there is not much of a problem. If you have a problem with your microwave, check the manual to see if there are any instructions in there on how to fix it.

Simply read the handbook again. It mostly provides a ton of crucial information about the various error codes and what to do in this situation.

Fix – Call or Take Microwave to Electrician

If you have tried every solution and the GE microwave is still not operating as it should, then an internal component failure is probably to blame.

The sensor can break down over time, especially if your microwave is a little dated. You might want to think about getting the microwave fixed by a qualified expert.

Take your microwave to a nearby service center immediately if it is still under warranty. To access the related customer support, simply dial the helpline.

If the microwave has experienced a hardware component failure, they will inform you and explain whether they will replace the entire unit or just the harmed part.

However, you might want to take your microwave to a nearby repair shop if the warranty expires. Simply conduct an online search for a nearby repair shop and deliver the microwave there.

You will have to pay money to have the appliance fixed, contrary to warranty coverage, and this will depend on the results of the initial inspection.

5. Faulty Microwave

It is feasible that you may have a faulty microwave on your hands, which is certainly less than ideal. However, if your GE microwave is still under warranty, you may be able to get a replacement.

Fix – Return or Replace Microwave

If you believe that your GE microwave is faulty, then you will want to return it to the appliance store you purchased the microwave at (with the receipt) and see about either getting a refund or a replacement.

As previously mentioned, you can also check if your microwave is still under warranty and if it is, then you can contact GE and see about either getting the appliance repaired or even replaced.

Microwave ovens are very useful kitchen appliances that make everyday life that much easier.

However, they are still machines and are susceptible to damage, wear and tear, and faulty components.

This is quite inconvenient but fortunately, you have found this helpful guide in which we have provided reasons for the steam sensor error and appropriate fixes.


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